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"I am loyal to that throne. No matter who sits upon it."

Okoye is the General of the Dora Milaje and the head of Wakandan armed forces and intel. Witnessing T'Challa's coronation, she joins him in tracking down Ulysses Klaue. After Erik Killmonger overthrew T'Challa, Okoye found herself conflicted between her friendship with T'Challa, or her duty to her new king. T'Challa soon returned and Okoye soon joined him in the fight against Killmonger and successfully taking back the throne.

When Thanos and his forces arrived on Earth to forcefully take the Mind Stone from Vision, Okoye soon was forced to defend Wakanda alongside her king and the Avengers. Although they succeeded in killing Thanos' forces when Thanos himself came on Wakanda, Okoye and the other heroes were completely overpowered and unable to stop him from completing the Infinity Gauntlet, though Okoye remained one of the survivors.

In the wake of the Snap, she joined the Avengers, serving under the command of Natasha Romanoff whilst simultaneously leading the Dora Milaje in Wakanda. After the Blip in 2023, which resurrected all the lives claimed by the Snap, she joined T'Challa and the Wakandans to provide aid for the Avengers during the Battle of Earth, killing Corvus Glaive. Following the aftermath of the battle, with the Avengers now defunct, she returned to Wakanda and resumed serving T'Challa.


Early Life

Following Terrorists

On orders of T'Chaka, Okoye was sent with T'Challa when he went to save Wakandan hostages from Zanda and Douglas Scott, to report back on T'Challa's progress as the Black Panther. Saving the hostages while Black Panther distracted the mercenaries, Okoye ended up confronted by Scott. Once the hostages escaped, and the police stormed the building, the mercenaries fled, and Black Panther made Okoye return to their aircraft to follow them.

Following them to a yacht, Black Panther and Okoye took out the mercenaries and confronted Zanda and Scott. Okoye fought Scott again but was almost killed by a surprise attack, spared only when Black Panther dropped a metal bar on Scott's hands. Upon returning to Wakanda, Okoye told T'Chaka how T'Challa proved himself in the field, though left out how she assisted him in her report, despite T'Chaka deducing her part in the rescue mission.[1]

T'Challa's Rule

Rescue of Nakia

Okoye piloting the Royal Talon Fighter to Nigeria

"Just don't freeze when you see her."
"What are you talking about? I never freeze."
―Okoye and T'Challa[src]

A week after the death of the former king of Wakanda, T'Chaka, at the hands of Helmut Zemo, T'Challa decided to retrieve Nakia from her current War Dogs mission as he wished for her to be present during his coronation. As a pilot for her king, Okoye and T'Challa flew a Royal Talon Fighter to Nigeria where Nakia was located.

Okoye prepares for battle with her spear

As T'Challa prepared for his mission by using one of the tablets to look at where Nakia and the missing Chibok girls are located, Okoye informed him where they're heading near the border of Wakanda. Getting up from her chair, Okoye was about to equip a Vibranium Spear by her side but was told by her king that he could handle the mission on his own, much to her surprise. Okoye then puts her Vibranium Spear aside and listened to T'Challa's word on getting Nakia out of the forest.

Okoye tells T'Challa to not freeze on the mission

Understanding her orders, Okoye gave Kimoyo Beads to T'Challa for the mission and told him to not freeze when Nakia arrives, as he countered that he never freezes in a confrontation. As T'Challa put on his helmet and dropped down the airship, Okoye observed her king from afar as the traffickers noticed the trucks were hit by an EMP. T'Challa ambushed the gunmen before he encountered a child soldier just until Nakia then arrived to save him.

Okoye murders one of the remaining gunman

As T'Challa and Nakia had a brief talk with each other, a surviving gunman tried to force them to surrender by threatening a hostage, only for Okoye to swiftly disarm and then run him through with her Vibranium Spear, saving T'Challa from a tough situation and ending the skirmish. Okoye teased T'Challa for his lack of focus and looked over the woman being held hostage. While Okoye rescues the women, T'Challa told of his father's death and invited her for the coronation.

