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The Nova Empire was an interstellar hegemony made up of multiple alien species that maintains a strict but benevolently personified rule over a good portion of the galaxy.

While the Empire is made up of various alien races, it is ruled primarily by the Xandarians. Other races known to inhabit the government are the Krylorians, the Aakons, the Hurctarians, and countless others. The Nova Corps were the Empire's primary military and peacekeeping force.

In 2018, Thanos annihilated the Nova Empire alongside the Nova Corps when he acquired the Power Stone in his quest to wipe out half of the universe's population.



The Nova Empire was comprised of many species including Xandarians, Krylorians, Hurctarians, and A'askavariians. It grew to become one of the largest and most powerful entities in the galaxy, encompassing various different worlds. Xandar, the home planet of the Xandarians, became the Empire's capital.

A rivalry developed between the Nova Empire and the Kree Empire of Hala, to the extent that a war occurred between the races. The war lasted for more than a thousand years. In 2014, a peace agreement was reached and rioting broke out throughout the Kree Empire. The rioting soon developed into terrorism, as Ronan the Accuser, one of the Kree Empire's most powerful military figureheads, led a rogue sect of Kree militia forces to cripple, if not destroy, the Nova Empire. The Xandarians were the primary targets, as they were technically the most influential species in the Nova Empire, and various Xandarian worlds were annihilated in Ronan's assault.

Nova Corps leader Nova-Prime Irani Rael called the Kree Ambassador asking for testimonial condemning Ronan's murderous actions across the galaxy, but due to Ronan's connection to the Kree military forces, the Nova Empire's pleas were ignored.

Soon, Ronan's terrorist war reached its climax when, through a deal with the alien despot Thanos, he came into possession of an Infinity Stone. Leading an army of Sakaarans against Xandar, Ronan nearly succeeded in using the stone to destroy the entire planet, but was thwarted and killed by the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]

When Thanos attacked Xandar, despite the Nova Empire's best efforts, they were defeated and destroyed and Thanos acquired the Power Stone and wiped out half of Xandar's population as part of his goal to balance the universe.[2]


The Nova Empire is composed of various different species from across the galaxy. Many, if not all, of the races in the collective are humanoid.


The Xandarians are the founding species in the Nova Empire and the most significant member race of them all. Their homeworld is the primary headquarters of the Nova Empire, and is the overall center of the Nova Empire's government.


The Krylorians are a fairly common humanoid species of pink-skinned beings renowned across the galaxy for their beauty. Their attractiveness and ability to procreate with other species of similar genomes makes them a frequently seen race in the Nova Empire.


The Hurctarians are a bipedal species of pointy-eared creatures with cybernetic scalp implants in the place of hair. Their role in the Nova Empire is not known, but Hurctarian citizens have been spotted amongst the Nova Empire's communities.


The A'askavariians are a sentient tentacled species with needle-like teeth. Much like the Hurctarians, their role in the Nova Empire is not fully ascertained, aside from one A'askavariian female being employed in the Nova Records.


The yellow-skinned Aakons of Aakon are shown to be involved in Nova affairs, seen as both civilians and operatives within the Nova Corps.


The Xeronians are a bipedal race with grey skin, facial tattoos and a complex mouth structure that covers most of their face. Xeronian citizens can be found on Xandar.


  • The Nova Empire is similar to the Shi'ar, a galactic government featured in the comics. Like the Nova Empire, the Shi'ar is an institutional alliance comprised of many alien species, cultures, and planets that borders along the territory of the Kree and the Skrulls, and comes into conflict with both on a frequent basis.