"Gonna stand there with your thumb in your ass? Come on, help me."
―Nines Hat to Leather Coat[src]

Nines Hat was a car thief who was murdered by Davos.


Car Jacker

Murdered by Davos

"What you doin', man?"
"Take your pestilence elsewhere."
"Says who?"
―Nines Hat and Davos[src]
While attempting to steal a car with Leather Coat, Nines Hat found himself and his friends being confronted by Davos and Chen Wu, as Davos furiously smashed their other friend's head onto the car bonnet. Nines Hat stood up to Davos, who demanded that they walk away, however when Nines Hat refused to back away, Davos used the Iron Fist and strike him directly in the chest, causing him the fly backwards and smash into a nearby car, killing him instantly.[1]




Behind the Scenes


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