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"If there's anything that can redeem a lost soul, love would have to top the list."
"Oh, come on. Even a monster like Fisk?"
"You're talking to a nun, kiddo. Love and redemption are pretty much our sales pitch."
Maggie Grace and Matt Murdock

No Good Deed is the third episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


As Fisk moves into swanky new digs amid a public outcry, Matt wrestles with how far he's ready to go to right this wrong. Dex's aim comes into focus.


The FBI escort Wilson Fisk to the Presidential Hotel where he is to spend his sentence. Fisk orders Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee to contact Vanessa Marianna and make sure that she is safe. Ray Nadeem tells Fisk about the rules of his sentence. Later, Donovan and Lee inform Fisk that they failed to contact Marianna and that she is lost.

Karen Page attends dinner with Mitchell Ellison and his family in their house. During dinner, Page and Ellison learn that Fisk was released from Ryker's Island. Ellison tells Page to stay away from this story because she is biased. Meanwhile, Foggy Nelson wakes up after another nightmare with Matt Murdock and his girlfriend, Marci Stahl, tries to comfort him. Nelson then sees the New York Bulletin's report about Fisk's release.

Murdock comes to the hotel and is mocked by an image of Fisk telling him that God had restored his hearing just so that he could hear of Fisk's release and that it is His way of expressing His anger. Seeing Page outside of the hotel, the illusion says that Murdock cannot protect her, like he failed to protect his father, Stick and Elektra.

Page approaches a police officer and is directed to Nadeem, as the agent-in-charge. Nadeem tells her that Fisk has not been released and is being kept under protective custody as he cooperates with the FBI. When Page continues to question him, Nadeem angrily tells her that agents had died protecting Fisk and that she should write about them.

Fisk is confined to his quarters, under the watch of Benjamin Poindexter and J. Lim. Donavan and Lee demand that Poindexter shut down the cameras so they can speak with Fisk privately. They inform FIsk that they were able to get in contact with Felix Manning, who hid Marianna in Barcelona. Fisk says that the Albanians can get to her in Europe and orders them to relocate her somewhere closer to the United States of America.

Nelson goes to visit Blake Tower who is running for reelection, and offers his services pro-bono to return Fisk to prison. Tower tells him that Fisk is under FBI supervision and that it is out of the DA's control. Nelson suggests that Tower's inaction is due to his re-election campaign and Tower demands he leave.


Meanwhile, Murdock manages to infiltrate the hotel, avoiding all the agents guarding Fisk. The illusion of Fisk returns and tells Murdock that everything Fisk did since Murdock refused to kill him is his fault. Murdock attempts to follow Donovan to Fisk's quarters but is stopped Poindexter, asking Murdock for a room key. Murdock leaves, planning on getting to Fisk in another way.

Nadeem arrives at the Riverbank Medical Center and meets Tammy Hattley. Nadeem blames himself for deaths of his colleagues because he insisted on Fisk's relocation but Hattley tells him it was the smart decision in the circumstances and advises him to focus on the job to save more lives. Seema Nadeem comes to the hospital and hugs her husband to comfort him.

Lim brings Fisk his dinner. Fisk tells Poindexter that he feels responsible for the dead agents and he owes Poindexter for saving his life. He tells Poindexter that he has never seen anyone with such skill as him. Annoyed, Poindexter tells him that dinner is over and take his food away. Poindexter returns to the New York City FBI Office where he discusses recent events with Myman. When asked about his support system, he tells him about Julie Barnes who spends her time with Poindexter and listens to him without judging him.

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In his vigilante suit, Murdock assaults Donovan at the hotel's parking deck. Murdock chokes him, demanding to know about Fisk's release and the lawyer tells him that the FBI promised to drop the charges against Marianna. Before Murdock could learn more, FBI agents arrive on the deck and start to search for Murdock, thinking that he is one of the Albanians. Murdock tries to escape, but is forced into open confrontation and takes all the agents down. The image of Fisk appears again and goads Murdock.

At Page's office, she tells Ellison that the Presidential Hotel was owned by Rostam Kazemi and had been bought by a nested shell company that she believed to belong to Fisk. Kazemi had been attacked after announcing his intention to buy the hotel back. Ellison decides to take the story away from Page, but she tells him she won't stop working on it, even if the credit is given to another reporter.

Murdock returns to the Clinton Church and washes the blood off his hands. Murdock tells Maggie Grace that he doesn't believe people can change. Grace treats his injuries and Murdock tells her that Fisk is assisting the FBI and apparently changed for Marianna. Murdock, however, doesn't believe it and still considers Fisk to be a monster.

Poindexter observes Barnes from his car as she goes to buy pizza. While she is eating her pizza slice, Poindexter eats his own slice in the car.

Nelson is drinking in a bar and Murdock reveals himself to be alive. He tells Nelson that he was not back, and he was leaving the life of Matt Murdock behind him. He tells Nelson to stay away from Fisk and make sure Page does the same and tells him that their friendship had endangered Nelson. Nelson protests, but Murdock leaves, having stolen his wallet with his Bar Association membership card.

Back at the hotel, Donovan tells Fisk that the man who had attacked him was Daredevil, though not in his red suit. Fisk looks out at the skyline.


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