"Remove the mask. Everyone here has seen you without it."
Talos to Spider-Man[src]

Nick Fury's Hideout is a base of operations used by Nick Fury's Crew and located in Venice, Italy.


Used as a short term headquarters, the hideout was built inside a drained canal conduit and fitted for tracking the Water Elemental.

Peter Parker was taken to the hideout by Talos, disguised as Nick Fury, where he was introduced to Soren, disguised as Maria Hill, Dimitri Smerdyakov, and Quentin Beck. Beck explained to Parker that he had come from another reality where the Elementals had destroyed the planet and that he had come to the reality where Parker existed to prevent such a disaster from happening again. Since three Elementals had already been destroyed, Spider-Man's assistance was required in taking down the Fire Elemental. However, Spider-Man refused to join in out of fear that his secret identity would be exposed, and Talos thus instructed Smerdyakov to escort him out of the hideout to his hotel.[1]


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