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"When things calm down, I'll come for you. I'll find you. We have a connection. You're the Costello to my Abbott. The Harpo to my Groucho. The Old Lace to my Arsenic. Goodbye, Old Lace."
Gert Yorkes[src]
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Old Lace is a Deinonychus genetically engineered by Stacey and Dale Yorkes in order to protect their family. However, she ended up developing an empathic link with Gert Yorkes, obeying her commands and becoming protective of her. She joined the Runaways on their campaign against PRIDE, and left with the team when they were framed for Destiny Gonzalez' murder and forced to run.

Old Lace lived in the Hostel with the other Runaways, and although she was allowed to go out and roam in the woods and hills near Griffith Observatory, she rarely took part in the Runaways' missions against PRIDE as she was too easily recognizable. During one of her walks outside of the Hostel, Old Lace was poisoned by a drone sent by the Magistrate's Wife, which also affected Gert, forcing Chase Stein to take them both to the Yorkes Residence for help. Old Lace was cured of her poisoning and was nearly rescued when the Runaways intervened to save Gert and Stein, but she was eventually tranquilized by Dale and held back at the Yorkes Residence. She was later taken away along with Gert by Dale, who wanted to lead them far from both PRIDE and the Runaways.



"We created it for your protection. For our protection."
Stacey Yorkes to Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez[src]

The dinosaur which would later be known under the name of Old Lace was genetically engineered by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, in order to protect their daughters Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, as well as themselves, especially regarding PRIDE's secret activities. The dinosaur's existence was kept a secret from everyone, including the daughters and the other members of PRIDE, and it was kept in a secure room in the basement of the Yorkes Residence.[2]

Monster in the Basement

The dinosaur listening to Gert Yorkes singing

"Molly said she heard something weird in the basement. What if Destiny is their latest test subject?"
Gert Yorkes to Chase Stein[src]

When Molly Hernandez went down into the Yorkes Residence's basement in order to feed on the numerous animals, the dinosaur felt her and abruptly approached the door of its room, causing her to flee without being sure of what she had seen.[1] Later, the dinosaur seemingly reacted when it heard Gert Yorkes singing a song for Molly Hernandez through the vents after they had witnessed PRIDE's Rite of Blood.[10]

The dinosaur roaring at the group of teenagers

Eventually, the dinosaur was accidentally released from the basement by Yorkes and Chase Stein as they were looking for Destiny Gonzalez. The dinosaur rushed out of its room and briefly confronted the teenagers, only for Gert and Chase to realize that it seemingly obeyed Yorkes. After a moment of calm, the dinosaur escaped from the residence.[11]

Meeting the Family

The dinosaur confronts Molly Hernandez

"Can we start with why this dinosaur listens to me like a dog?"
Gert Yorkes[src]

The dinosaur eventually returned to the Yorkes Residence on its own, where it confronted Molly Hernandez, who had been alerted by the noise it was making. Although frightened, Hernandez was willing to put up a fight against the dinosaur using her superhuman strength, and the dinosaur was ready to attack her as well. However, the fight was averted when Gert Yorkes burst into the house and the dinosaur was told to stop and to get away from Hernandez. The dinosaur then obeyed Gert's commands, remaining still and letting her pet it. As Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who had unsuccessfully looked for it in the wild, returned, the dinosaur was returned into its room.[2]

The dinosaur comforts along with Gert Yorkes

The dinosaur was later visited by Gert and Hernandez who sought comfort as they knew that their parents along with the rest of PRIDE had killed someone else.[12] It was eventually taken out of its sealed room by Gert, who felt lonely after Hernandez's departure for Montebello. The dinosaur was allowed into Gert's bedroom, and remained mostly silent during her phone conversation with Karolina Dean. The dinosaur then shared Gert's delight when she noticed that Chase Stein had called her before Dean.

The dinosaur arrives at the Stein Mansion

The dinosaur later accompanied Gert and Dean to the Stein Mansion, climbing onto the roof and causing several tiles to fall down. It then waited in Stein's bedroom, eating his plants until Stein returned. Upon noticing him, the dinosaur roared, causing Stein to nearly attack it, but Yorkes once again ended the fight by claiming that the dinosaur would not harm him. Still, the dinosaur remained defiant towards Stein, and growled when he tried to pet it.

The dinosaur was later seen in Gert's car by Alex Wilder while he was fighting with Chase Stein, distracting him from the brawl.[4]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

The dinosaur and the Runaways confront PRIDE

"Disobeyed me. Good call."
Gert Yorkes to the dinosaur[src]

The dinosaur later accompanied Gert Yorkes and her friends to Atlas Academy on the night of the big dance, but remained inside Gert's car. [13] Later, despite being ordered not to intervene, the dinosaur managed to escape Gert's car and sided with the Runaways when they confronted their parents, revealing itself to all present, only to be shot with a tranquilizer by Dale Yorkes. While Karolina Dean fought Jonah, Gert rescued the dinosaur and it joined the others in escaping.[3]

Left Behind

Old Lace is left behind by Gert Yorkes

"Be friends with a mountain lion, OK?"
Gert Yorkes to Old Lace[src]

