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Nick Fury's Crew is a tactical group formed by Nick Fury in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Avengers.


Dissolution of the Avengers

"Let's vanish."
Nick Fury to Maria Hill[src]
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Thanos' Victory

"Call Control. Code red."
Nick Fury to Maria Hill[src]
In 2018, during a drive in Atlanta while investigating a surge in alien activity, Nick Fury and Maria Hill received the information about the incident in Wakanda. As Hill was trying to contact James Rhodes, Fury asked her for updates on Tony Stark's location, to which she replied they found nothing despite extensive search around the globe.
Fury and Hill

Nick Fury and Maria Hill in Atlanta

Before Fury and Hill could contact Cameron Klein, they witnessed chaos in the city, caused by Thanos who used the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half of the all life across the universe. As Fury instructed Hill to call control for a code red, she suddenly disintegrated, so Fury had to use the Transmitter Pager and send out an emergency alert to Captain Marvel before fading away himself.[1]

Quentin Beck's Campaign

Contacting Spider-Man

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Attack on the Prague Carnival

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Battle of London

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