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"I'm cat-sitting for a woman I work with. Her brother's sick. She's in Oklahoma."
Claire Temple[src]

Oklahoma is a state located in the south central region of the United States of America.



One of Claire Temple's co-workers at Metro-General Hospital left New York City and traveled to Oklahoma, in order to take care of her brother, who had gotten sick. As her stay in Oklahoma was going to be relatively long, she asked Temple to cat-sit while she was with her brother, handling her the keys to her apartment.[1]

Steel Serpent's Sales

Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, were the hometowns of two of the Hand's clients that bought their Steel Serpent using the Rand Enterprises' resources.[2]

Investigating a Nexus Event

Sylvie Laufeydottir attacks the Minutemen

In an alternate 1858, the seventh attack against the Time Variance Authority's Minutemen occurred in Salina. Arriving in Salina, the Minutemen analyzed the Quantum Ore Shovel stabbed into the ground. During the attack, Sylvie Laufeydottir attacked and killed Hunter U-92 and his Minutemen by burning them alive using the oil that they had soaked the field in, before stealing their reset charge and leaving through a Timedoor.[3]


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