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"What the hell happened?"
"Ambush. They were everywhere."
―O'Connor and Ray Nadeem[src]

Agent O'Connor is a member of the FBI who was assigned to work on Wilson Fisk's detail. However, Fisk eventually forced O'Connor to work under his command as a part of his criminal conspiracy.


Wilson Fisk's Detail

O'Connor waited for the arrival of the FBI convoy at the Presidential Hotel, together with Doyle, Arinori, and Johnson. Eventually, the convoy arrived with Wilson Fisk, however, O'Connor noted that convoy had suffered heavy casualties. As agents helped Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter to escort Fisk through the hotel, O'Connor asked Nadeem what happened on the way to the point. Nadeem explained that convoy was ambushed by the Albanian Syndicate who killed several agents and attempted to kill Fisk.[1]

As Fisk was brought to his quarters, Tammy Hattley assigned O'Connor to work with Nadeem on his detail. However, Fisk managed to manipulate O'Connor, as well as several of his colleagues and forced O'Connor to obey his commands.[2]

Attack on the New York Bulletin Building


O'Connor is going for the FBI mission

Ray Nadeem received a call from Foggy Nelson who informed him that Matt Murdock is located in New York Bulletin Building. As the FBI suspected Murdock as Wilson Fisk's criminal accomplice, Tammy Hattley assigned O'Connor to join Nadeem and bring Murdock to the New York City FBI Office for interrogation.

Together with Nadeem, Johnson and Mockta, O'Connor arrived at the Bulletin to apprehend Murdock. Walking upstairs, Nadeem's team was suddenly confronted by the man wearing in Daredevil's Suit. "Daredevil" then attacked the agents, knocking down O'Connor.[3]

Kingpin's Agents


O'Connor meeting with other FBI agents

Upon Tammy Hattley's orders, the agents corrupted by Kingpin gathered at the New York City FBI Office. Later, Hattley brought Ray Nadeem to the office where he was presented to O'Connor, Wellers, Johnson, Markham, Arinori and Ramsey. Hattley then informed agents about Fisk's orders to arrest several criminal bosses within New York City.[2]

Attack on Fisk's Wedding

O'Connor was tasked by Tammy Hattley to provide security for Wilson Fisk's wedding with Vanessa Marianna. O'Connor with Johnson watched the wedding through security cameras in Fisk's secret room before the wedding was attacked by Benjamin Poindexter wearing his Daredevil's Suit. Suddenly, O'Connor and Johnson were attacked by Daredevil who defeated O'Connor. Later, New York City Police Department arrested O'Connor, as well as other Fisk's FBI agents.[4]


DD309-Kingpin's Orders

O'Connor at the Headquarters





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