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"Father has fallen into the Odinsleep."

The Odinsleep was a state of deep sleep that Odin periodically entered to recharge the Odinforce, the magical energy that gave him his power. While in the Odinsleep, Odin was left vulnerable, though he was aware of what transpired not only around him, but throughout the entire universe.


"It's said you can still hear and see what transpires around you."
Laufey to Odin[src]

Odin enters the Odinsleep

Odin, knowing the Nine Realms would be unguarded without him, would delay entering the Odinsleep for millennia. In 2010, Odin finally entered the Odinsleep after his adoptive son, Loki, berated him for not telling him of his true heritage as the son of Laufey. The Einherjar escorted his unconscious body to his bed, where his wife, Frigga, watched over him. While Odin remained in his slumber, Loki took the throne of Asgard due to Odin's eldest son, Thor, being banished.

Loki and Frigga watch over Odin

Later, Laufey would break into the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf in an attempt to conquer Asgard and kill Odin. Arriving in the room where Odin slept, he knocked Frigga to the side and taunted Odin. However, before Laufey could get a chance to kill Odin, he was hit with a beam of energy from Gungnir, cast by Loki, who then killed him. As this transpired, Thor was fighting the Destroyer on Earth, which would culminate in his death. Odin, in the Odinsleep, would shed a tear and use his magic to end Thor's banishment, giving him the power to return to Asgard to confront his brother.

Odin reawakens in time to save Thor

Loki and Thor would duel on the Rainbow Bridge, after which Loki and Thor would fall off of it. Luckily, Odin would awaken from the Odinsleep just in time to save Thor from falling. However, Loki would let himself fall into the abyss, being presumed dead.[1]

Alternate Universes

Thor's Party

"Rest, my love. Allow the Odinsleep to restore your body and soul."
―Frigga to Odin[src]

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The amount of time that the Allfather remains in his sleep is never certain, however, the duration of Odin's sleep was especially uncertain; due to the many years Odin spent delaying it and the unexpectedness of it's occurrence. Frigga had no knowledge of how long it would last, although she did theorized that he may never awaken from it.


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