"Ogygia? These coordinates... they're east of Bermuda. There shouldn't be anything out there."
Jemma Simmons[src]

Ogygia is a computer programmed island that served as the residence of Holden Radcliffe and Agnes Kitsworth inside the Framework.


Virtual Creation

"This is a gilded cage. One can only drink so many mai tais, watch so many sunsets..."
"Oh, stuff it. You're in early retirement while the rest of your world tears itself apart."
Holden Radcliffe and Jemma Simmons[src]

Ogygia was created by Aida while she took control over the Framework, as an island located east of Bermuda. Once she had killed Holden Radcliffe, his consciousness was preserved in the Framework. Radcliffe was given a residence in the island of Ogygia where he would live with his former girlfriend Agnes Kitsworth, who had also been killed in the Framework. Aida agreed to leave Radcliffe and Kitsworth in peace as long as they did not try to interfere with her plans.[1]

Assassination of Agnes Kitsworth

"We had a deal. You promised me if I stayed on the island, out of your way, you'd leave us alone."
"Drop the indignation, doctor. This island's no-fly zone was breached an hour ago."
Holden Radcliffe and Madame Hydra[src]

Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson logged themselves in the Framework in an attempt to free their friends who were trapped within the alternate reality. They learned that Holden Radcliffe was living in the Framework as well and found the coordinates of Ogygia. Simmons, Phil Coulson and Grant Ward flew a Quinjet to the island and confronted the fallen scientist, intending to take him back to the Playground.

The Doctor shoots Agnes Kitsworth

However, their Quinjet had been detected by HYDRA. Madame Hydra and The Doctor led a HYDRA squad on the island with the Zephyr One. While the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents hid nearby Radcliffe's residence, Madame Hydra and The Doctor confronted Radcliffe about the presence of subversives. The Doctor dispatched his men on the island, who found Agnes Kitsworth. Although Radcliffe tried to convince Fitz about the fallacy of the Framework, Fitz did not believe him and executed Kitsworth.

A gunfight erupted between S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA. Simmons, Coulson and Ward managed to escape with their Quinjet while Radcliffe was taken into custody by HYDRA, leaving Ogygia without anyone inhabiting the island.[1]


Like everything else in the Framework, the island of Ogygia was deleted when Aida initiated the Destruction of the Framework.[2]


  • In Greek mythology, Ogygia is the island where the goddess Calypso kept Odysseus trapped in an earthly paradise, trying to make him forget about his homeland Ithaca.


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