"Who you think you talking to? Me from the rock too, you know!"
"I am the rock."
―Nigel Garrison and Bushmaster[src]

Nigel Garrison was a leader of Yardies working within Harlem who was attempting to make a new illegal deal in order to buy out Mariah Dillard's weapon business. However, Garrison was murdered by Bushmaster for siding with the Stokes Crime Family.


Leading the Yardies

Deal with Mariah Dillard

"Mi brethren fought the Reyes' in the past. But now, we can make money together. But for your guns, mi can maintain peace uptown and in-a Brooklyn. And fight off the Russians, Koreans, or any other blood clot crew that wan' fi test."
―Nigel Garrison to Mariah Dillard[src]

Together with his brother, Neville Barnwell, Nigel Garrison joined the Yardies in New York City. There, they had a confrontation with John McIver who warned them to stay away from the Stokes Crime Family and Barnwell assured him that he'd never do any business with them. Later, McIver disappeared from New York and Barnwell told Garrison that he would never come back. Barnwell eventually became the leader of the Yardies and started to work alongside Cottonmouth, however, he was murdered by Diamondback, so Garrison had to take lead the gang himself.

Meeting in Harlem's Paradise


Garrison waiting inside of Harlem's Paradise

When Mariah Dillard took control over the Stokes Crime Family, she decided to sell her weapon business and organized a meeting with Garrison, Arturo Rey III, and Cockroach Hamilton. Garrison explained that with Dillard's guns, Yardies can maintain peace in Harlem and Brooklyn and fight off the Russian Mafia, Korean Mob or any other criminal organization that could oppose them. While Rey was more concerned about his share in drug trafficking in New York, Hamilton laughed at Garrison for his mannerism and confidently expressed his desire to take up a controlling interest in Dillard's business and how much they could continue making money together. However, the meeting was interrupted by Luke Cage who confronted Dillard.[1]

Unexpected Guest

Yardies Soul Brother 1

Garrison is unexpectedly met by Bushmaster

"Mi broda said you would never come here."
"And your broda told me he'd never do business with a Stokes. I warn him. He went to a meeting with her and end up dead."
―Nigel Garrison and Bushmaster[src]

Garrison then returned to his hideout with his men where he was approached by two men who broke into his hideout. Garrison questioned his identity to which man responded that he was in the worse shape than he thought for asking. Garrison recognized John McIver in a man who clarified himself as Bushmaster, telling that he is now using an alias. Garrison told McIver that Neville Barnwell told him that McIver will never come to Brooklyn but responded that his brother told him that he'll never do business with the Stokes.

LCS2 - Bushmaster Intro 2

Garrison being approached by Bushmaster

Having to tell Garrison, McIver tried to contact his brother only for him to end up dead as began to realize. Once Garrison told him that he has no right to know what's good for his business and being talked down by him, McIver was faced with him and told him that he speaks at him and to him, insulting him for his weak stature of power. Garrison was unfazed by his remarks and told him that he can't take over Mariah Dillard, McIver interrupted him by saying that her last name was Stokes and declared that he will take control of Harlem since it was his birthright.

LCS2 - Bushmaster Intro 3

Garrison is brutally murdered by Bushmaster

Garrison then told McIver that even if he takes control of Dillard's property, he would still have to confront Luke Cage, saying that he does not answer to no one and has demonstrated his powers as being bulletproof and crumbled guns like paper. McIver walked a couple of steps backwards and told Garrison about paper covering rock to which he yelled at that he is the rock too but as McIver turned around, expressing that he was the rock. McIver apprehended Garrison and violently killed him with his dagger, slicing his eyes out and breaking his neck.[1]


Bushmaster's Takeover

"Nigel had a big head, a big mouth, and... small ideas. Him had no vision."
Bushmaster to Shades[src]
With Garrison dead, Bushmaster usurped control from him and became a leader of the Yardies, rearranging them into the Stylers. Bushmaster decided to complete his dead with the Stokes Crime Family and waited for Shades to come to the Yardies' Hideout. Bushmaster handed over double the price that Garrison promised to Mariah Dillard for her weapon business, however, Shades found Garrison's head in the bag, realizing that Bushmaster was scheming against them.[2] Garrison's decapacitated body was later found by Luke Cage and Misty Knight in the Yardies' hideout.[2]


  • Handgun: Garrison used to his gun to hold Luke Cage at the gunpoint when he broke into Harlem's Paradise and interrupted their criminal meeting. However, due to Cage's bulletproof skin, Garrison didn't shoot a single shot, as it would be absolutely pointless.






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