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"With all the close calls we've been having, it seems the people of Westview are always on the verge of discovering our secret."
"Yes, I know what you mean. But it’s more than that, isn't it? Mr. and Mrs. Hart, dinner. Outside with Herb. I think something's wrong here, Wanda."
Wanda Maximoff and Vision

Now in Color is the third episode of the first season of WandaVision.


Wanda's pregnancy fritzes her powers as she and Vision prepare for an accelerated delivery.


WandaVision Episode 3 01.jpg

In a 1970s setting, Wanda Maximoff and Vision are inside their home with Dr. Stan Nielson, the town's obstetrician, paying the couple a visit. A panicked Vision asks questions about the pregnancy, which confuses Dr. Nielson a bit. Maximoff continuously covers for him as Dr. Nielson points out that she looks to be about four months pregnant, despite the fact that in reality it's only been twelve hours.

As Vision walks Dr. Nielson out, he asks him to keep Maximoff's pregnancy a secret. Dr. Nielson agrees and takes his leave, while Vision greets his neighbor Herb. Vision looks back at his neighbor perplexed as Herb is using a hedge trimmer to cut into the cinderblock wall lining their driveway. As Vision points out his mistake, Herb thanks him but in spite of this, continues to cut into the wall with a smile.

Vision heads back inside to inform Maximoff of the strange occurrence but quickly becomes distracted when he notices that Maximoff's pregnant stomach is even bigger now. Later that day, Maximoff is preparing the baby’s nursery with Vision by her side. She begins to feel kicking, which causes her to inadvertently use her powers to bring some paper butterflies to life. Surprised, she even goes as far to explain that she didn’t do any of this on purpose.

As the two continue their conversation, Vision proposes the name Billy for a boy. Maximoff counters that suggestion with Tommy and the two playfully and briefly argue over what to name their future child. Maximoff then uses her powers to paint a stork on the wall while Vision does the math to figure out that at this rate, their baby should be due in just three days' time.

Vision preparing to be a father.png

Still at home, the two continue to prepare for the arrival of their child, with Vision practicing changing a doll's diaper while Maximoff times him. Their preparations are subsequently interrupted when Maximoff experiences false labor. Unfortunately, the experience causes her to lose control of her powers again as all of the appliances start to go crazy. Eventually, they lose power altogether and Vision learns that the same has happened on the whole block.

Maximoff points out that if this is what happens during false labor, she is afraid to know what will happen during the real thing. She shares her worry of her neighbors discovering their secret and Vision begins to point out that something is very wrong. However, Wanda alters the reality again, and this time all Vision simply does is to comfort his wife.

As they begin to relax, Maximoff is once again overcome with labor pains, only this time it is the real thing. The couple try out some breathing exercises to calm her but it more accurately helps Vision to calm down. Everything is fine for a second before water begins to rain from their ceiling and Maximoff tells her husband that her water just broke. Due to the indoor downpour, Maximoff and Vision hide under the table from the indoor rain. After a few seconds, it stops and Maximoff uses her powers to blow dry their home. She once again feels the labor pains and Vision runs off to find Dr. Nielson using his super speed.

Geraldine arrives at the Vision Residence, and is greeted by Wanda Maximoff

Maximoff tries to push through another contraction when she hears a strange sound coming from the nursery. As she goes to investigate, she is startled by her doorbell. Trying to keep her pregnancy a secret, she grabs a large coat to throw on herself before answering the door. She opens the door to find Geraldine, who has come to borrow a bucket because all of the pipes in her ceiling burst. As she goes to grab a bucket, Maximoff feels several more contractions, each one changing the jacket she’s wearing.

Seemingly unaware of the craziness that is currently going on in Maximoff’s home, Geraldine begins to tell a story about work when Maximoff notices a live stork walking around her living room. Maximoff tries to keep her neighbor from noticing the bird walking around her home but she can’t seem to use her powers to get rid of it. Geraldine eventually heads into the nursery and the bird hides perfectly matched up with the painting on the wall. Geraldine notices the crib and discovers that Maximoff is pregnant as she starts going into labor. Meanwhile, Vision arrives at the doctor’s home, throws him on his back, and speeds away.

