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"Nice place in the Village, though."
"Yeah, Sullivan Street."
"Hmm... Bleecker."
Bruce Banner and Tony Stark[src]

The New York Sanctum, also known as the Sanctum Sanctorum, is one of the three bases of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, alongside the London Sanctum and the Hong Kong Sanctum. Located on 177A Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, New York City, the sanctum provides mystical defense for Earth and is currently protected by Stephen Strange and Wong.


Built by the Masters

"The Sanctum's built at the intersection of cosmic energy currents. We were the first to seek them out. Some of these walls are thousands of years old."
Doctor Strange to Peter Parker[src]
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The Equalizer Filming

"They shot an episode of The Equalizer here in the '80s."
Doctor Strange to Peter Parker[src]

In the 1980s, the crypt underneath the New York Sanctum was used to shoot an episode of The Equalizer.[1]

Retrieving the Dark Scepter

The Masters of the Mystic Arts defeated the Witch in London; Wong and Daniel Drumm took the Dark Scepter she once possessed to be safeguarded at the New York Sanctum.[2]

Chitauri Invasion

Battle of New York

In 2012, the Ancient One defended the Sanctum from its rooftop during the Chitauri Invasion.[3]

Attack on the Sanctums

Battle at the New York Sanctum

"Well, a powerful sorcerer, who gave himself over to an ancient entity who can bend the very laws of physics, tried very hard to kill me, but I left him chained up in Greenwich Village, and the quickest way back there is through a dimensional gateway that I opened up in the mop closet."
Doctor Strange[src]

Daniel Drumm is defeated and killed by Kaecilius

When the Zealots attacked the New York Sanctum, Doctor Strange was thrown into the Sanctum through its portal on Kamar-Taj. He witnessed the Zealots killing Daniel Drumm before taking them on. During the fight, Strange used the Rotunda of Gateways to trap the Zealots across Earth. As Strange and the Zealot leader Kaecilius fought, one of the relics stored there, the Cloak of Levitation, was released and started to defend Strange.

Doctor Strange is stabbed by Lucian Aster an the New York Sanctum

Strange immobilized Kaecilius with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and, as he talked to him, he was attacked and stabbed by Lucian Aster with a Space Shard. As the Cloak pinned the Zealot behind, the injured Strange created a portal to Metro-General Hospital.[4]

Battle of the Mirror Dimension

Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo and Ancient One at the New York Sanctum

"You defended the New York Sanctum from attack. With its Master gone, it needs another, Master Strange."
Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]

Once Strange returned to the New York Sanctum, he found Karl Mordo and the Ancient One assessing the damages to the Sanctum, with Kaecilius already gone. The Ancient One then invited Strange to become the new Master of the New York Sanctum to replace the now deceased Drumm, but he refused the offer. Later, Kaecilius and the Zealots returned to the Sanctum and prepared to destroy it.

The New York Sanctum morphing in the Mirror Dimension

Mordo leapt to fight the Zealots but, in order to save the Sanctum, Strange dragged them all into the Mirror Dimension to isolate them from the physical world. Kaecilius then began manipulating the Mirror Dimension and gave chase to Strange and Mordo outside the Sanctum and throughout New York City.

Doctor Strange begins living at the New York Sanctum

After Strange had defeated Kaecilius and the Zealots during the Battle of Hong Kong, Strange accepted his duty and moved into the New York Sanctum.[4]

Meeting with Thor

Thor approaches the New York Sanctum

"My name is Doctor Stephen Strange and I have some questions for you."
Doctor Strange to Thor[src]

Months into his time as the New York Sanctum's guardian, Doctor Strange invited Thor into the New York Sanctum. There, Thor was warmly greeted with tea, which was then transmutated into beer in his hand. Strange agreed to release Loki and help Thor search for his father, Odin, who had been exiled to Earth, on the condition that all parties return promptly to Asgard thereafter. Thor was then abruptly teleported around the Sanctum with Strange while discussing this, with Thor breaking a bookshelf and spilling his drink.

Doctor Strange, Thor, and Loki in the New York Sanctum

Strange then plucked a hair from Thor's scalp, scanning it with his magic to conjure a portal to Norway, where Odin was. Strange then returned Loki to the Sanctum's atrium, enraging Loki with his sorcery and prompting him to summon his blades. He then whisked the two into the portal.[5]

Infinity War

Doctor Strange speaks with Wong

"Time Stone's been taken. The Sanctum remains unguarded."
Wong to Bruce Banner[src]

In 2018, Doctor Strange was preparing to go get food at a grocery store and asked Wong if he would like to come with him. However, Wong told him that he didn't have any American money, annoying Strange, who told him he'd buy him a tuna sandwich instead.

