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"All of this is for us. So let me handle it."
"What is outside of Westview?"
"You don't wanna know, I promise you."
"You don't get to make that choice for me, Wanda!"
Wanda Maximoff and Vision

On a Very Special Episode... is the fifth episode of the first season of WandaVision.


Wanda addresses Vision's worries when he grows suspicious of the neighbors' strange behavior.


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"Agnes" wth Vision and Wanda Maximoff

Now in a 1980s setting, Maximoff and Vision struggle to get their twin boys to sleep. Maximoff even tries to use magic on them, but they appear to be immune to her abilities. Both Maximoff and Vision try to placate their crying babies, but see the pacifiers shot back up into their faces after the babies reject them. Right as Maximoff says they need some help with the babies, the doorbell rings and Agnes enters, nearly catching Vision in his true form. She explains that she heard the twins were on a sleep strike and came to help. Vision becomes suspicious of their neighbor, and asks who told her that and she jokingly explains that she could hear them crying from outside. Vision then laughs it off but still appears to remain suspicious.

Agnes then offers to help but Vision declines her offers, which visibly confuses her. Agnes turns to Maximoff and asks if she wants her to “take that from the top again.” Vision and Maximoff share a look of confusion and Agnes asks again if they should take it from the top, as if they are actors on a television show. Maximoff quickly puts a stop to the break in character and encourages her to help with the babies. Vision is disturbed by what he saw and tries to question Maximoff about it, but she assures him that everything is fine. The crying then stops and the couple goes to check on their babies, who are now missing from their cribs. As Maximoff and Vision question what is happening, a child’s voice calls out from behind them and they turn to see the twins, now five years old. Agnes simply remarks that children grow up fast.

At the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base outside of Westview, Rambeau is being questioned about her experience inside the Maximoff Anomaly. She goes on to describe it as “pain” and how she felt Wanda's voice in her head. She continues by saying that there was a hopeless feeling keeping her down, which she later described as “grief". Woo and Lewis enter the room where Rambeau is undergoing some sort of brain scan. They tell Rambeau that there is a briefing in ten minutes before the doctor tells them they need to run another scan. Lewis points out that the scans are blank. When the doctor says they need to draw more blood, Rambeau tells her they are done here and begins to get dressed for the briefing.

Tyler Hayward griefing his team at the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base

Director Hayward lays out the situation for his team, now classifying Maximoff as the “principal victimizer.” Woo then provides history on Maximoff and defends her when Hayward, on multiple occasions, decides to only point out her destructive tendencies. He also notably asks if Wanda has an alias, but the agents present say does not have one. Rambeau defends Maximoff after Hayward refers to her as a terrorist. He counters her by saying how Rambeau described her experience inside Westview as both “excruciating” and “terrifying.” Monica explains that she only survived her experience because Maximoff protected her.

In order to further convince his team of Maximoff’s dangerous intentions, he shares previously classified footage of Maximoff infiltrating a S.W.O.R.D. facility where Vision’s corpse was stored in. He explains that, nine days prior to the briefing, Maximoff had stormed the facility, stolen Vision's body and resurrected him. Woo points out that her actions violate the Sokovia Accords and Hayward further adds that it also violates Vision’s living will. Woo points out that Vision “didn't want to be anybody’s weapon". Hayward adds that in her grief, Maximoff disregarded Vision’s wishes. Woo then asks how she managed to bring Vision back to life and Lewis wonders what would happen when Vision learns the truth regarding Westview.

Tommy and Billy hiding Sparky

Inside the Vision Residence, the twins are hiding something in the kitchen sink. Maximoff discovers that the boys have found a dog before asking their mom to keep him. Vision enters their home shortly thereafter in his human form. When Maximoff asks him about his disguise, he explains he had a hunch that someone might pop over. Right on queue, Agnes comes in the back door with a dog house, which Vision finds rather odd. Agnes then asks the boys if they have named the dog yet and, after the dog somehow short circuits an outlet, she suggests they go with Sparky.

