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"Nidavellir is real? Seriously? I mean, that place is a legend. They make the most powerful, horrific weapons to ever torment the universe. I would very much like to go there, please."
Rocket Raccoon to Thor[src]

Nidavellir is a neutron star and one of the Nine Realms, orbited by a multi-ringed megastructure which served as the homeworld of the Dwarves.


Asgardian Relations

"Nidavellir's forge harnesses the power of a blazing neutron star. It's the birth place of my hammer. It's truly awesome."
Thor to Rocket Raccoon[src]

Nidavellir was the home of the Dwarves, and one of their main activities was to serve as blacksmiths. As such, Nidavellir presented some of the best forges in the Nine Realms. The hammer Mjølnir was created on Nidavellir.

After Imir invaded Nidavellir and barricaded himself in the Golden Forge, he took the Dwarves hostage and made them forge an axe capable of cutting through the fabric of reality. Thor arrived and confronted Imir, but he was taken by surprise by the powers of Imir's Axe, that allowed him to open small portals and teleport himself through the room, catching Thor off-guard until he was able to summon lightning through the chimney of the forge, electrocuting Imir and liberating the Dwarves.[1] During the following conflict in which Thor commanded the Einherjar to restore peace to the Nine Realms, Nidavellir was one of the worlds restored to its former glory after the attacks.[2]

Infinity War

Thanos in Nidavellir

By 2015[3], Thanos arrived[4][5] on Nidavellir and demanded the Dwarves forge him a device capable of harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones. Eitri complied with his demands and constructed the Infinity Gauntlet. Upon acquiring the newly forged Gauntlet, not only did Thanos proceeded to massacre the entire Dwarven population, leaving only Eitri to be the sole survivor of the station and his race, he also encased Eitri's arms in molten metal, thus crippling him. Sometime later, the neutron star at Nidavellir's core was sealed in its Dyson sphere, leaving the entire station and its forges to be frozen shut.

Eitri attacks Thor, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon

Three years later, Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot traveled to Nidavellir in the Benatar's space pod to forge Thor's new weapon. Upon arriving, they observed that the typically lively forges of Nidavellir were cold and barren, littered with broken parts. Eitri attacked them, before realizing it was Thor and reunited himself with him. He then explained what had happened to the other dwarves and that his hands been fused by metal.

Groot creates a handle for Stormbreaker

Thor and Eitri, aided by Rocket Raccoon in the pod, reignited the star and re-lit the forge, creating Stormbreaker with a handle made from Groot's arm. Thor was then revived and used Stormbreaker to activate the Bifrost Bridge.[6]

Alternate Universes

Nexus Event Formed

In an alternate universe, Nidavelir was bombed with a Nexus event, forcing the Time Variance Authority to reset that timeline.[7]

Forging the Infinity Crusher

Gamora is chosen by The Watcher

In an alternate universe, Gamora and Tony Stark went to Nidavellir to melt down the Infinity Gauntlet. As the Gauntlet was getting melted, Gamora was approached by The Watcher who transported her out of her universe. Later, Gamora was returned to her universe and reunited with Stark on Nidavellir.[8]


  • In the comics, Nidavellir is located in the middle of the World Tree and houses numerous forges in its caverns.
  • In some depictions of Norse mythology, Nidavellir is alternately known as Svartalfheim.

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