"Sir, the city is taking fire."
"Well, we know that Strucker doesn't worry about civilian casualties."
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Novi Grad (Sokovian Cyrillic: Нови Град) was the capital city of Sokovia, until its destruction during the Battle of Sokovia.


Battle of Sokovia

Ultron chose the city as the starting point for his new world order. Using vibranium purchased from an underground dealer in Wakanda, he planned to lift a massive part of the city skyward and send it plummeting back to Earth, creating an extinction-level event similar to the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Fortunately, the Avengers arrived and defeated Ultron before he could do so, but Ultron's actions forced the Avengers to detonate Novi Grad in the air to destroy it to protect Earth.[1]


Despite the Avengers' best efforts, thousands of lives were lost during the battle, including Quicksilver and the family of Helmut Zemo. In response to the frequent collateral damage brought on by the Avengers, the United Nations ratified the Sokovia Accords, a series of documents forbidding the Avengers to operate overseas without government oversight.[2]


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  • Novi Grad is one of the few fully fictional cities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Novi Grad literally means "New City" in several Slavic languages.
  • There are multiple real-world cities, municipalities, districts and neighborhoods named Novi Grad, such as the proper city of Novi Grad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a municipality in the city of Sarajevo also in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a district in the city of Osijek in Croatia, a neighborhood in the city of Belgrade in Serbia, and a settlement in the municipality of Sevnica in Slovenia.


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