With Agnes still in the room, Maximoff uses her powers to create a collar and name tag for the dog. Vision freaks out and points out that she made no effort to conceal her abilities. Maximoff explains that she is tired of hiding and tells him he does not have to either. That prompts Vision to question Maximoff regarding what she might be keeping from him. They are interrupted by their son Billy Maximoff asking again if they can keep Sparky. The couple tells their children they will not be ready for a dog until they are at least ten years old. The boys look at each other and then age themselves up to the age of 10, despite objections from their parents.

Back in the base, Rambeau, Woo and Lewis try to come up with solutions on how to re-enter Westview. Rambeau then claims to know an "aerospace engineer" who she also claims would be excited to help them on their mission, before sending a message on her phone.

Lewis refers to the sitcom world as "The Hex", due to the recurring presence of hexagons that they previously made note of on the whiteboard. Woo then questions if they have identified the twins but Rambeau then tells him the twins are Wanda’s children and that everything that's been happening inside the Hex is real. Lewis and Woo point out that Maximoff usually makes people see illusions and that creating real matter would be a far greater power they have yet to see from her. Rambeau points out though that Maximoff showed some great power when she almost took out Thanos on her own. Woo responds that Captain Marvel almost did the same, which causes Rambeau to pause for a few seconds. Lewis then asks Rambeau if Captain Marvel had received her powers from an Infinity Stone, before Rambeau dismisses the conversation, saying that they weren't talking about her.

Rambeau notices an image of the drone they sent into the Hex earlier and asks to be shown to the lab. Once there, she finds her 70’s-style wardrobe she wore inside the Hex. Lewis and Woo question if they are being mind controlled to see the clothing and Rambeau assures them it is real. She grabs Woo’s gun and shoots the outfit. The bullets bounce off the clothes, leaving them unscathed. Rambeau concludes that the clothes are 87% Kevlar because she was wearing a bulletproof vest when she entered the Hex. That leads her to the conclusion that Maximoff is not creating an illusion, but instead, she is rewriting reality. She then questions what would happen if they sent something into the Hex that did not require any change to fit with the current theme inside.

Vision continues questioning his reality

At Computational Services Inc. Headquarters, Vision tries to teach Norm how to use the internet when the entire office receives an email from S.W.O.R.D. and begins reading it out loud and in unison. Vision, once again suspicious of what is going on, uses his power to turn off the computer and turns to Norm. He uses his power to awaken the real Westview resident, who immediately begins to panic. The person playing Norm pleads for help and tells Vision he has to stop “her.” As he yells for Vision to make “her” stop, Vision uses his power again to return Norm back to his normal sitcom self.

Back at the Vision Residence, Maximoff and the boys play with Sparky in their house and the boys begin to question Wanda about where their father is. When she tells them he is now at work, they tell her they thought it was Saturday. The three of them then begin to debate over what day it is. Maximoff subsequently abandons her initial explanation that it is Monday and instead explains that there was an emergency at the office, also stating that Vision needed to take a break. The boys ask if that means that Vision needed to take a break from them. Maximoff comforts them, assuring them that that is not the case. Subsequently, the boys ask her if she has a brother. With a distant look, she explains that she does but that he’s “far away from here” and that that makes her sad sometimes.

Their discussion is interrupted when Sparky begins to bark at the door. Wanda goes outside to investigate, letting Sparky run outside. A 90's era drone is seen flying over Westview and Hayward and his team gets a visual of Maximoff. Woo points out that the drone is out of frame on the broadcast and Lewis explains that Maximoff is controlling the shot. Rambeau attempts to communicate with Maximoff, but instead triggers her anger. Rambeau then says her controls are not working and Hayward orders another agent to fire a missile towards Wanda. The drone feed is lost and Rambeau stands up to question Hayward.

