The New York Times Reporter was a reporter and informant for Roger Dooley.



The reporter was trusted with many important stories to cover for the New York Times, most notably, the Battle of Finow. He had also discovered a famous inventor named Howard Stark was at the battle to clean up the corpses of the Russians.[1]

Meeting with Roger Dooley

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The reporter was in a bar with Roger Dooley and laughed when Dooley made a joke about the reporter's knowledge, calling him a historian. Dooley then asks the reporter for information about The Battle of Finow. The reporter then tells Dooley about how the famous inventor Howard Stark was there and was sent to clean up the bodies of the dead Russian soldiers. The reporter then said how there was a general at the scene as well. Dooley asks if the general at the scene was General John McGinnis, who had recently died of a heart attack, the reporter confirms that the general was McGinnis was the general at the scene.

The reporter then tells Dooley how he was confused about when Stark had punched McGinnis since he thought Stark was smart and wondered why Stark would punch someone twice his size. The reporter tells Dooley that Stark and McGinnis got in a fight and McGinnis had won. The reporter then informs Dooley that Stark had cut off a seven figure contract with the R&D and cuts all his ties with the army. The reporter tells Dooley that Stark was now public enemy #1 due to his actions. Dooley tells the reporter that they couldn't road Stark but that they still had evidence because of the reporter.

The reporter informs Dooley that he did not have the full story of The Battle of Finow but someone else did have the story but was keeping the story to themselves. Dooley tells the reporter that the person that has the full story won't be able to keep the story to themselves for long, implying that Dooley was going to find whoever the person was and get the information from them.[1]





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