Bruce Banner lands in the New York Sanctum

As Strange was walking down the staircase, an object, via the Bifrost Bridge, crashed through the roof of the Sanctum and fell into the staircase, creating a huge destructive gap in it. Strange and Wong donned their Tao Mandalas and went to investigate, finding Bruce Banner slowly reverting from his Hulk form. Banner saw them and warned them that Thanos was coming to which Strange questioned who Banner was talking about.

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in the Sanctum

After Banner had been provided with new clothes and had given a rough explanation of the threat Earth was facing, he had Strange seek out Tony Stark for aid. Strange located Stark and brought him to the Sanctum via an Inter-Dimensional Portal. Wong then gave an explanation of the Infinity Stones to Stark and Banner. After hearing about the Stones, Stark proposed that they simply destroy the Time Stone, but Wong and Strange disagreed stating that it was their livelihood to safeguard the Stone.

Doctor Strange, Wong, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark notice commotion outside the New York Sanctum

Banner then asked Stark about contacting the others. Stark told Banner that a conflict had happened and couldn’t ask them, but Banner proceeded to tell Stark that the threat they faced was dire important to be faced as a team. Stark eventually agreed and pulled out the cell phone that he had been given, but before he could use it, a Q-Ship landed in the city nearby. This prompted them to leave the Sanctum to investigate it. Later, only Wong returned to the Sanctum, stating the need to protect it.[6] Hours later, due to the Snap, Wong became the new Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Sanctum.[1]


New Master

"The Sorcerer Supreme has higher duties, yes."
"Wait, I thought you were the Sorcerer Supreme."
"No, he got it on a technicality because I blipped for five years."
Wong, Peter Parker and Doctor Strange[src]

Throughout the next five years, Wong had the staircase repaired and made changes in the Sanctum to his own liking. In 2023, following the Blip, Doctor Strange returned to the Sanctum, although Wong continued to retain the titles of Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the New York Sanctum.[1]


"One of the Rotunda gateways connects to Siberia. Blizzard blasted through."
Wong to Peter Parker[src]

In 2024, the Rotunda of Gateways opened up to Siberia during a blizzard, which then came through into the Sanctum, covering the interior in snow and ice.[1] Following this, Strange put out an ad in The Daily Bugle newspaper, asking for cleaners with ten years of experience to perform weekly cleaning services for over eight rooms as well as six bathrooms, two libraries and a vault.[7] Two cleaners were then hired.[1]

Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

Fractured Spell

Peter Parker visits the Sanctum

"With what do I owe the pleasure?"
Doctor Strange to Peter Parker[src]

That November, Peter Parker came to the Sanctum and stood outside the entrance. As he prepared to ring the doorbell, the Sanctum's front doors opened for him and he cautiously walked inside, finding the inside covered in snow. A young woman and man were shoveling snow and as he tried to get their attention, an Inter-Dimensional Portal opened up and Wong stepped through, greeting him. Parker asked Wong if they were preparing for a holiday party, in which Wong told him what happened with the Rotunda.

Doctor Strange and Wong speak with Peter Parker

Doctor Strange then arrived and levitated down to meet Parker. When Parker asked Strange about his status, Strange told him that Wong had become the new Sorcerer Supreme since he had been dead for five years. As Wong went to gather his belongings, Strange walked over to the fireplace and put a fire on, asking Parker what he owed the pleasure of a visit.

Peter Parker asks for Doctor Strange’s help

Parker then told him that ever since Mysterio revealed his identity, his life and his friends' lives had been changed. He asked if Strange could reverse it and make it where it didn't happen. Strange told him he no longer had the Time Stone and that he was hesitant due to the recent Time Heist. However, he gave in and talked with Wong, who was getting ready to leave, about conducting the Runes of Kof-Kol. Wong told Strange to leave him out of it, trusting his judgment, and left through a portal.

Doctor Strange prepares to cast the Runes of Kof-Kol

Strange then took Parker downstairs to the Sanctum's undercroft. As Strange prepared to conduct the spell, he told Parker that it was nice knowing him as the world would soon forget his identity. Confused, Parker asked Strange to allow for exceptions, in which Strange agreed. However, as Parker continued, Strange grew agitated and the spell became unstable. Parker then called out to just make everyone who knew Parker was Spider-Man remember.

