The Oahu County Correctional Facility is a prison located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu where both Sammy and Black Bolt were imprisoned.


Two Inhuman Prisoners

"We take your picture, we take you to lockup."
Kalama to Black Bolt[src]

Upon undergoing Terrigenesis, the Inhuman Sammy could not properly control his heat touch abilities, which caused a fire on his house. Sammy was considered responsible for the incident which could have killed his family and therefore was sent into Oahu County Correctional Facility.[1]

Black Bolt Imprisoned

Black Bolt is imprisoned in the Oahu County Correctional Facility

Later, King of the Inhumans Black Bolt caused a traffic accident and assaulted policemen who tried to apprehend him. As a result, Black Bolt was arrested by the Honolulu Police Department and was also transferred to the Oahu County Correctional Facility to serve a jail sentence.[2]

Upon learning that Black Bolt was imprisoned there, Louise Fisher journeyed to the Oahu County Correctional Facility in an attempt to discuss with him. However, Captain Pena, who managed the prison, denied her request. Fisher kept her car parked in front of the prison, leading to Pena threatening her to have the car towed with her in it if need be.[1]

Escape from Oahu County Correctional Facility

"You want to find your wife, right? You stay here, and the law will make you disappear in a federal prison."
Sammy to Black Bolt[src]

Geneticist Evan Declan also learned that Black Bolt was imprisoned in the Oahu County Correctional Facility. Feeling that Black Bolt could be an important research subject, and knowing about Sammy as well, Declan called Sammy by impersonating his lawyer and requested his help. As such, Declan explained that he would arrange an evasion for the two Inhumans.


Black Bolt meets Sammy in his cell

Shortly after his arrival, Black Bolt was transferred into Sammy's cell. Despite Black Bolt's mutism, Sammy figured out that Black Bolt was an Inhuman like himself. The two befriended upon this shared trait and Sammy promised to help Black Bolt to escape so he could be reunited with his wife Medusa.

Officers went to take Sammy and Black Bolt out of their cell and led them to the common areas where all the other inmates were gathered. Although they hoped that the other inmates would assault Black Bolt, they instead joyfully greeted him. The guards then proceeded to taunt Black Bolt, but they inadvertently started a riot. Sammy took advantage of the confusion to take Black Bolt away.

BB Sammy Escape

Black Bolt and Sammy escape from prison

Sammy and Black Bolt made their way through the prison down to the parking lot. There, Sammy used his heat touch to take down a metal fence. As they exited the prison, Black Bolt and Sammy saw the arrival of Declan in a helicopter. Black Bolt and Sammy boarded the aircraft and left the prison.

Louise Threatened Medusa

Louise Fisher is threatened by Medusa

Unbeknownst to Black Bolt, however, Medusa had tracked her husband down to the prison and had infiltrated the place, only to helplessly watch as the helicopter flew away. When Louise Fisher arrived by her side and asked her what this was all about, Medusa threatened her with a gun and forced Fisher to follow the helicopter with her car.[1]



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