Wanda Maximoff confronts S.W.O.R.D. out of the Hex

Shortly thereafter, an alarm begins to sound and an agent explains that there has been another breach. Everyone rushes to the border of the Hex where they see Maximoff emerge from the forcefield, dragging their destroyed drone. Maximoff gives S.W.O.R.D. a final warning to stay out of her home. She tells them that she will not bother them if they do so but Hayward explains she has taken an entire town hostage. When Rambeau approaches, Maximoff prepares to use her powers. Rambeau pleads with Wanda to trust her while explaining that she knows she is an ally of hers. Maximoff questions how Rambeau can help her now that she has what she wanted. Rambeau pauses before Maximoff claimed that she had what she wanted, and that nobody can take it from her again. She then uses her powers to have the soldiers turn their guns on Hayward and retreats back into the Hex. She turns the Hex's barrier from transparent to glitching red.

Back inside the Hex, Wanda and the twins search for Sparky. They come across Agnes, holding what appears to be Sparky wrapped up in a blanket. She explains that she found the dog in her azalea bushes and could not stop him before it was too late. The boys share a look and Maximoff stops them before they can age themselves up again. They argue over whether or not Maximoff should use her abilities to “fix the dead.” Agnes, seemingly shocked, questions Maximoff's ability to revive the dead. Instead, Maximoff tries to teach her boys a lesson about the rules in life, explaining that they can not reverse death, no matter how sad it makes them, despite the fact that she had revived Vision out of grief. The boys continue to plead with her as Vision arrives. He comforts his children as Maximoff shows a troubled look.

Vision furiously confronts Wanda Maximoff

Back at home, Vision confronts Maximoff about what he saw with Norm. He tells her he was in pain and shrugs off her attempted distractions. However, he then tells her she can not simply control him. She responds with a "Can't I?" and tries to leave Vision. She then tries to put an end to the argument by having the ending credits of her sitcom life to roll. However, Vision refuses to let the argument end. He confronts her again, eventually using his powers to take a fighting stance. Maximoff takes a stance of her own and explains that all the action she took was for Vision and the twins. When Vision questions what’s outside of Westview, she tells him he does not want to know. Vision snaps and the argument becomes more heated. Maximoff explains that she does not know how any of this started in the first place and Vision tells her what she is doing is wrong.

The argument is then interrupted by the doorbell. Maximoff opens the door and appears to be shocked.

At the S.W.O.R.D. base, Lewis is also watching the latest broadcast from inside the hex. Vision questions who is at the door.

A stunned Lewis then remarks how Maximoff has recasted Pietro, who steps inside the house and shares an emotional embrace with his sister before asking “Who’s the popsicle?” in reference to Vision.


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  • This episode pays homage to American family-sitcoms of the 1980s, most notably Family Ties and Growing Pains.
  • The episode title refers to an advertising trope used in the 1980s for advertising sitcom episodes that dealt with controversial social issues such as drugs, racism, sexism, homosexuality, abuse, teenage pregnancy, and death.
  • Several of the newspaper articles detailing the Novi Grad Bombings feature real-life photographs of the Siege of Sarajevo, an almost-four-year siege that started the Bosnian War and claimed the lives of more than 13,000 civilians.
  • Evan Peters debuts in this episode as "Pietro Maximoff". The descriptive audio mentions that Peters portrays the version of Pietro from the X-Men film series. However, the character's name in those films is Peter, and the audio description is meant to describe what is happening for the visually impaired rather than provide a literal explanation of events.[1]
  • The "recasting" of Pietro is an intentional use of the sitcom trope where characters are recast with a completely different actor while not acknowledging it in-show: examples include the recasting of Dick York as Darrin Stephens on Bewitched with Dick Sargent. Likewise, his arrival plays to the sitcom trope of a relative coming to town and changing the family dynamic.[2]
  • Jimmy Woo states that Wanda Maximoff violated Section 36B of the Sokovia Accords when she resurrected Vision. The creation and activation of artificially intelligent androids being in violation of the Accords was first mentioned in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode The Laws of Inferno Dynamics.
  • Darcy Lewis refers to the anomaly as "the hex" after the hexagonal patterns that were noted in the previous episode. In the comics, Wanda's powers are often referred to as "hex bolts." She could also produce "hex spheres" and the town seems to be enveloped in a large one here.


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