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"All of this is for us. So let me handle it."
"What is outside of Westview?"
"You don't wanna know, I promise you."
"You don't get to make that choice for me, Wanda!"
Wanda Maximoff and Vision

On a Very Special Episode... is the fifth episode of the first season of WandaVision.


Wanda addresses Vision's worries when he grows suspicious of the neighbors' strange behavior.


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The 1980s come around as Wanda Maximoff and Vision struggle to put their newborn sons Billy and Tommy to sleep. When Agnes arrives, they awkwardly allow her to supervise the children, but Vision takes issue on how their neighbor looks at him, particularly when Agnes seemingly asks Wanda permission to do an interaction over. Wanda assures him that Agnes was only playing along as a friendly neighbor. Billy and Tommy soon fall silent, although not because of sleep-- but that they have aged themselves to five years old.

WandaVision Family WV Ep5.jpg

Billy and Tommy find a stray dog and hide him in the sink, which Wanda later discovers. As Vision raises his suspicions about Westview to his wife, Agnes names the pet Sparky when he causes an electric discharge. Because raising a pet is a huge responsibility, she and Vision decline to adopt him until the children are at least ten years of age. To counteract this, they age themselves further up to ten.

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Meanwhile, Monica Rambeau undergoes examination after emerging from Westview. Speaking to Tyler Hayward, she recalls a sense of immense grief plaguing her while she was under Maximoff's enthrallment. As Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis meet up with her, Rambeau's bodily scans are revealed to be obscured by a blinding light emanating from her. At a briefing, Hayward uses Rambeau's first-person intel to declare Maximoff as the sole assailant in the Westview Anomaly case. Rambeau reveals her belief that Maximoff's takeover of the town was not premeditated, leading Hayward to share that she had invaded S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters nine days prior to steal Vision's corpse.

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Rambeau begins to plot a way to safely reenter Westview, contacting an aerospace engineer to supply her with a vehicle capable of executing the task. When Woo and Lewis suspect the Maximoff twins of being mere illusions, she takes them to the ballistics lab where her '70s outfit from the town is being held. She demonstrates that the outfit is actually her bulletproof uniform, leading them to conclude that Maximoff is capable of warping reality.

Vision awakens Abilash.png

At work, Vision receives an email from Lewis regarding the Westview Anomaly. When his coworkers share a laugh in reaction to the ominous message, Vision taps into the mind of one of them and releases him from Wanda's control, who desperately pleads for Vision to stop her before he places him back under enthrallment. Despite this, the synthezoid remains disturbed at his discovery. As Wanda and her boys are playing with Sparky, they encounter a S.W.O.R.D. drone outside their home, which successfully entered the town due to being made from the 1980s. Hayward orders Rambeau to assassinate her using the drone, but Wanda destroys it, hauling it outside to warn Hayward not to interfere with her perfect reality again.

Scarlet Witch and Vision (WV).jpg

To reinforce the statement, Maximoff uses her telekinesis to briefly turn the S.W.O.R.D. gunmen against Hayward before returning to Westview, strengthening the barrier in the process. Back home, the Maximoff family finds Agnes holding Sparky's deceased body, claiming he died by eating poisonous leaves. When asked by her boys, Wanda reveals that she cannot reverse death in any way. Later in the evening, Vision confronts Wanda about how she's keeping the entirety of Westview hostage, which she denies. The confrontation between husband and wife grows into an argument when she attempts to subvert the conversation by initiating the credits sequence early.

Vision exclaims that he does not remember his life prior to moving into Westview. Suddenly, Wanda is forced to answer the door again. To her surprise, it is her brother Pietro. As the two siblings embrace, Lewis notes on his radically changed appearance, seeing it as a "recast".


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  • This episode pays homage to American family-sitcoms of the 1980s, most notably Family Ties and Growing Pains.
  • The episode title refers to an advertising trope used in the 1980s for advertising sitcom episodes that dealt with controversial social issues such as drugs, racism, sexism, homosexuality, abuse, teenage pregnancy, or death.
  • In the "Previously On WandaVision" segment, when Vision asks Wanda Maximoff where Geraldine is, Wanda responds "She's gone. She doesn't belong here." However, in both previous episodes, Wanda's response to Vision was "Oh, she left, honey. She had to rush home." This error was rectified months later, with Disney+ now showing the originally dialogue in this episode's "Previously On" segment.
  • A commercial aired during the episode advertises Lagos paper towels, a nod to Wanda Maximoff's catastrophic accident during the Attack on the IFID Headquarters.
  • Several of the newspaper articles detailing the Novi Grad Bombings feature real-life photographs of the Siege of Sarajevo.
  • Evan Peters debuts in this episode as "Pietro Maximoff". The descriptive audio mentions that Peters portrays the version of Pietro from the X-Men film series. However, the character's name in those films is Peter, and the audio description is meant to describe what is happening for the visually impaired rather than provide a literal explanation of events.[1]
  • The "recasting" of Pietro is an intentional use of the sitcom trope where characters are recast with a completely different actor while not acknowledging it in-show: examples include the recasting of Dick York as Darrin Stephens on Bewitched with Dick Sargent. Likewise, his arrival plays to the sitcom trope of a relative coming to town and changing the family dynamic.[2]
  • Jimmy Woo states that Wanda Maximoff violated Section 36B of the Sokovia Accords when he is told that she has resurrected Vision. The creation and activation of artificially intelligent androids being in violation of the Accords was first mentioned in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode The Laws of Inferno Dynamics.
  • Darcy Lewis refers to the anomaly as "the hex" after the hexagonal patterns that were noted in the previous episode. In the comics, Wanda's powers are often referred to as "hex bolts."


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