"HYDRA will never defeat S.H..."
―Noelle Walters' last words[src]

Noelle Walters was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who worked in Europe.


"How's the Netherlands?"
"Same as always, sir. Lots of bikes, lots of weed."
Phil Coulson and Noelle Walters[src]

Agent Walters was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under Director Phil Coulson and led a team of agents in Europe.

After the attack on the United Nations by Marcus Scarlotti and his mercenaries, Coulson ordered Walters to tell her team to await further instructions as he investigated what happened.

Coulson then learned that Scarlotti and his mercenaries were seeking Julien Beckers. She was instructed to take him to a safehouse in Bruges, Belgium to protect him. Walters nor Coulson knew that Beckers worked for HYDRA and was an ally of Scarlotti.

When she arrived in the safehouse, she found Beckers already there. As Walters warned him that Scarlotti sought him, she was attacked by his mercenaries and Beckers showed her the bodies of her teammates. When Walters head butted Scarlotti, he decided to kill her quickly and stabbed her with a Splinter Bomb. It then burrowed into her, causing her to petrify and disintegrate.[1]





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