"Dooley went all the way to Nuremberg to interview a Nazi, and I've got you clamoring over a bum you found down the street."
Jack Thompson to Daniel Sousa[src]

Nuremberg is a city located in Germany.


Nuremberg Laws

"But then, someone in the Party warned you what the fuhrer would be announcing at the rally tomorrow in Nuremberg: laws against Jewish and Aryans intermarrying, restricting types of jobs Jews can hold. Et cetera.."
Johann Schmidt to Abraham Erskine[src]

The 14th of September, 1935, Doctor Abraham Erskine, his wife Greta, and their sons Klaus and Marlene, boarded a train to Geneva in hopes of avoiding a group of anti-semitic laws known as Nuremberg Laws that Adolf Hitler would approve the following day in Nuremberg.

Upon arriving to the German/Swiss border, the train was stopped by Johann Schmidt, who was looking for Erskine in order to coerce him into turning his research to them, a project that increased the molecular density of cellular fibers through synthetic proteins of his own devising.

Schmidt correctly guessed that Erskine only attempted to leave the country at the last time because his research at the university went so well he was reluctant to leave it. However, a warning of the announce of laws against jews that would happen in Nuremberg, and given his own jewish heritage, made Erskine decide to leave the country for the well-being of his family, with Schmidt disregarding the purpose of those laws, as he was not interested in Nazi ideology.[1]

Nuremberg Trials

Wilhelm Keitel Execution

Wilhelm Keitel was arrested and tried at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, ending up being sentenced to death and hanged at the Nuremberg Prison. Keitel spent twenty-five minutes struggling for his life until he ultimately died on the gallows.[2]

Ernst Mueller Trial

Colonel Ernst Mueller was tried and sentenced to death for his role as a Nazi regiment leader during World War II, accused of murder, extermination, enslavement and deportation, among other crimes.[2]

Last Visit

Roger Dooley arrived at Nuremberg in order to speak to Ernst Mueller about the truth behind the battle in Finow, where allegedly all the members of the Soviet 478th Rifle Division were slaughtered, despite at least two of its members, Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov, were related to the theft of Howard Stark's technology.

Mu Do prison

Dooley was taken to Mueller's room, where two soldiers were measuring him for the noose, and Mueller received Dooley joking about the fact, subsequently apologizing for his "gallows humor". Dooley showed him two pictures, one of Brannis and of Demidov, and asked if he knew them.

Mueller seemingly did not recognize them, as he asked if they were German. Dooley revealed they were Russians, and reportedly died during the battle of Finow, though he omitted that they survived the battle. Mueller acknowledged he was in Finow, and seeing Mueller was not going to answer anything about it, Dooley offered him to help him "escape".

Dooley explained how Wilhelm Keitel was hanged the day before, agonizing for 25 minutes before he finally died; they did not take into account the condemned's weight when designing the gallows and the noose, only its height.

Dooley opened a hidden compartment in his watch and offered Mueller a breath mint, claiming it was a Cyanide Pill that would grant him a painless death and would deny his enemies the satisfaction of watching him die.

Mueller accepted Dooley's offer, and explained that there was no battle in Finow, as once the German forces arrived, they found a massacre, with bodies piled high and ripped apart, and whoever was responsible for it was long gone.

Dooley did not believe Mueller's story, but Mueller claimed he had no reason to lie, as he recognized he had killed men, women and even children, but nobody died by their hands at Finow. Seeing that he could not obtain more information from Mueller, he gave him the pill and left the cell.

Dooley told one of the guards outside that he needed a phone, and offered him one of the breath mints he gave to Mueller.[2]

Ernst Mueller Execution

Ernst Mueller was hanged as scheduled inside the Nuremberg Prison, despite thinking the breath mint that Roger Dooley gave him was a Cyanide Pill. By the time Dooley returned to New York City, he guessed that Mueller should be "two inches taller", meaning that he had been already hanged.[2]


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