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"You're my science guy, right?"
Talos to Norex[src]

Norex was the Skrull Chief Science Officer and Talos' second-in-command. He was stationed on the Skrull flagship who crashed on Planet C-53 in Los Angeles in 1995. Following the Ambush at Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, Norex and Talos arranged an alliance with Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and Maria Rambeau in Louisiana. While covering for their journey to Mar-Vell's Laboratory, he was discovered and later murdered by Yon-Rogg.


Kree-Skrull War

Norex was a Skrull scientist who, like the rest of his people, was forced into exile when the Kree Empire attacked and destroyed their home planet, causing the Skrulls to scatter across the galaxy. Norex worked for the Skrull general Talos as his chief science officer, and was tasked with finding Mar-Vell's Laboratory, in which Talos hoped to find unparalleled technology the Skrulls could use to escape from the Kree. However, Norex was unable to complete this mission as he had not thought that the laboratory could actually be in orbit around a planet instead of being a physical facility on the surface of said planet.[1]

Extracting Vers' Memories

Norex was present on the Skrulls' flagship, after Talos captured Vers in an Ambush in Torfa. He stood alongside Talos while he was accessing her memories, hoping to find information regarding the Light-Speed Engine. When she staged an escape and fought the Skrull occupation on the ship, Norex, Talos and two other Skrulls took space pods to Planet C-53 in pursuit.[1]

Arriving on Planet C-53

Norex and the Skrulls arrive in Los Angeles

The four pods carrying Norex, Talos and two other Skrulls crash-landed in the Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of California, and later emerged at a beach during a sun-sprawling morning in Los Angeles. While familiarizing themselves with their surroundings, Norex and the Skrulls were given orders by Talos to locate Vers. To blend in with the rest of the beach, Talos and the Skrulls simmed several human surfers. While Norex departed with Talos to further assimilate themselves into the bulk of human society, their Skrull comrades located Vers and engaged in a chase with a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force.[1]

Negotiating an Alliance

Norex arrives at the Rambeau Residence

Later, Norex accompanied Talos to a homestead in Louisiana. Norex disguised himself as Maria Rambeau in an attempt to stall her daughter Monica from discovering they were Skrulls. The two successfully persuaded their to-be human allies, including S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury that they did not mean hostile intent and that they were offering an alliance, explaining to them that they were refugees on the run from the Kree.

Norex retrofits the Quadjet for space travel

Once the negotiation became a success, with Danvers regaining her true memories, Norex helped in repairing the damaged Quadjet and retrofitting Skrull technology inside it so it could travel in space, while Talos and their human allies prepared to venture to Mar-Vell's Laboratory. He volunteered to stay and become a decoy by disguising himself as Danvers, while the real Danvers, Talos, Fury and Rambeau, as well as Goose depart to find Mar-Vell’s hidden laboratory outside Earth's atmosphere.[1]

Murdered by Yon-Rogg

Norex tricks Yon-Rogg into thinking he is Vers

"What have you done to her?"
"You're too late."
Yon-Rogg and Norex[src]

The next day, Norex was confronted by Yon-Rogg, stalling for time while disguised as Vers. Norex attempted to persuade Yon-Rogg by proclaiming out Vers' code, but he dismissed it, saying that the tactic of using codes had been deemed futile. To test that he wasn't a Skrull, Yon-Rogg quizzed Norex about Vers' past, asking what her earliest memories were.

Norex is shot in the chest by Yon-Rogg

When Norex hesitated to answer a question about Vers' Kree blood transfusion, Yon-Rogg deduced his Skrull identity, and shot Norex with his Kree Pistol. As Norex' Skrull form was revealed, he told Yon-Rogg that he was too late to catch his allies from departing on the Quadjet. Yon-Rogg asked if Vers knew the truth about her past, and when Norex only smiled, Yon-Rogg took a minute before turning and shooting Norex a second time, killing him. With Norex dead, Yon-Rogg departed with Starforce to find Mar-Vell's Laboratory.[1]


Norex was greatly loyal towards Talos and would not hesitate in following his superior's orders. He was also a selfless individual, for he offered to modify and upgrade the Quadjet with Skrull technology so that it would be capable of travelling to outer space, as well as willingly stayed behind on Earth posing as Carol Danvers to distract Yon-Rogg at the cost of his own life.

Powers and Abilities


  • Skrull Physiology: As a Skrull, Norex could shapeshift easily.
    • Superhuman Strength: Norex possessed superhuman strength similar to his people.
    • Shapeshifting: Like the rest of his species, Norex was able to shapeshift into sentient beings, though he had to visually perceive the person who was going to be imitated. Norex shapeshifted into Carol Danvers, but was made out by Yon-Rogg and killed.
      • Vocal Replication: Norex was able to replicate Carol Danvers' voice.
      • Memory Replication: Norex replicated Carol Danvers' recent memories, but couldn't remember past details, which tipped Yon-Rogg.


"A few tweaks to your vessel should do it. I can handle the modifications."
―Norex to Nick Fury[src]
  • Master Scientist: Norex was Talos' science advisor and in charge of operations that required scientific knowledge, such as tracking Mar-Vell's Laboratory and tracking Vers' space pod after she had crash-landed in it on Earth.
  • Master Engineer: Norex was able to retrofit a Quadjet with Skrull technology, making it capable of traveling in space.


  • Skrull Suit: Norex wore a suit made of Skrull fabric, which was able to change shape with its wearer and was water-proof and bullet-proof.[2]






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