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"From here, I can see everything."

The Nexus of All Realities is a cross-dimensional gateway that allows access to all possible realities.


Erik Selvig's Lecture

During one of Erik Selvig's lectures at a retirement home, Selvig explained about the Convergence and the ideas of the known Multiverse. One of these ideas was the Nexus of All Realities, which was written on the board.[1]

The Watcher's Observations

"The entire Multiverse at your fingertips, and you spent all your time up there? Wow. Isn't this more fun than just watching? And to be honest a lot less creepy on your part."
Ultron to The Watcher[src]

Following the death of He Who Remains and the fracturing of the Multiverse,[2] Uatu resided in the Nexus in order to observe the newly created alternate universes, including Captain Carter's universe, Star-Lord T'Challa's universe, Strange Supreme's universe, Party Prince Thor's universe, the zombieverse, and many more universes. Strange Supreme and Ultron felt Uatu's presence and even saw him beyond the barriers of the Nexus.[3]

Fighting Ultron

After gaining the Infinity Stones and enacting a campaign against the universe, Ultron finally achieved peace in his universe. However, when Uatu observed Ultron, he felt and eventually noticed Uatu watching him from the Nexus. Using the Stones, Ultron was able to break through the barriers of the Nexus and confront Uatu. The two fought in the Nexus, throwing each other as they broke the barriers of alternate universes until they landed in President Rogers' universe. Eventually, Uatu retreated into Strange Supreme's universe to seek help while Ultron gained control of the Nexus.[3]

Battle for the Multiverse

Following Uatu and Ultron's fight in the Nexus, Uatu called upon heroes from other worlds to help him stop Ultron from exterminating all life in the Multiverse. After making a plan of action, the Guardians waited in another universe as the members made their introductions to each other. Soon, Ultron made his presence after Thor shot a bolt of lightning into the sky and the fighting began. The fight between the Guardians and Ultron continued in Ultron's universe as the Guardians were joined by Natasha Romanoff of Ultron's universe. However, this fight would turn as Romanoff, with the help of Captain Carter, shot the arrow carrying Arnim Zola's consciousness into Ultron's eye, allowing Zola to erase Ultron and take over his body.

Though the fight with Ultron concluded, Erik Killmonger revealed that he wanted to use the Infinity Stones to save their universes and used their powers to stop the others. However, Zola, now with Ultron's body, tried to take the Stones away from Killmonger, initiating a standoff. Doctor Strange was able to stop the universe from collapsing by containing the two and the Stones within a Mirror Dimension bubble.

After the fight, the remaining Guardians met with the Watcher as he thanked them and brought them back to their original universes. However, Romanoff wanted to live in a new universe since her universe was essentially lifeless. The Watcher decided to bring her to new universe where the world never had the Avengers. Afterward, the Watcher returned to watch over the Nexus, vowing to protect it until its end.[4]

Nature and Structure

The Nexus of All Realities is an endless maze that infinitely extends in all directions, containing infinite variants of the prime universe. Light illuminates the Nexus, reflected by the walls of fractals and shards that contain these universes. This wall separates each variant universe from colliding with one another as well as separating these universes from the Nexus.

The nature of the Nexus only allows beings of immense power to access it. It is possible to travel through the Nexus through such as using portals like The Watcher or by using sheer force with the aid of powerful relics like Ultron with the Infinity Stones.

There can even be a Nexus Event through time travel without affecting the future of the visitor's timeline, it just branches off creating a new one.[5]




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