"Look at that, she likes you... She thinks you're the devil."
Joseph Manfredi[src]

Nonna Manfredi is the grandmother of Maggia leader Joseph Manfredi.


Two More for Lunch


Manfredi speaking with her Grandson

Nonna Manfredi watched as her grandson Joseph prepared lunch for himself, her, and the Maggia members that protected them in Polizzi's. Joseph talked in English as he cooked, explaining to his grandmother that he wanted to try something different in his recipe; in Italian, Nonna protested the change, thinking it would not be as good as the traditional. While Nonna and Joseph argued about the meal, Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa fought the bodyguards to see Joseph.

Nonna brought Joseph and Sousa large plates of spaghetti to eat while they talked; since she thought little of Carter, she did not bring her a plate. Sousa and Carter wanted Joseph to deliver a message to Whitney Frost, but Joseph denied that she was his girlfriend, so Sousa threatened to tell the soon-to-be-released criminal Tommy Fontana a lie that Joseph turned state's evidence against him. Hearing this, Nonna grew highly upset and pulled a knife on Sousa, causing Joseph to restrain her and ask her to leave the discussion table. Joseph, Carter, and Sousa continued the conversation without her.[1]


Nonna was in Joseph's house when he brought Whitney Frost there. Later, she sat as Joseph paced back and forth, venting his frustration with the Zero Matter inside of Frost that he claimed was affecting her. Nonna asked if Joseph really loved Frost, to which Joseph replied yes. Nonna advised her grandson that if he was to help Frost, he would have to make a deal with the devil by working with Peggy Carter.[2]





  • In Italian, "Nonna" means "Grandmother".


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