"Technically, we're not even sure it works, but, well, let's face it: I invented it, so it works."
Howard Stark[src]

Nitramene is a highly dangerous chemical compound developed by Howard Stark.


Creation and Theft

Nitramene was one of Howard Stark's inventions created after World War II, deemed too dangerous to ever be sold. He placed a document with the formula of the compound in one of his vaults, but later discovered that someone broke into the vault and took the document among other items.

After three days of testimony in United States Congress concerning the theft, Stark contacted Peggy Carter to retrieve the document for him before it could be sold on the black market, warning her that a small amount could cause a tremendous destruction.

Nitramene Carter

Peggy Carter discovers the Nitramene

Carter went to La Martinique to see if Spider Raymond, the club's owner and an illegal trader, had the formula. Using a Pick Lock Watch, Carter entered his safe to find that the Nitramene was weaponized into a small bomb. Calling Edwin Jarvis, Carter learned that the compound could be neutralized with sodium hydrogen acetate, though he knew of no place to find that chemical. Carter went to the apartment she shared with Colleen O'Brien and grabbed simple household items. In the bathroom, Carter created enough acetate to keep the bomb from exploding.


The vacuum implosion caused by a single nitramene bomb

Eventually, Carter and Jarvis went to the Roxxon Refinery where they confronted Miles Van Ert and Leet Brannis. As Brannis escaped with a Daisy Clover milk truck filled with Nitramene bombs, he dropped one to distract and kill Carter. She fled and was picked up by Jarvis while the bomb exploded and later imploded the factory grounds.[1]

Learning that Nitramene emitted Vita Radiation from Anton Vanko, Carter went to the Daisy Clover Milk Factory to find the truck; she learned the address of the missing delivery man.


Edwin Jarvis threatens to shoot Leet Brannis

Carter and Jarvis went to Cedar Grove, New Jersey to confront Sheldon McFee and found Brannis trying to start the milk truck, but Jarvis disabled it. After it was repaired, the trio tried to get the Nitramene to Manhattan when the man in the Green Suit ambushed them.

The Nitramene was detonated when Brannis was instructed to drive the truck into a large body of water with Green Suit pinned to it.[2]

Improved Formula

ATCU Attack 2

ATCU Storage Facility is destroyed by the modified Nitramene

"He was fixated on it, thought it might be something we could add to our arsenal."
Phil Coulson[src]

Over the years, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Felix Blake wanted to improve the original formula of the Nitramene and add it to the organization's arsenal. After Blake became the leader of the Watchdogs he created a modified form of Nitramene, enabling it to be shot in a fashion similar to paintballs. The new Nitramene was also resistant to sodium hydrogen acetate, a compound that could previously neutralize it. His men used the Nitramene to destroy an Advanced Threat Containment Unit facility.

Watchdogs Fitz Nitramene

The modified Nitramene attached to Leo Fitz

When S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered the location of their base, Oscar used it on Leo Fitz, but as Daisy Johnson attempted to use sodium hydrogen acetate to neutralize it, the Nitramene only slowed down. Fitz realized that liquid Nitrogen could neutralize it and Johnson successfully used it on the Nitramene.[3]


Microscope nitramene

A typical Nitramene bomb has a blast radius of five hundred yards after which it creates a vacuum that causes an implosion as matter rushes to fill the void that it has created. When the chemical materializes a bright orange glow, it had reached peak volatility and must be handled with care. The compound can be neutralized with sodium hydrogen acetate but it cannot touch the housing container as the bomb's core is exposed to air.


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