Wanda Maximoff gives birth to her twins

Geraldine tries to get Maximoff ready to give birth and notices things around their home going haywire once again, but says to herself that she is sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for all of this. Eventually, Geraldine delivers Maximoff’s baby boy and hands him over to the happy new mother. Vision and Dr. Nielson come in a moment later, and Vision meets his son. With Geraldine and the doctor in the other room, Vision transforms into his natural synthezoid state and holds the baby, calling him Tommy. As the couple share a smile, Maximoff begins to go into labor again and Vision realizes that another baby, Billy, is coming.

Later, all four adults are in the living room with Vision and Dr. Nielson holding Tommy and Billy. Vision walks Dr. Nielson out, who mentions his planned vacation to Bermuda will not be happening after all. Dr. Nielson explains that he thinks he will not be taking his trip because small towns can be hard to escape. A puzzled Vision then finds Agnes and Herb gossiping in the yard. Intrigued, he approaches them to find out what they're discussing. Agnes asks if Geraldine is inside with Maximoff.

Back inside, Maximoff reveals to Geraldine that she herself is a twin. She appears overcome with emotion as she brings up Pietro Maximoff before singing to her newborn babies a Sokovian lullaby. Geraldine is visibly confused and reminds Maximoff that Pietro was killed by Ultron during the Battle of Sokovia. The remark sets Maximoff back and she quickly grows angry and confrontational.

Wanda Maximoff questions Geraldine's true identity

Outside, Herb and Agnes explain to Vision that Geraldine is new to town and has no family, husband or even a home. Vision clearly finds that strange. Back inside, Maximoff asks Geraldine to repeat what she said. The neighbor offers to take a shift rocking the babies and Maximoff instead asks her to leave as she notices a strange S.W.O.R.D. necklace she is wearing.

Vision tries to get more information from his neighbors and Herb begins to explain why Geraldine came to their town. Inside, Maximoff once again questions Geraldine about the symbol on her necklace and asks who she really is. Agnes cuts off Herb, telling him to stop while looking scared. As Maximoff continues to ask Geraldine who she is, the neighbor in question becomes visibly flustered and can not answer any of Maximoff's questions. Outside, Agnes runs off with a smile and Herb says goodbye to Vision as well.

Monica Rambeau is thrown outside by Wanda Maximoff

When Vision heads back inside, he finds Maximoff standing alone over the babies. He asks where Geraldine is and an eerily stoic Maximoff explains that she had to rush home. In reality, Geraldine is ejected out of Westview, and is surrounded by the S.W.O.R.D. agents.


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  • This is the first MCU entry to mention Pietro Maximoff since his death in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The character was last referenced as a photo inside Wanda Maximoff's room in Captain America: Civil War.
  • This episode pays homages to American family sitcoms of the 1970s, most notably The Brady Bunch, while the intro text is inspired from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  • This episode features the Hydra Soak, which bears a notable similarity to a HYDRA blue soap mentioned by Phil Coulson in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode Identity and Change, which was theorized to be used to insert false memories into people's brains and make them believe in their simulated reality. Jac Schaeffer avoided answering if that connection was intentional or not.[1]
  • When Maximoff tries to hide her pregnancy from Geraldine, she holds a small basket of fruit in front of her stomach. This is likely a playful homage to all of the not-so-creative ways sitcoms have tried to hide actresses' pregnancies over the years.[2]
  • The scene of Vision barbecuing on the patio shows him wearing an era-appropriate shirt in his comics colors of green and yellow. The swingset he’s struggling to put together is also in his colors from the costume he wore in said Marvel comics.[2]

Vision and Wanda Maximoff posing

  • When Maximoff’s pregnancy starts causing chaos, she and Vision strike a pose based on The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1.[2]
  • Debra Jo Rupp, who portrays Mrs. Hart in the series, admitted that she was happy not to be in this episode as she felt that she looked better in 50's and 60's clothing than in 70's clothing. Ironically, she starred in That 70's Show where she wore 70's clothing.[3]

Behind the Scenes

  • The episode was lit using tungsten lights that were common for the 1970s era.
  • The episode features a laugh track[4], and is presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio for the majority of the episode, until the end when "Geraldine" is cast out of the WandaVision reality and the episodes reverts to a modern widescreen ratio.[5]


Song title Artist Location(s)
We Got Something Cooking Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez, Elyse Willis, Laura Dickinson, Eric Bradley & Gerald White
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Sokovian Lullaby Elizabeth Olsen
Daydream Believer The Monkees
Wanda's Theme Christophe Beck
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