Peter Parker’s tampering with the spell causes a tear in the Multiverse

The unstable spell tore a hole within the Multiverse's fabric and caused their universe to be temporarily opened. This shook the Sanctum and on the main level, the young man and woman felt the tremors. Strange used his power to contain the spell and seal the fissure, putting the spell in the Macchina di Kadavus. Strange angrily chastised Parker for his recklessness. He then stated he hoped Parker had checked with the admissions counselors at MIT before he came to him. When Parker admitted he didn't, Strange cast him out of the Sanctum.[1]


Doctor Strange tells Peter Parker what happened

"I can't believe I'm in the Sanctum Sanctorum!"
"Neither can I."
Ned Leeds and Doctor Strange[src]

Strange then sensed that people had crossed over from other universes due to the fissure in the Multiverse. He went to investigate and captured the Lizard, imprisoning him in a cell within the Sanctum's undercroft. Afterwards, Strange transported Parker and another universe's Doctor Octopus to the undercroft. Upon arriving, Parker was frightened by Lizard, who jumped out at him from his cell. He became further startled when Strange tapped his shoulder from behind. Strange then told Parker that he had tampered with the Multiverse by altering his spell and that people across the Multiverse who knew Parker's identity had come. Strange demonstrated by asking Octavius if Parker was his Spider-Man. Strange then acquired Parker with a magic upgrade to his Spider-Man Suit and tasked him to find the other visitors. Parker then asked for additional help.

Doctor Strange speaks to Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and Michelle Jones

In doing so, Strange brought Parker's friends, Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones, to the Sanctum. Leeds expressed excitement about being in the Sanctum and then asked Strange a question regarding a tingling in his hands. Strange went upstairs and told them to get to work to gather the universe-displaced and bring them to the cells. After getting frustrated with them, he told them to work in the Sanctum’s undercroft. They went downstairs to the undercroft and upon entering, Leeds was excited and began to explore the place. When he looked at a Pilates machine, he asked if it was a torture weapon. Jones told Parker that next time he should ask them for assistance rather than go solo.

Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and Michelle Jones work in the Sanctum’s undercroft

Parker agreed and went to try and remove the green paint from his upgraded suit. As Leeds looked inside a refrigerator for food, he saw glasses containing eyeballs and other mysterious components, which made him not hungry. He instead investigated on his laptop, while Parker learned from Octavius that one of the visitors there had died in his universe, much to his surprise. Leeds then picked up a signal and told Parker about it. As Parker left to investigate, Leeds and Jones stayed at the Sanctum and used the tracker on Leeds's laptop to watch.[1]

Gathering of Multiversal Visitors

Peter Parker listens to the Multiversal villains

"Where are we?"
"A wizard's dungeon."
Flint Marko and Michelle Jones[src]

After Max Dillon and Flint Marko had been transported into the cells, Jones reported back to Parker. Leeds and Jones remained there through the morning. Hours later, Parker was dropped off outside the Sanctum by his aunt and returned to the undercroft, bringing Norman Osborn. Octavius was surprised to see Osborn and Marko proceeded to tell them that they both had died in their universe. Parker became distressed upon learning that and decided to help them, rather sending them back to die.

Doctor Strange prepares to use the Macchina di Kadavus

Strange transported himself there, carrying the Macchina, and proceeded to trap Osborn in a cell. He then prepared to conduct the spell to send them back to their universes. However, Parker, at a last minute call, used his Web-Shooters to grab the Macchina and escape out of the Sanctum.

Spider-Man running outside the Sanctum

Strange followed and stood outside the Sanctum's entrance, asking Parker what he was doing, before using his Sling Ring to try and stop him. With Parker resisting, Strange pushed Parker into the Astral Dimension, but was unable to get the Macchina back. Strange then pulled both of them into the Mirror Dimension.

Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, and Ned Leeds speak to the universe-displaced

However, Parker was able to resist him still and took Strange's Sling Ring to transport himself back to the Sanctum. He then gave Jones the Macchina to look after and gave the Sling Ring to Leeds. He told the multiversal visitors that he would help them and transported them out of the Sanctum.[1]

Darkhold Campaign

In 2025, Doctor Strange woke up in his bedroom at the Sanctum having just had a multiversal vision of another universe. He calmed himself down and grabbed his wrist watch, before getting out of bed to get dressed. He got dressed in a dress suit and used magic to tie his tie on him. He then left the Sanctum.

