"I'll crack open the Macallan when you get here, bud."
"The 18 or the 25? I got standards."
"Yeah? Since when?"
"I buy nice stuff. I just don't share it with you."
Pryce Cheng and Nick Spanos[src]

Nicholas "Nick" Spanos was a member of the United States Marine Corps and a friend to Pryce Cheng.


Nightly Clean-Up

"You have any trouble?"
"Nothing I couldn't handle. I got all the stuff you flagged and a whole lot more."
"I'm sure she's been sitting on some twisted shit. No way she's straight up. Her cases are yours now. And if she's dirty, it's in there somewhere."
"We'll bury her."
Pryce Cheng and Nick Spanos[src]

Under orders of Pryce Cheng, Spanos walked into Jessica Jones' Apartment Building and into Alias Investigations Office, in which he began to collect all of Jessica Jones' evidence on her case. Closing his bags, he hid in the shadows as Malcolm Ducasse and his date drunkenly stumbled into the apartment. He moved out and towards his van, relaying to Cheng that he had cleared her office; however, Spanos was suddenly attacked by Alisa Jones, crying out over the line as he was brutally beaten to death in the back of the van.[2]



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