The next day, the dinosaur accompanied Gert Yorkes and her friends to the outskirts of Los Angeles, hiding in a shopping cart with blankets to travel safely through the streets. After Yorkes fed it a whole chicken from a Whole Foods, the group voted that the dinosaur should be released into the wild, as it would be easier for them to remain undetected while on the run. before setting the dinosaur free, Yorkes wished it a heartfelt goodbye and named her Old Lace, after a flyer for an old movie marathon she found.[3]


Old Lace is reunited with Gert Yorkes

"You're never gonna guess who's here. Old Lace!"
"Who's Old Lace?"
"My dinosaur. That's her name."
Gert Yorkes and Karolina Dean[src]

Later, after the group rescued Karolina Dean, Old Lace was discovered by Gert Yorkes hiding in a dumpster outside the Los Angeles Bus Depot and was overjoyed to see her. When the Runaways were framed for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez, Old Lace joined them as they fled through a back alley of the city.[3]

Chase of Mike

Old Lace attacks Mike on a Bike

"I want to say they had a dinosaur. But I'm gonna chalk that up to a bonkers night of drinkin'."
Mike on a Bike[src]

Old Lace remained mostly hidden in a shopping cart covered in a blanket in order not to draw attention on the Runaways. She remained calm and did not cause any trouble to the group, although she did feel that Gert Yorkes was under a lot of pressure due to being deprived of her meds. Old Lace eventually got out of hiding when it came to assist the Runaways in chasing the thief Mike on a Bike, who had stolen the Fistigons from the Runaways. Chasing him up to the hills near Griffith Observatory, Old Lace violently tackled Mike and pinned him on the ground. She then walked back and ran away when she got scared by a shot from the Fistigons, but later returned as the Runaways took possession of the Hostel, although Old Lace was told not to climb the stairs just yet.[14]

Life in the Hostel

"We just stay in this weird underground mansion forever? The six of us and an oversized iguana?"
Chase Stein[src]

Old Lace lived in the Hostel with the other Runaways, being reluctantly allowed by Gert Yorkes to eat the cockroaches and other animals which roamed the underground mansion. She also helped Yorkes and Chase Stein to scare off a couple of DWP workers who had come to inspect the Hostel due to Stein's failed attempt to restore power in the mansion.[15] Old Lace was also supposed to take part in a training session for the Runaways, but could not due to Yorkes suffering from violent headaches, which Old Lace could feel as well. Old Lace also shared Yorkes' frustration when Yorkes failed to find comfort and understanding in her boyfriend.[6]

Old Lace later met with Topher, who inquired about her origins, and was tasked by the Runaways to guard the young man to prevent him from leaving the Hostel without the teenagers being aware of it. However, as it was discovered by Yorkes when she visited Old Lace in the next morning, Topher managed to circumvent Old Lace's guard by blowing a hole in the Hostel's wall to leave the underground mansion.[7]

In the next night, Old Lace was approached by Yorkes, who told her that she was leaving the Hostel.[16] She was later telepathically contacted by Yorkes, who apologized for leaving but explained that she had to in order to get her meds. Old Lace was asked by Yorkes to keep the other Runaways, especially Molly Hernandez, safe if she did not come back. Old Lace thus went into the room where Chase Stein was still sleeping. In the morning, as Stein had left to look for Yorkes, Old Lace was approached by Hernandez who stayed with her. She was later asked by Nico Minoru whether she knew where Yorkes and Stein were, although Old Lace could not tell her.[17]

In the aftermath of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, Old Lace shared Yorkes' excitement due to the fact that she had begun to make plans about her future. Old Lace became extremely agitated and could not remain still, even stealing Yorkes' college application for a while before agreeing to give it back to her.[5]


Old Lace is poisoned by a Synnergy Drone

"I don't understand. She's never been like this before. Old Lace, you have to eat something. OK, watch me. I'll eat it first."
Gert Yorkes[src]

During one of her time outside the Hostel, Old Lace saw a drone flying over her while spreading a chemical, which had actually been sent by the Magistrate's Wife in order to poison Old Lace and thus force Gert Yorkes to return. The poisoning led to Old Lace having trouble sleeping and caused vomiting and loss of appetite, which the Runaways, Gert in particular, did not understand. Later, after being left alone in the Hostel for a while, Old Lace began to behave aggressively, even being threatening to Gert.

Old Lace starts to grow sicker

Despite the Runaways' best wishes, the condition of Old Lace, who was being looked after by Chase Stein and Molly Hernandez due to Gert feeling sicker as well, only worsened. She grew weaker and weaker, struck by a fever causing her to be barely able to move and to feel cold. Gert eventually passed out next to her, leaving the Runaways distraught about what to do.[8] While Gert was taken back into her room, Old Lace briefly regained some strength and was very agitated, trying to break into the bedroom. However, Old Lace eventually once again got extremely weak.

