"Can I get a fifth of the O'Harren's, please?"
Francis Xavier Delgado[src]

O'Harren's Scotch Whisky is a whiskey alcoholic beverage.


Jack Thompson bringing the whisky to Frank

With Daniel Sousa being unable to get information out of Frank, Jack Thompson interrupted Sousa's interrogation and offered the homeless man a bottle of O'Harren's in exchange for information. Frank accepted the offer and immediately answered the questions.[1]

Jack Murdock gave his son Matt some O'Harren's so his hands wouldn't shake while he stitches him up, with Matt not liking the taste of the drink.[2]

While Gideon Malick was discussing the origins of HYDRA with Grant Ward, he had then found a bottle of the O'Harren's inside Strucker's Vault, which he and Ward shared as they came to an agreement.[3]

Micro also had a bottle of this whiskey at his hideout. While removing an arrow from Frank Castle's body, Curtis Hoyle poured the alcohol on the wound. Having finished the medical treatment to Castle, Hoyle offered the whiskey to Micro, who was disgusted, to help him relax.[4]

During her time as an alcohol addict, Melissa Bowen used to drink this whiskey.[5]

At a store, Francis Xavier Delgado was standing in queue with a loaf of bread. When he finally got to the front, Delgado dropped the bread and asked for a fifth of O'Harren's instead.[6]

Mayhem rewarded Francis Xavier Delgado with a bottle of O'Harren's after he gave her some guidance. One night, Delgado was drinking and madly preaching on the street before he decided to smash the bottle on the floor.[7]

Frank Castle used a bottle of O'Harren's to pour alcohol on a bullet wound in his hip.[8]

Alternate Timeline

Phil Coulson examines a bottle of O'Harren's

Ernest Koenig sold O'Harren's Scotch Whisky with a swordfish placed on the cap from his speakeasy, The Krazy Kanoe, in 1931. One night, Koenig planned on having Jimmy Bottles deliver the whiskey to New York City Police Department Captain William Dole and two fellow officers, as part of a bribe to allow Koenig to cater a campaign party being hosted by New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt.

However, when Bottles arrived, he instead saw that the three officers had been killed and had their faces removed, seeing the Chronicoms who had performed the deeds without their skins. Bottles dropped the whiskey out of fear and was promptly killed. While investigating the incident, Phil Coulson, who traveled back in time, noticed the bottle and recognized it as connecting to Koenig's bar, The Krazy Kanoe, which was later turned into a Strategic Scientific Reserve facility.[9]


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