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"Watch it, that's the Night-Night Gun!"
"Well, it's on my stuff, it doesn't work and there's no way we're calling it the Night-Night Gun."
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

The Night-Night Guns are a prototype tranquilizer weapons family, including sniper rifle and handgun designs. They were engineered by S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, and were ultimately replaced by an upgraded version called the I.C.E.R.


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Night-Night Gun Rifle Version[]


Grant Ward shooting at Mike Peterson

Agent Grant Ward used Leo Fitz's original Night-Night Gun prototype, modeled after a sniper rifle, to tranquilize Michael Peterson, a man who was in danger of dying from the use of Extremis. This would have caused a violent explosion in the middle of Union Station, killing many civilians. In a surprising turn, the dendrotoxin used by the gun fully stabilized Peterson's condition.[1]

Night-Night Gun Pistol Version[]

Coulson pistol 4

Phil Coulson shooting at Akela Amador

"We're gonna have this new Night-Night pistol working in no time, okay?"
"Great. One thing. We're not calling it that."
Leo Fitz and Grant Ward[src]

Following the successful use of Leo Fitz's prototype Night-Night Gun, Fitz developed a set of pistols based on the same technology to be a light-weight and versatile, non-lethal weapon for Coulson's Team to carry and use in field missions.

Phil Coulson used the pistol variant to knock out Akela Amador in her hotel room.[2]

Coulson later attempted to use it to non-lethally take down Chan Ho Yin, but all of the rounds were destroyed by his flames, necessitating a more lethal course of action.[3]


Grant Ward armed with the Night-Night pistols

Simmons used the Night-Night pistol to incapacitate Agent Jasper Sitwell at The Hub.[4]

Melinda May used the Night-Night pistol to sedate Hannah Hutchins during an "Index Asset Evaluation and Intake" report in Utah that had grown tense.[5]

The Night-Night Pistol was replaced by I.C.E.R.s.[6]

Design and Capabilities[]

"The bullets work. Non-lethal, heavy stopping power, break up under the sub-cutaneous tissue."
"Oh, with a dose of .1 microliters of dendrotoxin."
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

A mixture of engineering and bio-chemistry, these custom tranquilizer weapons were designed as the perfect tools for stopping someone without killing them.

The rifle fires non-lethal bullets with heavy stopping power that break up under the subcutaneous tissue (or skin). From there, the bullets deliver a tiny amount of dendrotoxin (100 nanoliters), incapacitating the target long enough for them to be secured and without any harmful side effects in the process.

Sniper Rifle Model[]

The Night-Night Sniper Rifle is based on standard sniper rifles, able to take out targets over a moderate strategic distance using a small caliber cartridge. A top mounted sight helps acquire and track targets over a distance.

Pistol Model[]

Night-Night Gun

The Night-Night Pistol utilizes eight .45 caliber cartridges in a semi-automatic firing mode with a therapeutic dose of the dendrotoxin.


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