"I'm doing everything I can to get you out of here."
Jessica Jones to Hope Shlottman[src]

Northeastern Correctional Facility is a prison located in New York City. It is in this facility in which Hope Shlottman is detained after her enthralled murder of her parents Bob and Barbara Shlottman.



Arrested and placed in the facility, Jessica Jones visited Hope Shlottman to ask further questions about Kilgrave and his whereabouts; while there, Jones learned through Shlottman that she has sufffered because Kilgrave wanted revenge for her escape. When Jones tried to comfort her and remind her that the murder of her parents was not her fault, Shlottman directed the blame on Jones for not making sure he was dead and told Jones to kill herself. Before leaving, Joens reminded Shlottman that she was the only one that could prove her innocence.[1]

Her New Attorney

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Jeri Hogarth speaks to Trish Walker about her cilent

Trish Talk Interview

Through Hogarth, Shlottman shared her story on Trish Talk about her struggle with Kilgrave. Afterwards, Hogarth expressed her perception, referring to her cilent at "an insane psychopath." Trish Walker defended Shlottman, citing that mind control abilities was a possibility with the existence of the Avengers as evidence. When Walker pushed onward and ridiculed Kilgrave, he phoned the station as an anonymous caller. Shlottman became distraught and frightful as he spoke.[2]

Sissy Garcia

Jones visited Shlottman and asked about her condition and informed her of the investigation. Visibly uninterested, Shlottman pressed her if she had money and said that if Jones did not have money, the visit was pointless, wanting her to leave. Sissy Garcia signaled for Shlottman to hurry up for the payment. Jones eventually gifted her the money before she left. Though she told her that she continued the search for Kilgrave, Shlottman replied that she would hold her breath.

Later that night, Garcia began to punch Shlottman in her stomach repeatedly until she was sent to the medical ward of the facility.[3] Learning the name of Shlottman's attacker, Jones visited Garcia and, though she pinned her to the vending machine, was informed that Shlottman had used the money gifted to request for the beating. Jones visited Shlottman once more and questioned why she was attacked. After rejecting all implications that she was self-harming or had been attacked through Kilgrave's influence, Shlottman revealed that she was pregnant with her rapist's child and wanted ways to abort the fetus. With Hogarth's help, they gave her a pill that painfully killed the fetus. Hogarth made a request to a nurse to collect the remains after its official death and to keep it secret.[4]

Close to Giving Up

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