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"You are about to do something completely stupid, and I wouldn't be a good scientist if I let you do it alone."
―Noah Burstein to Claire Temple[src]

Doctor Noah Burstein was a medical doctor and scientist based at Seagate Prison where he performed enhancement experiments on inmates. The experiment was performed on Carl Lucas who gained enhanced physical abilities. Years later Burstein was found by Lucas, now calling himself Luke Cage, who requested his help. Despite saving Cage's life with the help of Claire Temple, it was discovered that Burstein had been testing the inmates with Reva Connors, causing Cage to destroy his equipment. Burstein later decided to use his own experiments on Diamondback and create a fighter who was able defeat the seemingly indestructible Cage.


Work at Seagate

Experimenting on Carl Lucas

"Who's the white dude?"
"The prison doctor, Dr. Burstein."
Carl Lucas and Reva Connors[src]

Carl Lucas was being beaten by Shades and Comanche until he was critically injured. Reva Connors brought him to Burstein, and begged him to save Lucas' life, Burstein was reluctant but relented and performed the experiment. During the experiment Albert Rackham came in the room and saw that Burstein was trying to save Lucas, he pushed a lever on the machine causing it to heat up which caused the experiment to explode with Lucas inside. Burstein was injured and Rackham was killed but Lucas survived. Realizing he was trapped in the room with the dead Rackham, he yelled out and punched the wall, causing it to break. Realizing the experiment had given him abilities he hit the wall over and over until he broke through and he escaped from Seagate Prison.

History Revisited

Helping Luke Cage

"Just so we're clear... what could go wrong?"
"Well, your skin could peel off, like wax paper, and, uh, after about ten seconds, you'd beg me to put a bullet in your head because the pain would be so bad, but your head looks fine, so I guess the bullet would ricochet off your skull."
"Sweet Christmas."
Luke Cage and Noah Burstein[src]

While living in his house, Burstein was visited by Carl Lucas, who was now calling himself Luke Cage, with Claire Temple because he was shot with a Judas Bullet and he could not take out the remaining shrapnel in his body. While there, Burstein tried with a regular scalpel to cut through his skin but it broke. So then he put Cage in an acid bath, mimicking the original experiment which caused his abilities. The procedure didn't work, causing extreme pain to Cage, and making him scream out in pain and finally stopping his heart. Temple revived him by electrocuting him and then had an idea to raise the temperature of the acid bath.


Burstein was working on to heal Luke Cage

Finally, the procedure worked, and he succeeded in taking out the remaining Judas Bullet in Cage's body. And the next day, Cage was fine as usual. But Noah talked about Cage's past and about Carl Lucas. This made Cage mad as he told him that his name is Luke Cage. He then angrily destroyed some of the work in his place in which it made Burstein seemingly terrified of him. So Cage and Temple left Burstein alone.

Experimenting on Diamondback

In the wake of the Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard, Diamondback was badly injured and was arrested for killing Cottonmouth. Due to this, he was taken to prison and treated in there. Hearing of this, Noah Burstein came to Harlem to talk to Diamondback.


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