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Olivia Walker is the wife of John Walker, whom she met at Custer's Grove High School.


Early Life

Meeting John Walker

Olivia attended Custer's Grove High School. There she became friends with John Walker and Lemar Hoskins. Eventually, she fell in love with Walker and the two got married.[2]

Married Life

New Captain America

Walker speaks with her husband

One night in 2024, Walker accompanied her husband to their former high school and she talked with him in his old locker room, as he was nervous about being his next interview as the new "Captain America". After she left, she passed their high school friend Lemar Hoskins.

Walker watches the interview

Walker then watched outside on the football field, happily, as marching bands played and when John came out in his Captain America suit, where he signed autographs for fans. She also listened to John as he was interviewed.[2]

Testimony of John Walker

Walker upset seeing her husband on trial

After her husband had used the shield to murder a man, Walker accompanied John to his trial in Washington, D.C.. She watched as he was stripped of his mantle as Captain America and lost his retirement benefits by the government, and was stressed to see John angrily walk out of the room.

Walker meets Valentina Allegra de Fontaine

Afterwards, Walker consoled him and suggested that he visit Lemar Hoskins' parents over his death. The two were then interrupted when a mysterious woman named Valentina Allegra de Fontaine approached them and abruptly sat in between them. Walker asked who de Fontaine was only to be handed a blank card and then get complimented on as being the best choice John had made. After de Fontaine left, Walker looked at her husband, visibly confused by the encounter.[1]

U.S. Agent

Walker and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine see her husband's new suit

Following the defeat of the Flag Smashers, Walker met with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine and discussed how Helmut Zemo got the last laugh when the apprehended Flag Smashers were killed while being transported to the Raft. John Walker then entered the room wearing a new version of his suit with a more black coloration. De Fontaine told John that the new world they are living in would not need him as Captain America, but rather as a "U.S. Agent" before leaving them. Walker then celebrated her husband's new alias as the U.S. Agent with an embrace.[3]


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  • Custer's Grove High School: Walker attended Custer's Grove High School where she met her friend Lemar Hoskins and her husband John Walker. Walker later returned to the high school to celebrate her husband's title as the new Captain America.
  • United States Capitol: Walker visited the United States Capitol to accompany her husband John was summoned to a hearing that had him stripped of his title and authority as Captain America after killing Nico in public. Several days after the hearing, Walker returned to the United States Capitol to celebrate her husband's new alias alongside Valentina Allegra de Fontaine.






  • Olivia's counterpart in the comics is Kali Vries, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and STARS leader who was the girlfriend of John Walker.


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