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"My family has a tradition. When all is lost... you die with honor. Drink the Odium. It burns through the body. All strength, no pain. A fearsome last stand. A brilliant flash of violent splendor. Go fight. Until the last moment when your heart bursts with rage."
Kasius to Tye[src]

The Odium is a dark colored chemical compound created and used by the Kree. In Kree culture, when a soldier is cornered and outnumbered without hope of surviving, they are supposed to drink the Odium, which briefly grants them superhuman abilities before death.


The Confederacy

"There's a tradition within the Confederacy. If one faces failure, you drink the Odium. Fight your last in a wave of savage glory. But if your resolve is as strong as you claim, you'll have no need of it."
Qovas to Hale[src]

Hale is given some of the Odium by Qovas

In one of her updates to Qovas, Hale informed him that she had secured the last piece and would not fail, Qovas presented her the Odium and claimed that it was a tradition in the Confederacy to drink it when facing failure. He left the Odium in Hale's hands when he finished their conversation.[1]

Following the failure of the Confederacy to retrieve the Gravitonium from the Lighthouse, Qajax, a Remorath warrior, drank his Odium after he spotted Alphonso Mackenzie. Qajax charged at him and Mackenzie's shots did not affect him. Only when Mackenzie used his Shotgun-Axe at close range could he knock him out. Qajax was bound by chains and was eventually killed by the Odium's effects.[2]

Fatal Decision

"I mean, if there are no other options, we... we could try the Odium."
"How do we get him to take it? Drinking it might not even be strong enough."
"We could use the Centipede Serum to deliver it straight into his cells."
Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons worked on a way to stop Glenn Talbot. They agreed that their solution could be even terminal. Simmons suggested they would use the Centipede Serum they had received from Daisy Johnson to deliver the Odium straight to his cells in order to kill him. However, when they put up the idea in front of the rest of the team, Johnson claimed that it was the last remaining serum, which was intended to be used to save Phil Coulson's life.[3] During the argument, Melinda May could not stand the idea of losing Coulson, so she dropped the Odium to the ground, making the serum only useful for Coulson.[4]

Alternate Universes

Destroyed Earth Universe

Kree Last Resort
"What option did I have?"
"Glory! Drink the Odium. Fight and die like any of the Kasius family name would have rather than fleeing with your low-born subordinate."
Kasius and Faulnak[src]

The Odium was created in order to provide defeated Kree soldiers with the means of making a final stand by greatly enhancing their capabilities before they died. When Kasius was cornered and outnumbered by his enemies, however, he refused to drink the Odium and ran away, which brought shame upon his family and ultimately caused his banishment to the overseeing of the Lighthouse.[5]

Kasius' Final Stand

Tye after being forced to drink the Odium

"What happened to you?"
"Kasius freed me. I feel no pain."
Daisy Johnson and Tye[src]

After the inhabitants of the Lighthouse started a rebellion against him, killing his trusted warrior Sinara and destroying everything he needed to breed Inhumans, Kasius retrieved his vial of Odium. He put some of the liquid on his hands and then forcefully made his servant Tye drink it. Tye immediately felt the effects of the Odium and went to fight Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson. The serum gave Tye enough force and durability to withstand several I.C.E.R. shots and harm Coulson. However, Tye was ultimately defeated by Quake who stabbed him with his own knife.[6]

Kasius vs. Mack

Kasius ragingly fights Alphonso Mackenzie

"I'm gonna beat your body with your little skull!"
Kasius to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

After his men failed to stop the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Kasius decided to face them himself. He brought the Yo-Yo Rodriguez he had captured to the Crater, where he met Alphonso Mackenzie. Kasius drank the Odium and slit Rodriguez's throat before jumping in rage in the Crater to fight Mackenzie. Thanks to the Odium, Kasius was able to severely beat up Mackenzie while easily withstanding his assaults. However, Jemma Simmons intervened and injected an ear implant in Kasius, distracting him long enough so that Mackenzie could impale him with his Shotgun-Axe.[6]


"A substance that stimulated every single cell in its body."
"And what, its... heart exploded?"
"Rather macabre, isn't it?"
Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson[src]

The Odium turns its user into a state of intense and uncontrollable rage by stimulating all the cells in their body, allowing them to fear neither pain nor death. The Odium colors the eyes of the subject in black and black liquid sprouts from the mouth and the eyes of its user. It also provides them with a number of superhuman abilities. Drinking it will end in certain death, as the Odium eventually causes its user's heart to explode.

"The odium gives the power of the gods to those in final battle."
  • Superhuman Strength: After drinking the Odium, the subject shows some degree of superhuman strength. While Kasius, who already possessed superhuman strength, was under the Odium's influence, he violently beat up Alphonso Mackenzie and threw him several meters high against a wall. Tye, a regular human, was able to fight Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson after drinking the Odium.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Odium grants superhuman durability to its user, as Tye remained unaffected by several I.C.E.R. shots and Kasius was barely affected when Mackenzie shot at him with his powerful Shotgun-Axe.
  • Pain Suppression: After drinking the Odium, the subject does not feel pain anymore, enabling them to fight with rage until their death.


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  • "Odium" is the Latin word for "hate."