"You cut one Irishman, and we all bleed."
―O'Rourke to Frank Castle[src]

Officer O'Rourke is a former member of the Kitchen Irish and the officer of the New York City Police Department, whose cousin was killed by the Punisher. When Castle was taken to Sacred Saints Hospital, O'Rourke decided to murder him in order to avenge his cousin and take his reward for Castle's head.


Kitchen Irish

Losing his Cousin

"You killed my cousin."
―O'Rourke to Frank Castle[src]

O'Rourke was working for the Kitchen Irish, however, his cousin and all other members of the Kitchen Irish, were eliminated by the Punisher. O'Rourke managed to survive Castle's anti-criminal crusade and joined the New York City Police Department. Ever since he passed through his cousin's assassination, O'Rourke kept his hatred to Castle, vowing to get his revenge.[1]

Attack on Frank Castle

"Hey, Castle. Smile. No? All right. A little before and after, you know? Something for the scrapbook. Five million bucks. That's a lot of overtime, Frank. It'd save the system the trouble of putting you on trial."
―O'Rourke to Frank Castle[src]

O'Rourke taking a photograph of Frank Castle

O'Rourke was informed that someone put out a five million dollar reward for Castle's head and found out that he was arrested and brought to the Sacred Saints Hospital. Realizing that he has a perfect chance to kill Castle, O'Rourke arrived at the hospital where he replaced Lawrence, who guarded Castle's room. Approaching defenseless Castle, O'Rourke took a picture of him, saying that he came to revenge his dead cousin and get his reward.

O'Rourke preparing to execute Frank Castle

O'Rourke then asked Castle about any last words but instead, Castle just put his arm, allowing O'Rourke to poison him. O'Rourke was surprised but then prepared to do his job before he was confronted by Amy Bendix. Enraged O'Rourke grabbed Bendix and attempted to choke her to death, ignoring all Castle's threats. However, Bendix was saved by Dinah Madani who arrived at Castle's room and knocked O'Rourke down.

O'Rourke being found unconscious by NYPD

Realizing that Castle was under surveillance by the NYPD, Madani and Karen Page decided to take Castle away. Castle disguised himself with O'Rourke's uniform while O'Rourke was put at the stretcher. While Page turned on a fire alarm, Bendix took a stretcher with O'Rourke out of the room. Brett Mahoney and Smith then found O'Rourke and realized that Castle had escaped.[1]



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