"Get me Agent Hill!"
"Communications array damaged."
"Well, what’s not damaged?"
"Air conditioning is fully operational."
Nick Fury and the SUV's AI[src]

Nick Fury's SUV is a heavily armored 2007-2014 model Chevrolet Tahoe (GMT921) that was used by S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Fury to get around safely.


Disagreeing with Alexander Pierce about launching Project Insight because he had suspicions pertaining to it, Nick Fury boarded his SUV to meet Maria Hill to discuss his discoveries with her. While on his way to meet Hill, Fury was attacked by a team of HYDRA operatives disguised as D.C. Metropolitan Police officers and SWAT team members. Surrounding the SUV, HYDRA operatives opened fire, disabling the SUV's propulsion system. After being informed of this development, Fury ordered his onboard computer to reboot the propulsion. Soon after, HYDRA operatives used an Electronic Battering Ram to get to Fury, weakening the driver's side window, at which the SUV computer prepared countermeasures, but Fury instructed it to wait.

As the SUV's armor integrity was almost compromised, HYDRA operatives moved in for the kill, which was what Fury desired, as he unveiled a hidden turret and opened fire through the glass, killing several HYDRA operatives. At that moment, the engines were successfully rebooted, and Fury continued to man the turret while the computer drove the vehicle out of the deadlock.

Fleeing for his life, Fury tried activating his SUV's VTOL functions only to learn that they were non-functional, so he climbed back into the driver's seat and turned on the guidance camera, as the windshield was damaged. He attempted to call Hill but the communications array was damaged and, to his chagrin, the computer added that the air conditioning was functioning fine. Two police cruisers gave pursuit and managed to get Fury's SUV trapped between them. However, the SUV computer forewarned that they were due to collide with a truck at an incoming intersection, at which Fury slammed on the brakes, while the HYDRA operatives were hit by the truck.

Believing himself to have lost his attackers, Fury stated he needed to get off the grid. Just as the computer had plotted a route to a secure location, Fury was attacked by the Winter Soldier, who used a Disc Grenade to disable the vehicle. Caught upside down, Fury was forced to use the Mouse Hole in order to escape and relocate to Steve Rogers' apartment in an attempt to warn him of the infiltration within S.H.I.E.L.D.[1]


  • Advanced Computer System: Nick Fury's SUV has an advanced computer system that allows him to give directions verbally to the vehicle. It is also capable of projecting a HUD onto the windshield of the vehicle, giving visual indication of armor integrity, possible escape routes and other pertinent information. The vehicle is also capable of self-driving if the driver is incapacitated.
  • Flight Systems: Nick Fury's SUV has flight capabilities. However, Fury was informed that the SUV's flight systems were too damaged to be used during his confrontation with HYDRA.
  • Integrated Turret: A four-barreled turret with under barrel grenade launcher was fitted in the center armrest, and capable of rotating and being used by the passenger or driver to fend off enemies.



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