Okoye tells the women to not speak of this day

Once Nakia agreed on T'Challa for participating in the coronation, she went over the women who are gathered and told them to go home and take the boy to his people. As Nakia left the group alone, Okoye confronted the women and told them to not speak on what happened that night, as they agreed on her terms. Okoye then smiled at the women and left with bitter hope of going back home. Okoye piloted the Royal Talon Fighter with T'Challa and Nakia onboard.[2]

Returning Back Home

Okoye flying back into the country of Wakanda

"Sister Nakia, my prince, we are home."

Upon on the horizon, Okoye and T'Challa succeeded in their mission and headed on home to Wakanda with Nakia. As the sun rises from above, T'Challa was comforted by Nakia, as they were deeply saddened by the former king T'Chaka's death. While T'Challa and Nakia had converse, Okoye piloted the Royal Talon Fighter until they reached their destination.

Okoye finally returning back into Wakanda

While heading near the mountains of her home, Okoye reached her destination and announced T'Challa their arrival as they flew by cloudy ruins of the mountains and pass the Border Tribe people that are waving back at them. As they were getting closer to the holographic dome, Okoye flew past it and arrived at the Golden City and landed on the helipad as the Dora Milaje were waiting for the prince's arrival.

Okoye tells Shuri about T'Challa freezing

As the Queen Mother Ramonda and Shuri waited for the Royal Talon Fighter to release the shuttle, T'Challa walked out of the jet with Okoye and Nakia. Once Nakia had apologized for Ramonda's loss, Okoye told Ayo to escort her to the River Tribe, as she accepted. When Shuri asked if her brother froze upon seeing his ex, Okoye giddily confirmed, comparing him to "an antelope in headlights", as the two laughed. Once Okoye stopped joking, she gathered the Dora Milaje to leave the perimeter.[2]

Incoronation of T'Challa

Okoye and Dora Milaje join in the coronation


As T'Challa went to prepare for the ceremony, Okoye participated with the Dora Milaje for the prince's following preparation. As Shuri and Ramonda were ceremonial dancing as well as the other five tribes, Okoye commanded alongside the Dora Milaje and raised up their Vibranium Spear and send a sonic signal beneath the river to let a Royal Talon Fighter rise up from the shuttle and let the prince through the rivers of the land.

Okoye watches M'Baku challenging T'Challa

En route to Warrior Falls, as all of the tribes of Wakanda sailed along the river, with Okoye and the Dora Milaje leading as they awaited the arrival of T'Challa. Okoye watched T'Challa during his settlement with the five tribes but was later confronted with M'Baku of the Jabari Tribe. As the dispute resulted into a fight, T'Challa won the fight against M'Baku, as the crowd went wild with excitement and Okoye supporting him when he was crowned as King of Wakanda.[2]

Tracking Ulysses Klaue

Okoye informs T'Challa of Ulysses Klaue

"You will never guess who just popped up on our radar."
―Okoye to T'Challa[src]

While T'Challa took the time to visit the Border Tribe and see how W'Kabi was doing in his farm and talking about aiding other countries, Okoye alerted both of them through the use of their Kimoyo Beads to inform that a misidentified Wakandan artifact was stolen at the Museum of Great Britain and Ulysses Klaue had plans to sell it to an American buyer in South Korea.

Okoye informs the Tribal Council of Klaue

When the Tribal Council convened, Okoye informed them that Klaue would be in Busan. She supported a mission to capture or kill Klaue, arguing that it was too good an opportunity to let pass. T'Challa decided that he, along with Okoye and Nakia, would go to South Korea, promising W'Kabi that he will kill where he stands. As T'Challa had settled in the procedure with the mission by having a new Panther Habit, Okoye participated in the operation with the idea of using the disguise before tracking in Klaue's location.[2]

Arrest of Ulysses Klaue

Okoye goes on a mission with T'Challa

"I thought there were no weapons allowed in here."
"There’s not supposed to be. Somebody did not get the memo."
―Okoye and Nakia[src]

Once the group learned that Klaue had stolen a vibranium artifact from the Museum of Great Britain and was planning to sell it on the black market, Okoye joined T'Challa and Nakia to travel to Busan to arrest Ulysses Klaue. Getting out of the car, Okoye grumbled about the wig she was forced to wear as part of her disguise, expressing a desire for the mission to go quickly so she could remove it.

