"I can't imagine why he came to an Asian fusion restaurant to order classic Italian pasta..."
Niku 's Maître'd and Jessica Jones[src]

Niku is a luxurious Asian restaurant located in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City, formerly Il Rosso. It was used by Kilgrave for his elegant dinners with his thrall Hope Shlottman.


First Encounter with Kilgrave

In the first few weeks of opening, the Niku restaurant encountered an alarming customer. Kilgrave entered the restaurant one night with a partner, Jessica Jones. He requested to sit in a more secluded area at the back of the restaurant, that, to the avail of his powers, forced the current customers in those seats to leave. He ordered a meal of pasta from the previous establishment's menu, a recipe that Niku had to search for at the back of the kitchen. Kilgrave and his companion left that night, with the waiting staff shocked as to why they weren't able to act under their own control.[1]

Kilgrave's Trade

Due to a culmination of a series of events, Kilgrave met Jessica Jones at Niku to make the trade of Hope Shlottman for Kilgrave's father, Albert Thompson. Upon entering the restaurant, Jessica realised Kilgrave had also kidnapped several others and placed them atop the bar, with nooses around their necks, ready to be hanged at Kilgrave's order. Chaos soon ensued when Hoope drove a shard of glass into her throat, prompting Kilgrave to order Malcolm Ducasse, Jackson, Robyn and Donald to step off the bar and escape with his father.

Though Jones rescued the enthralled victims from dying, she turned to Hope and promised that she would kill Kilgrave before her passing from blood loss.[2]

Failed Attack on Kilgrave

Leaving outside the back entrance of Niku, Kilgrave and Albert Thompson stood next to an SUV. Luke Cage took sight of him and, in pure rage, ran to the group. He was, however, commanded by Kilgrave to stop in his track and inform him of his name and reason for the sudden encounter, to which Cage answered that he planned to kill him after following Jessica Jones to the restaurant.[3]

Cover Story

With Shlottman now lifeless, Jones grabbed napkins and explained to Ducasse and the others that they needed a cover story for the events that transpired minutes ago; she informed that they should inform the officers outside that they all came for drinks, a girl approached presenting suicidal tendencies, and committed suicide in front of them. Though Robyn protested lying about the situation, Jones cited that there was no method that the true story would be believed, Ducasse agreeing.

Outside the restaurant, Jackson, Donald, Ducasse, Robyn, and Jones each told detectives the false story.[4]


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  • Niku is Japanese for "meat".



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