Later, Strange returned to the Sanctum via an Inter-Dimensional Portal. He fixed his broken wrist watch and stored it inside a drawer in his study. Afterwards, he walked out of the Sanctum.[8]

Alternate Universes

Theft of the Time Stone

Bruce Banner speaks to the Ancient One in an alternate 2012

"I'd be careful going that way. We just had the floors waxed."
"I'm looking for Doctor Strange."
"You're about... five years too early."
Ancient One and Bruce Banner[src]

In 2023, the Avengers used the Quantum Realm to travel through time, creating alternate timelines. Arriving during the Battle of New York, Bruce Banner visited the Sanctum in this alternate 2012 timeline in hopes to retrieve the Time Stone, but was met by the Ancient One instead of Strange. Impatient for results, Banner tried to retrieve the Time Stone from her, forcing her to release his astral form in defense. They discussed how removing the Infinity Stones would affect the realities the stones were taken from. After Banner revealed that Strange willingly surrendered the Time Stone to Thanos, the Ancient One, trusting Strange's judgment, relinquished the Time Stone to Banner. Shortly after, Steve Rogers traveled back to the timeline and returned the Time Stone to the Ancient One at the Sanctum.[3]


In an alternate universe, New York City was pruned by the Time Variance Authority and sent to the Void. In doing so, the Sanctum in that universe was brought to the Void as well.[9]

Death of Christine Palmer

"How many nights did we sit in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Time Stone in the palm of our hand, knowing we could go back, gathering the courage?"
Doctor Strange to Doctor Strange[src]

Doctor Strange residing in the New York Sanctum

In an alternate universe, Doctor Strange became the Master of the New York Sanctum. There he performed his duties as a Master of the Mystic Arts. One night, Wong advised him to join him for tea so he wouldn't do anything reckless with the Time Stone in which Strange agreed too. The next day, Strange walked out of the Sanctum and found his reality crumbling. After going back inside the Sanctum, Wong gave him a protection spell. As Wong started disappearing, Strange was taken via portal out of the Sanctum by Strange Supreme.[10]

Zombie Apocalypse

In an alternate 2018, Bruce Banner crashed into the New York Sanctum via the Bifrost Bridge and found the Sanctum empty except for the Cloak of Levitation.[11]

Dimension 838

A statue of Supreme Strange built outside the New York Sanctum

In Dimension 838, the New York Sanctum was protected by Supreme Strange. He kept the Darkhold stored within the Sanctum for safekeeping. However, after he died, Baron Mordo became the Master of the Sanctum. A statue of Strange was constructed and placed outside the Sanctum for the public to see.

Baron Mordo greets Doctor Strange at the New York Sanctum

In 2025, Doctor Strange, from Dimension 616, and America Chavez arrived at the Sanctum and looked at the statue. They read the plaque and wondered who could be the Master of the Sanctum. The entrance then opened and they were then greeted by Mordo who invited them inside.

Doctor Strange inside the New York Sanctum

Once inside, Mordo led them to his study where he had his housekeeper bring them tea. Mordo noted how he was surprised that Chavez, being a multiversal traveller, had brought Strange with her. Strange told him that Scarlet Witch was coming, but Mordo insisted that she wasn’t a threat but explained dreamwalking to them. Instead Mordo told them that they were the threat and watched as they passed out, as the tea had been drugged.[8]

Incursion Destroyed Universe

Doctor Strange finds the New York Sanctum

In an alternate universe, an incursion happened causing the universe to be destroyed and matter to be suspended. The only remaining person alive was Doctor Strange who stayed isolated in the Sanctum, which had now become desolate. Doctor Strange, from Dimension 616, and Christine Palmer, from Dimension 838, arrived in the universe and located the Sanctum.

Strange walked inside the Sanctum, while Palmer stayed outside. When Strange walked in, the doors closed behind him startling him. Water from nearby rivers had flown inside the Sanctum. Strange then walked up the long staircase and found himself inside the study. As he looked around, Sinister Strange came downstairs from an upper level and asked who he was and what he wanted. Strange tried to explain, but had to relay what happened to his sister for Sinister Strange to trust him. [8]




  • In the comics, Sanctum Sanctorum is Doctor Strange's private residence and the greatest concentration of occult esoterica and mystical phenomena in existence.
  • "Sanctum Sanctorum" is a Latin translation of the biblical term "Holy of Holies."
  • The Sanctum Sanctorum is one of the various landmarks featured in the non-canon video game The Incredible Hulk.


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