As the Siege of the Hostel began, Old Lace was carried into the Runaways' car by Hernandez, enabling Stein to flee from the underground mansion with Old Lace and Gert before the LAPD strike team attacked. Old Lace was taken by Stein to the Yorkes Residence, as he had no other idea of a place where she could be cured. Old Lace was eventually given the antidote by Dale Yorkes who had been convinced by Stein that Gert's symptoms were psychosomatically caused by Old Lace's. This helped Old Lace to get better, although it also caused it to be held captive in the house's basement.[18]

Old Lace was brought back into her sealed room where she used to live, but was eventually released when Hernandez and the Runaways came to rescue Gert and Stein. Old Lace angrily walked out of her room and threateningly moved towards Dale, Stacey Yorkes and Tina Minoru, who had been gathered in the basement by the Runaways. However, Old Lace was briefly distracted when Minoru managed to leave and she nearly attacked Stacey before being incapacitated by Dale, preventing her from following the Runaways and forcing her to be held prisoner in the residence.[19]

Taken Away

"Old Lace! Hey! I'm gonna get us out of here, don't worry."
Gert Yorkes to Old Lace[src]

Old Lace returned into her sealed room at the Yorkes Residence, being fed by Dale and Stacey Yorkes although she clearly displayed how upset she was of being separated from Gert Yorkes, with their connection becoming even more intense as demonstrated when Gert, who was in the Hostel, could vaguely taste the food that Yorkes was eating at the moment.[20] Eventually though, Old Lace was taken out of her room by Dale and put in a small trailer so that he, Gert and Old Lace could go away, as Dale has grown afraid of Stacey due to her being possessed by the Magistrate's Wife. Before departing, Old Lace was told by Gert that she would liberate her and commented on how she could order Old Lace to eat Dale.[21]

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Being a carnivorous dinosaur, Old Lace naturally displays an aggressive behavior dictated by her animal instinct, meaning she can appear as violent, ferocious and incredibly dangerous. However, this wild nature is greatly mitigated thanks to her telepathic connection with Gert Yorkes, which turns Old Lace into a somehow restless pet. Old Lace will thus always listen to Yorkes, even when it goes against her primal instinct, and will not attack someone or something unless instructed to. This can however be challenged when her connection with Yorkes is disturbed, such as when Old Lace was poisoned, causing their link to be greatly affected, with Old Lace being threatening to Yorkes herself.

Although initially reluctant to let anyone other than Yorkes touch her, Old Lace progressively grew to accept the presence of the other Runaways around her, with Molly Hernandez and Chase Stein having no issue looking after her if necessary.


"That growl sounded angry. Does her face look angry to you?"
"Well, hon, she has 70 blade-sharp teeth, designed to strip flesh from bone. Anger's kind of her resting face."
Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]
  • Deinonychus Physiology: As a Deinonychus, Old Lace possesses several distinctive traits.
    • Enhanced Strength: Old Lace has much greater strength than the average human, able to pin down or overpower enemies easily on more than one occasion.
    • Superhuman Speed: As a deinonychus, Old Lace is not only faster than the average human, but also one of the faster dinosaurs according to scientific research. With basic predatory instincts and powerful legs to sprint with and a tail designed to keep her balanced, Old Lace can chase, keep up with and pounce on most opponents before they can react.
  • Telepathic Link: Old Lace shares a telepathic link with Gert Yorkes which allowed them to form a bond. This bond is partially empathic and mostly "inwards" with the dinosaur, specifically calibrated for Gert's particular mental brainwave signature with Old Lace herself genetically modified to be receptive and subservient to the will of the one emitting that signature. Given time and experience, their telepathic connection grew to work both ways. Their connection became so strong, that at a point where when Old Lace was poisoned, Gert became ill along with the dinosaur, though her symptoms were only psychosomatic; however, it also appears to be selective, since Dale was able to fire a synthesized shot of animal tranquilizer at Old Lace without the resulting torpidity also adversely affecting and pasisng along to Gert. Similarly, Gert was later mentored by her father to actually and remotely perceive Old Lace's given environment via their psychic bond, even from a distance.


  • Yorkes Residence: Having been secretly engineered by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, Old Lace remained hidden for long in a dedicated sealed room in the Yorkes Residence's basement which replicated her supposed natural environment. Old Lace briefly left the house after being accidentally released by Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein, only to return on her own hours later. She once again left the residence along with Gert and Molly Hernandez to live on the run, but was brought back by Stein due to her poisoning. Old Lace almost managed to leave the residence thanks to the Runaways' intervent, but was kept in her room by the Yorkeses until Dale decided to take both Old Lace and Gert away from.
  • Hostel: While living on the run, Old Lace was kept in the Hostel by the Runaways, alternatively sleeping in the corridors or in Gert Yorkes' room, and feeding on the cockroaches and other animals which roamed the mansion. Despite not taking part in the Runaways' mission so they would not be recognized, Old Lace frequently took walks outside of the Hostel. Old Lace was poisoned during one of these walks, forcing Chase Stein to take Old Lace out of the Hostel so a cure could be found for her.





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  • In the comics, Old Lace was genetically engineered in the 87th Century under commission of the time travelers Dale and Stacey Yorkes to protect their family.


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