"I crossed paths with him before. He has a lab in Okinawa."
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Okinawa is the second-largest city in Okinawa Prefecture, in Japan.


World War II

The United States Armed Forces invaded and captured Okinawa during World War II in order to use it as a major air force and troop base for the planned invasion of Japan.

Jack Thompson was involved in this campaign, that sometimes involved small covert operations, and other times involved the use of tanks and heavy artillery.[1]

While serving in Okinawa, Thompson was stationed on Tsuken Island. He fell asleep on one of his night shifts, and six Japanese soldiers approached his camp carrying a white flag with the intention of surrendering. However, Thompson did not see the flag, and killed the six soldiers from behind before they could see him.

Only after he killed the soldiers, Thompson saw the white flag, so he buried it before anyone else saw it, and he made up a story that he bravely killed the soldiers before they could kill the commanding officer, earning a Navy Cross medal.

However, despite being considered a war hero, the truth of the story haunted Thompson, and he never told the truth to anybody until he confessed it to Peggy Carter following a mission in the Soviet Union where he was paralyzed by fear under enemy fire.[2]

World War II Veterans

Some survivors of the battles in Okinawa ended up settling in New York City, where they spent their time auctioning and arguing at the fish market.[3]

Interrogation of Toshiro Mori

S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson sent agents Bobbi Morse, Melinda May, and Lance Hunter to Okinawa in order to investigate the weapon used in HYDRA's attack against the United Nations Headquarters, that, according to Jemma Simmons was developed by Toshiro Mori.

May explained that one of their options for the mission was a surprise attack, killing as many of Mori's bodyguards before they could react, but the second option was to use Morse's HYDRA cover, that despite could have been blown, Morse thought was their best chance, as she knew Mori, and she was sure that the best way to obtain information from him was to make him boast about his accomplishments.

Morse was able to convince May when Hunter vouched for her espionage skills, though May warned her that in case her cover did not work, they would intervene. Hunter took Morse's handgun, and reminded her not to die during the mission, something they used to tell each other.

May and Hunter were able to intercept and monitor both the images of the security cameras and potential incoming cellular communications of the complex, just as Morse approached the doors and was searched for weapons by the guards at the entrance.

Morse was taken to Mori's presence, who noticed her now blonde hair, and briefly flirted with him before kissing. May was surprised that Morse spoke Japanese, though Hunter explained that she had an ability to quickly learn things, and teased Hunter if he still liked the cover option as they saw Morse and Mori kissing.

Hunter started talking about his marriage with Morse as they saw her flirting, explaining that being married with a woman that was able to remember every detail was stifling. May started to get tired of the complaints, and as Hunter tried to defend himself saying he was not jealous for seeing Morse kissing another man, May told him he should not be, because he had no problem in seducing a woman during their mission in Miami.

Bobbi Morse and Toshiro Mori

Mori invited Morse to a cup of green tea, grown in the Shizuoka prefecture, that Morse perfectly remembered from their previous encounters. As Morse intended to talk about business, Mori directly confronted her with rumours that she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, something that she quickly dismissed with a laugh, saying that the rumours could be related to Marcus Scarlotti's attack at the United Nations Headquarters, impersonating S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to frame them. Morse seized the opportunity to ask Mori about the the weapon used in the attack,

Hunter and May continued watching Morse through the security cameras, though he even felt sorry for Mori, who was apparently believing each and every lie. In order to cut Hunter's comments about his ex-wife, May coldly asked if he was aware that she did not like him, which left Hunter surprised.

Mori revealed that he developed the weapons, and gave them the name of Splinter Bombs, though he based them on specifications derived from HYDRA's technology in World War II. As Morse asked to see and obtain one of them, Mori revealed he shipped all of them to Daniel Whitehall, in hopes for earning a chance to work on the Diviner, the name that Whitehall's new associate gave to it.

Hunter intercepted an incoming HYDRA directive ordering to eliminate Barbara Morse, showing a picture of Morse and Jemma Simmons escaping from the HYDRA Laboratories, and ran to protect her.

Mori continued to explain his role in the development of the weapons, revealing that Scarlotti had been ordered to find Julien Beckers. One of Mori's bodyguard approached Morse from behind intending to shoot her in the back of the head, but Hunter arrived and killed him before he could.


A gunfight ensued, with Hunter and May killing all bodyguards, while Morse prevented Mori from grabbing his gun. Morse confronted Hunter for his interference; though he claimed he saved her life, Morse was convinced she could have handled the situation. In the middle of their argument, both of them shot at Mori, who was about to shoot them with his gun.

May ended their argument, and asked them about Beckers, the man Scarlotti was supposed to find, and Morse explained that Julien Beckers was the Belgian foreign affairs minister, who had publicly tried to maintain neutrality regarding Senator Christian Ward's proposal for an anti-S.H.I.E.L.D. military police force.

As they realized that killing Beckers would make even neutral countries agree with the proposal, the three agents left Okinawa and contacted Phil Coulson to inform him about their next destination, Belgium.[4]


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  • Okinawa shares its name with both the island and the prefecture where it is located.


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