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"Who you think you talking to? Me from the rock too, you know!"
"I am the rock."
―Nigel Garrison and Bushmaster[src]

Nigel Garrison was the leader of Yardies working within Harlem who was attempting to make a new illegal deal in order to buy out Mariah Dillard's guns businesses, however Garrison was murdered by Bushmaster for siding with the Stokes family.


Leading the Yardies

Deal with Mariah Dillard

"Mi brethren fought the Reyes' in the past. But now, we can make money together. But for your guns, mi can maintain peace uptown and in-a Brooklyn. And fight off the Russians, Koreans, or any other blood clot crew that wan' fi test."
―Nigel Garrison to Mariah Dillard[src]

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Unexpected Guest

"Mi broda said you would never come here."
"And your broda told me he'd never do business with a Stokes. I warn him. He went to a meeting with her and end up dead."
―Nigel Garrison and Bushmaster[src]

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Bushmaster's Takeover

"Nigel had a big head, a big mouth, and... small ideas. Him had no vision."
Bushmaster to Shades[src]

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"Yuh soft and weak."
Bushmaster to Nigel Garrison[src]
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Nigel was described as soft and weak for his willingness to do business with the Stokes crime family.


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