Okoye arrives inside Jagalchi Market Casino

Following Nakia, Okoye listened to her talking to a woman who owned a fish market business, telling her to gain passage with her friends. Okoye entered into Jagalchi Market Casino despite her suspicions of the woman. Upon entering, the group decided to split up to cover more area, with Okoye asking her partners to focus on the mission instead of having personal conversations. As Nakia sat at the bar and spotted some Americans, thus potential buyers to Klaue, Okoye saw more coming into the casino carrying diamonds, informing that the situation is a setup. Meanwhile, Okoye was informed by T'Challa that Everett Ross and the CIA was also present.

Okoye fighting against Ulysses Klaue's henchmen

Klaue eventually arrived in the casino with more bodyguards, and Okoye noticed that all of them were armed. As Nakia intended to move forward against Klaue, Okoye instructed her to wait, but this caused her to be identified as a Wakandan hostile by a bodyguard. Knowing that her cover was no longer relevant, Okoye unsheathedher Vibranium Spear and took down the two bodyguards who attacked her. Klaue began a shootout in the casino and made an escape.

Okoye and Nakia chase down Ulysses Klaue

Okoye managed to defeat several bodyguards and left the casino with Nakia to chase Klaue who escaped with multiples SUVs. Pursuing, Okoye tossed a remote access Kimoyo Bead onto a parked car for T'Challa's use whilst she and Nakia gave chase in their vibranium car. Okoye and Nakia tailed onto one of Klaue's SUV, driving away on a two-lane street. Okoye informed Nakia that Klaue's henchmen are trying to lose them on each lane.

Okoye throws her spear at the SUV

Further tailing Klaue's SUV, Okoye commented on the use of guns as primitive while the henchmen shot at their vibranium car. Getting calmly frustrated, Okoye slides out of the passenger window and climbed onto the roof of her own car while Nakia was driving, stabbing her Vibranium spear on the roof of the vehicle as a handle. Nakia drops back and weaves through traffic as Okoye, engages her spear mechanism, then steadied herself and threw her spear at the rear SUV; the weapon went clean through both the rear and front windscreen to jam itself in the road, causing the SUV to crash into it and taking it out for the count.

Okoye is picked up by Everett Ross

Leaving only Klaue's SUV to chase down, Okoye witnessed Klaue being retaliated and fired his prosthetic arm's sonic cannon, destroying Okoye's car. Flying in mid-air with car parts being in pieces, Okoye manages to catch her spear and land on the shredded roof of the car while Nakia skids towards her with the driver's seat and belt buckle intact. Being witnessed by Ross, Okoye and Nakia were picked up by him and took them to Klaue.

Okoye and Nakia tells T'Challa to not kill Ulysses Klaue

Before Ross had managed to catch up to T'Challa, who had caused Klaue's car to crash before ripping out Klaue's prosthetic arm and threatening him with his Panther Claws. Seeing that T'Challa was preparing to execute Klaue on the spot in revenge, Okoye and Nakia had managed to convince him to stop as he was being filmed by several people. Following Klaue's arrest, Ross took everyone to the CIA South Korean Black Site.[2]

Helping Everett Ross

Okoye sees Ulysses Klaue being interrogated

"This man is a foreign intelligence operative. How do we justify bringing him into our borders?"
"He took a bullet for me!"
"That was his choice."
―Okoye and Nakia[src]

With Ulysses Klaue finally in the custody of CIA, Okoye and T'Challa decided to go to the CIA South Korean Black Site, checking for answers of his past crimes. Taken into the interrogation room, Okoye looked after Klaue as he was handcuffed to chair from his hands and ankles and mockingly kissing at their mirrored glass where she was standing.

Okoye threatens Everett Ross for his attitude

When Everett Ross confronted them aside from the glass window, Okoye advised T'Challa not to leave Ross to interrogate Klaue alone. When Ross gently tapped T'Challa's shoulder, Okoye took offense and threatened to impale him to a desk if he did it again in Xhosa, causing Ross to not understand what she said. T'Challa agreed to let Ross interrogate Klaue on his own while putting a bug on his shoulder to listen to him closely. T'Challa then told Okoye to be nice, despite her displeasement with Americans.

