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"You're not killing anyone. Those ships are remotely piloted."
Gamora to Rocket Raccoon[src]

The Omnicrafts are remotely controlled spacecrafts used by the Sovereign to hunt down their enemies across space.


The Omnicrafts are remotely piloted by Sovereign pilots, in pods installed in the Sovereign Mission Control Centre. The front of the crafts project the image of the pilot.[1]

Having discovered that the Guardians of the Galaxy had stolen Anulax Batteries from the Sovereign, the High Priestess Ayesha sent a fleet of Omnicrafts after the Milano to chase them. As several ships were destroyed, Ayesha ordered the Admiral to have the pilots shoot with intent to kill, despite the risk of causing the Anulax Batteries to explode.

However, despite managing to hit the Milano, many spacecrafts were destroyed when crossing a Quantum Asteroid Field. The only remaining Omnicraft through the asteroid field, piloted by Zylak, was then destroyed by Drax the Destroyer. Then another fleet which had gone around the asteroid field nearly destroyed the Milano, but it was completely obliterated by Ego.

Despite this major defeat, another fleet led by Ayesha in person was soon prepared as the Sovereign were not willing to give up on their target. They tracked down the stolen batteries on Ego's Planet, and found the Guardians of the Galaxy in the depths of it as they attempted to pierce through its core with the Laser Drill.

The fleet was able to deal significant damage to the drill, causing the thrusters to stop and thus immobilizing the ship. However, Yondu Udonta and Nebula managed to restore power to the laser drill, using the lasers to once again completely annihilate the fleet much to Ayesha's outrage. Ironically, the Anulax Batteries the Sovereign were looking for were destroyed shortly afterwards in the explosion meant to kill Ego.

Ayesha later feared that she would be blamed by the Sovereign council for the humiliating loss of the entire Omnicraft fleet by the Guardians. However, she remained confident that the creation of Adam Warlock would be more than enough to compensate for the defeat and to eliminate the Guardians.[2]


The Omnicrafts are the main vehicle in the Sovereign fleet, comprised of thousands of unmanned drones that can be either piloted or flown on autopilot. Each vehicle is equipped with two stabiliser wings and propulsion fields, laser cannons, a set of camera, scanners and data relays, and a projection screen for the pilot.[3]


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