"You bring a noisemaker?"
"Sir, I bring the noise and the funk wherever I go."
Phil Coulson and Antoine Triplett[src]

The Noisemaker is one of Antoine Triplett's grandfather's Howling Commando items.


"Trip and I will crest the ridge, use a noisemaker to grab a three-wheel, maybe something with more fireworks and open a window for you two."
Phil Coulson to his team[src]

Antoine Triplett retrieved his grandfather's Howling Commando gear and offered it to Phil Coulson as a tactical advantage during the undercover investigation on Cybertek and the missions to come. The noisemaker was among these items.[1]


Triplett used the noisemaker to distract some Cybertek guards when he and Phil Coulson were raiding the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, beginning the Battle at Cybertek. This distraction allowed them to take a Humvee and burst a hole through one of the walls, so that Skye and Melinda May could enter the facility.

While hearing the sound of the noisemaker with Deathlok, John Garrett was attacked by Coulson. Coulson was then smacked across the room.[2]


"Hey-Ho friends! The Enemy Approaches! Careful now, or they'll win the day!"

The noisemaker is a device that when activated, produces a sound that distracts the enemy, allowing the user to do an opportunity attack.


  • The voice of the noisemaker was provided by Jed Whedon.


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