Okoye listens to Ulysses Klaue's interrogation

Okoye watched in silence as Ross confronted T'Challa about Klaue's reveal that Wakanda actually had large supplies of Vibranium. Listening further, Okoye noticed T'Challa's realization of Klaue spilling out information about Wakanda that shouldn't be said. Once Ross stepped out of the room, T'Challa was confronted over Klaue's claims about Wakanda, then the conversation was interrupted when Nakia informed them an attack is being held at the moment, only for an explosion to hit near them in the interrogation room.

Okoye prepares for an attack in the room

When an armed gunman breached the wall of the interrogation room and cause an explosion at the office, Okoye remained hidden and ready to attack but she witnessed a grenade being set off, only for Black Panther to stop it from exploding. As Klaue and his goons managed to escape in front of the base and Black Panther attempted to chase them down, Okoye noticed her king on the ground and informed him that someone has been shot.

Okoye being informed on taking Everett Ross

Okoye and T'Challa returned to the CIA facility where Ross had been heavily wounded while protecting Nakia. T'Challa used a Kimoyo Bead to stabilize his wound. Understanding the risks of bringing a foreign agent into his home, T'Challa ordered Ross brought to Wakanda to heal him, much to Okoye's confusion of his sudden decision. Despite the risk, Okoye brought Ross along the Royal Talon Fighter for medical attention.

Okoye questions the choice of taking Ross

Traveling back to Wakanda, Okoye strongly advised T'Challa that they should have brought Klaue into the country instead of Ross, being a foreign intelligence agent. As Okoye object to the idea of Ross being taken into Wakanda before Nakia's life being saved, T'Challa decided to bring Ross to Wakanda for the reason that he can't just let him die knowing that he could save him. Asking T'Challa where Ross will be treated, Okoye was told that Shuri's Lab will suffice.[2]

Erik Killmonger's Arrival

Okoye informs Shuri of a suspicious outsider

"A man showed up at the border who claims to have killed Klaue."
―Okoye to Shuri[src]

Gaining reports of an outsider from the Border Tribe, Okoye contacted Shuri, informing that a man showed up at the border claims to have killed Ulysses Klaue. With Shuri being confused, Okoye told her that W'Kabi is transporting the outsider to the Tribal Council and should warn T'Challa.

Okoye gets informed of Erik Killmonger

When Okoye joined the throne room with the Tribal Council, she followed T'Challa as he stood up and came face to face with the man, who happened to be N'Jadaka, T'Challa's cousin, who went under the alias of Erik Killmonger. When Killmonger decided to reveal his name to the River Tribe Elder, Okoye witnessed the evidence by W'Kabi showing his Royal Ring. With the conflict between the people around him, T'Challa decided to accept the challenge from Killmonger.

Okoye witness T'Challa's defeat by Killmonger

As T'Challa and Killmonger were both taken to Warrior Falls to prepare for their duel, Okoye watched the duel between them before Nakia asked about where Everett Ross was, answering that he was locked in her office. Okoye then watched with growing anguish as Killmonger slowly gained the upper hand over T'Challa. When Zuri intervened the fight, he was killed by Killmonger, causing shock for Okoye. When the fight reached its end, Okoye could hardly keep her tears as Killmonger defeated T'Challa and watched in horror as Killmonger threw T'Challa down the waterfall.[2]

The New Ruler

Okoye decides to stay in Wakanda

"I'm not a spy who can come and go as they so choose!"
―Okoye to Nakia[src]

Following the duel, Okoye found Nakia, who had put Ramonda and Shuri in safety. Okoye then told Nakia that she could not follow them as she was bound to serve the throne of Wakanda no matter who sat on it. Therefore, Okoye let Nakia, Ramonda, and Shuri go into exile while she would reluctantly serve Erik Killmonger as her new King.

Okoye argues with Erik Killmonger's plan

Okoye attended Killmonger's first Tribal Council, where he explained his plan of delivering Vibranium weapons all over the world to start a global revolution. Okoye spoke against this plan, claiming that Wakanda has survived for so long by fighting when only absolutely necessary, only for W'Kabi to counter her argument and advocate for a change in Wakandan foreign policies before the outside world starts to catch up to them. As Killmonger began to tell her orders, Okoye was forced to comply with weapons to be sent throughout the world.

