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"Some people hide behind makeup, others behind a smile. It's still hiding."
―Nico Minoru to Karolina Dean[src]

Nico Minoru is a Wiccan and the daughter of Robert and Tina Minoru. After the death of her older sister, Amy Minoru, Nico crafted a goth appearance to isolate herself. Upon reuniting with her childhood friends, they discovered that their parents used PRIDE to cover up ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim. While exploring her mother's office, Minoru found the Staff of One. She teamed up with her friends and formed the Runaways. Having been framed for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and with no other choice, they were forced to run.


Early Life


Nico Minoru is the second child of Robert and Tina Minoru. Along with her sister, Amy Minoru, Nico frequently played with the children of her parents' powerful friends, the PRIDE. In 2007, Nico and his family attended the funeral of Gene and Alice Hernandez.[6]

Losing a Sister

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"You still never told me why you didn't come to the funeral. I guess what difference does it make? It wouldn't bring her back. Thanks for doing this tonight. For me."
―Nico Minoru to Alex Wilder[src]

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Kidnapping of Alex Wilder

"Show us the way to Alex."
"So much for the magical Wiccan proclamations."
"What is that thing?"
―Nico Minoru, Gert Yorkes, and Karolina Dean[src]

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Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters

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Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

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Running Away

"What do we do?"
"We run."
―Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

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Powers and Abilities


"You are the only other person in the world that staff will work for. Other than me."
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Nico Minoru attempts to fill the hole

Staff of One Manipulation: Upon activating the Staff of One with her blood, Nico Minoru is able to command it to create and unleash a variety of effects, making her the only other user besides her mother that can activate the staff.

  • Elemental Manipulation: As stated, the staff mainly has the power to control and manipulate the elements.
    • Air Manipulation: Nico can use the staff to manipulate the air around her to her desire, utilizing it for various tasks such as enabling her to fly or use it to knock back her opposers.
      • Weather Generation: While holding the Staff of One, Nico unwillingly made it snow inside her mother's home office when she reminisced on one of her deceased sister's paper snowflakes.
      • Flight: While at the bottom of the hole, Nico utilized the power of air and used it to carry her to the top where she confronted Jonah.
    • Earth Manipulation: By saying "Fill the hole," Nico caused sand to swarm around a hole dug up by PRIDE. However, Tina cancelled the command before it can be completed by summoning the staff back to her hand. Nico was also able to create a wall of stone from the road that stopped Geoffrey Wilder’s car from chasing them.
    • Sound Manipulation: By concentrating on what came to her mind first she was able to make her mother mute, her not being able to speak.
    • Electricity Manipulation: Nico commanded her staff to create a spark in order to hotwire the engine on the Rolls.
      • Technology Manipulation: Nico was able to use the Staff to turn and tune a radio in her room in the Hostel.
    • Fire Manipulation: During training with the other Runaways, Chase's Fistigons created a fire which Nico handled by extinguishing it with the staff.
  • Sensory Tracking: When Alex Wilder was kidnapped and Nico tried to find him, she asked the staff to lead her the way to him which it fulfilled by creating a series of lights that followed the heat signature of his kidnappers' car.
  • Barriers: During the Runaways' confrontation with Darius Davis, Nico created an invisible barrier using the Staff of One that slowed down the hail of bullets he unleashed causing them to lose kinetic energy and drop in midair. She also created a sound barrier around Tina to prevent her from being heard. She was also able to create a energy shield to protect her from Chase’s Fistigon blasts, and create a cone that stopped Topher from hearing her conversation with the rest of the runaways. Nico also used the staff to camouflage the hideout as well as turn the building into a fortress which sealed the building with steel doors preventing anyone from entering or exiting. This however was only in affect while Nico was concentrating on the spell, which caused her discomfort after extended periods.
  • Summoning: Like her mother, Nico was able to summon the staff to her current whereabouts. The staff didn’t have to be activated for her to achieve this.
  • Levitation: While in her darkened state, Nico was able to levitate herself off of the ground and back on her feet again.
  • Teleportation: By chanting "Get Out!", Nico teleported AWOL and his team to a unknown location.
  • Sleep Inducement: Nico was able to put all of the Runaway’s parents instantly to sleep.
  • Telekinesis: Nico was able to create a blast of telekinetic energy that sent Topher flying several feat backwards, she was also able to create a giant shockwave that destroyed most of a PRIDE office, sent her parents flying backwards, and fatally injured her father.
  • Body Immobilization: Nico was able to temporarily immobilize AWOL and his team, leaving them conscious yet incapacitated.


  • Combatant: Minoru was able to square off against both her parents simultaneously.
  • Acrobatics: While battling her parents, Minoru performed flips and other feats of agility.



Destiny pic

Minoru with the Staff of One

  • Staff of One: A powerful weapon used by Tina Minoru, but was later stolen by Nico. The staff is designed to activate in response to Tina's DNA, meaning that Nico, as Tina's daughter, is capable of using it.


  • Minoru Mansion: Nico lived in this wealthy residence with her parents and sister. The house was managed by artificial intelligence named Wizey which she would often use. 
  • Timely Coffee: Nico often met with the other Runaways at the Timely Coffee, where they would discuss their plans to take down PRIDE.
  • Hostel: To be added






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  • In the comics, Nico Minoru is also known as Sister Grimm.

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