"That day, that man's blood still red in the snow, I vowed to never be the man at the other end of the gun. My father wanted me to learn about justice. Instead, I learned about power. And here I am."
―Nikolai Poloznev to Punisher[src]

Nikolai Poloznev was a former member of the Police of Russia who became a wealthy and powerful industrialist. In order to increase his influence in the United States Government, Poloznev contacted the Russian Mafia in New York City to obtain information to blackmail Anderson and Eliza Schultz. However, his actions caused him up to end up confronted by the Punisher, and, later, assassinated by John Pilgrim.



"When I was a boy, I saw a man... walked into the woods at the end of a shotgun much like this. This man had abused another man's daughter. I was maybe 12 years old, but my father made me come to see... to understand justice."
―Nikolai Poloznev to Punisher[src]

Nikolai Poloznev was born and raised by his father in Russia. When he was 12 years old, his father took Poloznev to the woods where he showed him a man who had abused someone's daughter. Wanting his son to learn about justice, Poloznev's father shot the man with the shotgun in front of his son's eyes. However, Poloznev learned about power instead and vowed to never be the man at the other end of the gun.[1]

Building a Career

"Nikolai Poloznev is a former Russian state policeman turned industrialist with interests in oil, gas, and shipping, valued at several billion dollars. A personal friend of the Russian President, he has homes in several countries, but currently resides in New York."
Amy Bendix[src]

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Following his resignation from the Police of Russia, Poloznev became a wealthy industrialist whose assets valued at several billion dollars. Poloznev's influence put him with Vladimir Putin and they became friends. Poloznev used his financial capabilities to purchase homes in several countries, including the United States of America. With his daughter Natalia, Poloznev left Russia and resided in New York City where Polozneva was studying at New York Academy of Medicine.[2]

Scheming Against the Schultzes

"What's in it for you? Stopping this guy from taking office?"
"Oh, we don't want to stop him. We want to own him."
Punisher and Nikolai Poloznev[src]

Seeking for the way to reach the United States Government, Poloznev learned that Anderson and Eliza Schultz supporting the political career of their son, David. Although they wanted David to become the next President of the United States, they kept him out of public as much as possible. Eventually, Poloznev learned that David, in fact, gay and that information could possibly damage Schultzes' political campaign.[1]

Poloznev contacted with Kazan from the Russian Mafia in New York City and ordered him to find evidence to prove that statement. He intended to wait for David to eventually take office and then blackmail the Schultzes with the pictures. Sergei Konchevsky hired Fiona and her crew to make the pictures. However, Fiona and her crew were killed by John Pilgrim before they could hand the pictures to Konchevsky. Thus, the photos never reached Poloznev.[2]

Kidnapped by the Punisher

"You take your family. You get out of town. You never come back."
"Thank you, Mr. Castle!"
"I didn't do it for you. I see you back in America again, I'll pay you a visit."
Punisher and Nikolai Poloznev[src]

Poloznev attended the event at the New York Academy of Medicine to have dinner together with his family. However, the waitress, who actually was Amy Bendix, showed him the pictures of David Schultz that he paid for. Realizing that the waitress could uncover his schemes, Poloznev ordered his bodyguard to follow her. Poloznev then apologized to his daughter and left the Academy.

Punisher and Nikolay Poloznev

Poloznev is threatened by the Punisher

Sitting in his car, he found out that his driver was replaced by the Punisher who kidnapped Poloznev and drove him to the docks outside of the town. Threatening Poloznev with the shotgun, Castle demanded him to tell everything about the deal with the Russian Mafia and the pictures. Telling Castle about his childhood and his extensive notions of fate, Poloznev explained that he paid for the picture to manipulate the Schultzes and Testament Industries.

Despite Poloznev's thoughts, Castle informed him that he did not kill nor Sergei Konchevsky, nor Kazan, and someone is hunting for him. Poloznev offered Castle to unite against the Schultzes, however, Castle refused to work with him and prepared to kill Poloznev. Poloznev was not afraid of death and asked Castle just not to shoot him in the face, as he wanted his family to identify him. Poloznev told Castle about his daughter and how he enjoyed her play on the violin. Castle reluctantly decided to spare Poloznev and demanded to take his family and leave New York City. Poloznev thanked Castle, but he just warned Poloznev to stay away from the country or he will find him.[1]



Poloznev is assassinated by John Pilgrim

Accepting Frank Castle's warning, Poloznev prepared to leave the United States of America, together with his family. As he was in the elevator with his bodyguards, Poloznev was suddenly confronted by John Pilgrim. Pilgrim killed the bodyguards and, after the brief pause, assassinated Poloznev himself, shooting him in the head and leaving his body behind.[1]


"Maybe fate has a sense of humor. If you didn't kill Kazan, the same people coming after you are coming after me. Fate makes us allies, not enemies."
―Nikolay Poloznev to Punisher[src]

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