Okoye argues with W'Kabi about the new reign

Once the council had ended, Okoye argued with W'Kabi and questioned about how T'Challa was ever his friend. Knowing that W'Kabi had no problem having Killmonger murder T'Challa, Okoye was told that it was his choice which made her even angry for the loss. W'Kabi then told Okoye that he wanted justice for his family after they were killed by Ulysses Klaue, much to Okoye's dismissal. W'Kabi told Okoye that Wakanda will still stand tall and hugged her.[4]

Okoye discovers that T'Challa is alive

As Erik Killmonger and the Border Tribe prepared to deliver Vibranium weapons to War Dogs around the world, Okoye witnessed the first plane being destroyed and expressed considerable joy and relief when she saw T'Challa emerging from the remnants of the aircraft. As Killmonger ordered W'Kabi to kill T'Challa, Okoye tried to keep him from it by claiming that the ritual challenge was not over but W'Kabi ordered the Border Tribe to charge.[2]

Battle of Mount Bashenga

Okoye and the Dora Milaje begin to rebel

"Your heart is so full of hatred! You are not fit to be a king!"
―Okoye to Erik Killmonger[src]

While T'Challa faced the Border Tribe, Okoye and the rest of the Dora Milaje, who now owe Killmonger nothing since he had just forfeited his legal claim to the throne by refusing to continue the duel with T'Challa, openly rebelled against Erik Killmonger, calling him unworthy of ruling over Wakanda. Okoye ordered Ayo to take the Dora Milaje on the battlefield to assist T'Challa while she and three other Dora Milaje would fight against Killmonger, who wore an upgraded version of the Panther Habit to fight them.

Okoye nearly subdues Erik Killmonger

Okoye and her soldiers furiously fought against Killmonger, who managed to withstand their assault and took Xoliswa captive. As he executed her, Okoye screamed in rage and the Dora Milaje resumed their attack. Okoye and the group managed to block Killmonger between their Vibranium Spears and almost stripped him of the necklace which enabled him to use his suit, but Killmonger released a burst of kinetic energy, sending Okoye away on the battlefield.

Okoye fighting against the Border Tribe

Okoye found herself surrounded by members of the Border Tribe, putting up their holographic shields and threatened them with their White Rhinoceros. Okoye took down several opponents but ended up cornered by the Border Tribe with Shuri, Nakia and Ayo. As W'Kabi ordered them to surrender with a countdown, the support of the Jabari Tribe decided to side with T'Challa and helped them defeat the Border Tribe members.

Okoye forces W'Kabi and his tribe to surrender

When she saw M'Baku being charged by W'Kabi riding his war rhinoceros, Okoye ran to get between them, having the rhinoceros recognize Okoye and stopped in front of her. When W'Kabi stepped down, Okoye ordered her husband to surrender. W'Kabi, being visibly saddened, asked Okoye if she would kill him and replied that she would not hesitate to do it for Wakanda. Becoming convinced, W'Kabi laid down his weapon and Okoye arrested him in the field.[2]

Wakanda Moves Forward

Okoye accompanies T'Challa to Vienna

Heading over to United Nations, Okoye, T'Challa, Nakia, and Ayo walked into over to the Vienna International Centre. When Everett Ross arrived to meet up, T'Challa was greeted by him before being asked for a private conversation, to which T'Challa asked to give them space. Before leaving away from the conversation about revealing his Wakanda's secrets, T'Challa was wished good luck in Xhosa, however, he mispronounced some words which caused Okoye and Ayo to laugh while Ross insisted that he practiced his phrase. As T'Challa thanked him for Ross attempt to impress him, Okoye visited along with her king into the conference.[4]

Okoye participated in the Vienna conference

With T'Challa being fully reinstated as the rightful King of Wakanda, Okoye accompanied him to a United Nations meeting in Vienna. Okoye stood behind T'Challa as he announced that Wakanda would open to the rest of the world, and she mildly smiled as a delegate asked what Wakanda, which he believed to be a nation of farmers, could offer to the international community.[5]

Infinity War

Greeting the Avengers

Okoye and T'Challa greeting the Avengers

"When you said you were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined."
"What did you imagine?"
"The Olympics. Maybe even a Starbucks."
―Okoye and T'Challa[src]

In 2018, Okoye and T’Challa went to see Bucky Barnes on the remote farm they had given him, and presented a Vibranium arm for him to wear. Soon after, the Avengers arrived in the Golden City, seeking T’Challa’s help. Okoye accompanied him to meet them, remarking that when T'Challa planned to open Wakanda to the world, this was not what she had in mind. T'Challa asked her what she expected, to which Okoye replied that she had thought about the Olympics or a Starbucks café.

Okoye inside the Wakanda Medical Center

Okoye then went inside the Wakanda Medical Center and watched as Shuri spoke with Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, and Wanda Maximoff about removing the Mind Stone from Vision. As they were talking, Okoye received an alert and was notified of an alien craft coming into the atmosphere.[6]

Battle of Wakanda

Okoye witnesses the arrival of the Outriders

"This will be the end of Wakanda."
"Then it will be the noblest ending in history."
M'Baku and Okoye[src]

Okoye then led the Dora Milaje and prepared for battle on the fields, alongside the Avengers, M'Baku and the Jabari Tribe, the Border Tribe, and the Wakandan Royal Guard. She watched in horror as the Outriders began relentlessly charging into the Wakandan energy barrier, incinerating themselves with no regard for their own safety. She stood by T'Challa as he ordered a section of the barrier to be opened so that the enemy would funnel directly towards them.

Okoye standing against Proxima Midnight

During the battle, Okoye and Romanoff were nearly killed by the Threshers, but were saved by Wanda Maximoff, who Okoye inquired as to why she wasn't there the whole time. Later, she and Romanoff then teamed up to fight Proxima Midnight, who was attempting to kill Maximoff. As they fought her, Maximoff used her powers to lift Midnight into the path of one of the Threshers, killing her.[6]

Thanos' Victory

Okoye attacks an approaching Thanos

"Up, General. Up! This is no place to die."
Black Panther to Okoye[src]

Once the battle had ended, Okoye accompanied T’Challa into the forest with the other Avengers to protect Vision. She then witnessed Thanos’s arrival through a wormhole. In an attempt to prevent Thanos from reaching Vision, Okoye hurled her Sonic Spear at Thanos, but he easily repelled it with the Power Stone and then flung her away.

Okoye witnesses T'Challa fading into dust

Afterwards, Thanos took the Mind Stone from Vision and united the Infinity Stones into his Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers. Okoye watched in absolute horror as T'Challa, who was trying to help her up, disintegrated into dust, causing her to cry out in clear alarm and confusion.[6]

Working with the Avengers

Member of the Avengers

Okoye attending the Avengers' meeting

"Nat, It's an earthquake under the ocean. We handle it by not handling it."
―Okoye to Natasha Romanoff[src]

Sometime later, Okoye began aiding the Avengers under Natasha Romanoff's leadership as they helped and protected Earth. In 2023, she, alongside Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, James Rhodes, and Carol Danvers, reported in via holographic call to Romanoff to give her updates.

Okoye gives her report to Natasha Romanoff

When Romanoff asked Okoye about the tremors they detected, she told her that it was a mild subduction under the African plate. Romanoff then asked as to how they were handling it, but Okoye assured her that due to the nature of the situation, the way they handle it is by not handling it.[7]

Battle of Earth

Okoye joins the battle against an alternate Thanos' army

"She's got help."
―Okoye to Spider-Man[src]

Later, following the Blip, Okoye was reunited with her King and princess. Shortly after, they were recruited by the Masters of the Mystic Arts to join the ongoing battle against an alternate Thanos and his alien army at the ruins of the Avengers Compound. Okoye, alongside T’Challa and Shuri, walked through an Inter-Dimensional Portal and led the Wakandan armies to fight.

Okoye assists Captain Marvel in her task

Okoye then stood alongside the epic line of assembled heroes, as Captain America led the charge against the opposing army. As the battle proceeded, Okoye fought with great skill. During the battle, Okoye assisted Carol Danvers in her task to deliver the Nano Gauntlet to the Quantum Tunnel and helped fight off the fast approaching horde.

Okoye clears through the horde

The group of heroes charged at the horde and managed to fight them off. Okoye stabbed and killed Corvus Glaive with her Vibranium Spear. The battle was ultimately concluded when Tony Stark obtained the Infinity Stones and wiped out alternate Thanos and his army.

Okoye attends Tony Stark’s funeral

However, this action cost him his life.[7] All the heroes, including Okoye, then showed their respect for the fallen hero and kneeled before him. A week later, despite not knowing him, Okoye attended Stark’s funeral at his house.[8]


"Guns. So primitive."

Okoye is a fiercely loyal protector of Wakanda who isn't afraid to question her king but would defend him with her life, fiercely protective of him despite his warrior abilities. A staunch traditionalist who is as formidable with her Sonic Spear as she is with her tongue, Okoye finds herself torn between her allegiance to her country and her king when T'Challa begins to challenge ancient Wakandan traditions and rules. Despite her position and her serious attitude when her duties are concerned, she shares a relaxed, friendly relationship with T'Challa, quick to make jokes at his expense, especially when Nakia is concerned, and was on the verge of tears after seeing him disintegrate.

She is quick to object to Erik Killmonger's challenge as not only due to Killmonger's blatant disrespect of Wakandan traditions, but also because she knows the disastrous potential Killmonger holds to the nation and to the world. Due to her utmost respect for traditions, however, she is unable to prevent Killmonger, who has a legitimate right to claim the throne, from challenging T'Challa. As the general of the Dora Milaje, Okoye is shown to be proud of her baldness. She was visibly displeased by having to wear a wig and was quick to throw it away.

When Killmonger succeeds in taking the throne, Okoye was torn between her personal loyalty to T'Challa, and her duty as the general of the Dora Milaje, which is essentially the king's royal guard. She nonetheless decides to stay and serve Killmonger, albeit reluctantly. When T'Challa came back alive and ready to continue the unfinished challenge, she is quick to side with him, and turn on Killmonger with the Dora Milaje almost immediately when the contested king refuses to adhere to the very tradition that made him king to the letter.

Okoye's immense bravery and loyalty to her country proves instrumental in stopping a full-blown civil war from happening, by standing in front of W'Kabi on a charging White Rhinoceros to prevent them from tackling M'Baku, halting his rampage from exacerbating the situation by appealing to his loyalty to Wakanda, resulting in the Border Tribe laying down their arms and allowing T'Challa and N'Jadaka to finish their duel one-on-one. Her loyalty to Wakanda outstrips her love for W'Kabi, as she told her husband she would not hesitate to kill him for Wakanda, although she did look visibly distraught and did not kill him but offered him a chance to surrender, implying she still had enough love for him to give him a chance to realize how much he had fallen.

Despite her being able to see T'Challa's viewpoint and arguments regarding the issue of breaking Wakanda's isolationism, it is yet to be seen if she turns personally supportive of the king's measures to reveal what Wakanda truly is to the world. She was even willing to let Everett Ross die to conceal Wakanda's true nature from the rest of the world. However, she does seem to have a fondness for some United States of America culture, as she was hoping to have a Starbucks in Wakanda after it was revealed to the world as well as having Wakandians participate in the Olympics.

She has also grown more trustful of outsiders after the battle against Killmonger, evidenced by the fact that before the battle against Killmonger she wanted to impale Ross against a table for simply giving T'Challa a friendly bump and after the battle, she smiled out of enjoyment and entertainment when Ross tried to learn their language but failed to communicate his intended message. However, Okoye remained very serious in battle, as shown when she was unamused when Bruce Banner, wearing the Hulkbuster armor, tripped over a stone and fell. She also was willing to welcome the Avengers into Wakanda and was shown to fight effectively alongside them, although this may be due to their famous reputation as selfless heroes, and was visibly impressed by Wanda Maximoff's powers, asking why did she not aid at first and was instead up guarding Vision. Her bravery was shown when she unhesitatingly charged at Thanos despite his possession of nearly all the Infinity Stones.

She has also warmed up to the idea of helping foreigners two years after Wakanda coming out as when M'Baku said the Battle of Wakanda would result in the end of Wakanda, Okoye accepted it by calling it "the noblest ending in history".


"You are the greatest warrior Wakanda has."
Nakia to Okoye[src]
  • Master Martial Artist:

    Okoye fighting against Proxima Midnight

    As the General of the Dora Milaje, Okoye is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, having trained extensively and immensely proficient in various forms of combat, marking her one of the greatest martial artists in Wakanda, only behind T'Challa. Okoye prefers to battle with her Vibranium Spear, which she was able to almost effortlessly incapacitate multiple foes at once during the casino fight. During the Battle of Mount Bashenga, Okoye managed to pin down Erik Killmonger alongside the other Doras and defeat many Border Tribe warriors without sustaining any injury. She has also proven to be capable of defeating many Outriders and competing against Proxima Midnight with aid from Black Widow, holding her off long enough for Wanda Maximoff to kill her, and during the Battle of Wakanda, surviving with no injuries, only being no match for Thanos himself, who easily flung her away.
"Ukuba uya kukuthinta kwakhona, ndiza kumbethela kwideski.[9]"
―Okoye to T'Challa[src]
  • Spear Mastery:

    Okoye impaling Corvus Glaive

    Okoye is extremely skilled at using her Vibranium Spear in close quarters combat and as a long ranged weapon. She is also very accurate when throwing her spear, as she was able to throw it through a car's windshield and into the road to halt the vehicle. She also threw her spear at Thanos' face accurately while running, although it was stopped by the Mad Titan using the Space Stone. Okoye has taken out multiple enemies with her spear at once. During the Battle of Earth, Okoye is seen impaling and flinging away Corvus Glaive.
  • Master Tactician: Okoye is the leader of the Dora Milaje. She led them through the Battle of Mount Bashenga, Battle of Wakanda, and the Battle of Earth. Her leadership earns her friendship and power with Black Panther and Wakanda. As a leader, she is also very loyal, having to choose the side of Erik Killmonger at first because of her duty as the leader. She eventually turned on him though.
  • Expert Pilot: Okoye piloted the aircraft that brought T'Challa to Nakia then back to Wakanda.
"Does she speak English?"
"When she wants to."
Everett Ross and Okoye[src]
  • Multilingualism: Okoye is fluent in her native Xhosa, as well as English and Korean, as she was able to understand the exchange between Nakia and Sophia.



  • Vibranium Spear:

    Okoye wielding her spear next to Black Widow

    Okoye uses a specialized Vibranium spear capable of collapsing into a handle for concealment. The spear is sharp enough to pierce a Vibranium car during the Arrest of Ulysses Klaue and is strong enough to stop an SUV, as seen when Okoye threw it through the windshield of Klaue's goons' vehicle and embedded it into the road ahead, totaling the vehicle on impact. Her spear along with others have been shown to be able to interact with technology by striking the ground with the blunt end, notably electrocuting an enemy during the brawl at the Jagalchi Market Casino, and activating the drainage system for Warrior Falls.

Other Equipment

  • Dora Milaje Armor: As the General of the Dora Milaje, Okoye wears a slightly more elaborated version of the Dora Milaje armor, notably with the epaulets, bracelets, and necklace being golden instead of silver. Being made of Vibranium weaves, the armor offers high durability and protection.
  • Kimoyo Beads: Okoye used her Kimoyo Beads to project images to the Tribal Council and to control the Royal Talon Fighter.
  • Magnetic Boots: Okoye wore boots with magnetic soles during the Arrest of Ulysses Klaue, using them to secure herself on the roof of the Vibranium car Nakia drove.[10]



  • Father-in-Law †
  • Mother-in-Law †
  • W'Kabi - Husband
  • Children




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Behind the Scenes

  • Janeshia Adams-Ginyard, Keisha Tucker and Jénel Stevens were stunt doubles for Danai Gurira in the role of Okoye.
  • Shara London was a stand-in for Danai Gurira in the role of Okoye.
  • Danai Gurira said that "She can be serious, but she also has an unexpected sense of humor. She has a heart, but for her country and for her people. She's not a person who doesn't connect to human beings as a result of what she does."[11]
  • The strip of beadwork on the abdomen part of Okoye's Dora Milaje armor was inspired by a table runner from senior visual development illustrator Anthony Francisco's aunt's home while the rings on the tassels at the side of her uniform were meant to be good luck charms.[12]


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