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"Look, we're wired differently. We run towards gunfire. We drink when we're sad. We screw when we're mad. And people hate us until they need us."
Misty Knight to Priscilla Ridley[src]

The New York City Police Department, often shortened as NYPD, is the largest municipal police force in the United States of America, and the primary responsible for law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City.


Johann Fennhoff's Campaign

Massacre at the Cinema Theater

"What the hell happened here, detective?"
"Hell if I know. I got 47 dead, heads bashed in, eyes gouged out. Not a single survivor."
Jack Thompson and Prendergast[src]
NYPD tasked Prendergast with investigating a massacre inside a cinema theater. Upon seeing the carnage, Prendergast contacted Strategic Scientific Reserve to request assistance. Upon arrival of Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, and Daniel Sousa he explained to them that none of the forty-seven customers survived the massacre. He walked the agents through the police investigation of the patrons who had their heads bashed in and eyes gouged.

NYPD investigates Massacre at the Cinema Theater

At a different section of the theater, Prendergast asked Sousa if the agents were accustomed to sights like this. Sousa assured them they are not and started to search for some clues. While searching Sousa found the Midnight Oil canister and accidentally inhaled some of the gas still inside. Under the influence of the gas, Sousa attacked Thompson. He was eventually knocked out by a police officer.[1]

Kidnapping of Officer Pike

"All cars, be on the lookout for a vehicle last seen in the vicinity of 65th and Park. Black Dynaflow, license three-Yankee-Six-Zulu. Vehicle is reported stolen by an armed female blonde, 5'8". All patrolmen must proceed with caution."
―Police Dispatcher[src]
Patrolling the streets, Pike noticed a driver go through a stop sign and decided to stop the car. Before approaching the car he left the police radio within is his car loud enough to be heard. Pike explained the young lady driving the car why he had stopped her and told her that she was lucky that she did not have an accident. After hearing her reaction he decided to allow them to leave.
Officer Pike

Pike approaches Dottie Underwood

As he walked back to his vehicle, Pike heard that a car fitting the description of the one he just stopped was stolen near the massacre at the movie theater. He then decided to turn around to return to the driver, only to find her pointing a gun at her.[1]

Howard Stark's Press Conference


NYPD secures SSR press conference

NYPD was contacted by Strategic Scientific Reserve who requested to secure press conference organized by Jack Thompson and Howard Stark. Before Stark could make a statement he was attacked by an unknown shooter. Police officers and SSR agents spread out in order to find a shooter. Meanwhile, Edwin Jarvis escorted Stark to the vehicle and asked Pike to drive to the New York Bell Company Office. However, Pike was enthralled by Johann Fennhoff who ordered him to kill his colleagues and brought Stark to him.[1]

Assassination of Jack Murdock

Ray Peters and his partner, were called to check and cordon off the place where the body of Jack Murdock had been found dead due to a shot wound. Matt Murdock, the victim's son, arrived at the place, and while Peters tried to prevent him from entering, his colleague realized that Murdock was blind, and let them enter upon hearing Murdock that the man that had just been killed may be his father.[2]

Battle at Stark Expo

During the chaos at Stark Expo, Pepper Potts contacted with NYPD and they sent several officers tasked to evacuate civilians out of danger. When all Hammer Drones went to fight against Iron Man, officers arrested Justin Hammer for his complicity with Ivan Vanko. Police then went to evacuate remained civilians while Potts decided to stay to ensure everyone was safe.[3]

Duel of Harlem

Hulk and Betty after battle

NYPD and Strategic Operations Command Center surrounds Hulk

Organizing raid of the Grayburn College, NYPD collaborated with Strategic Operations Command Center and sent the SWAT team to assist them. Police and military stormed college where they successfully captured Bruce Banner. However, before they left Emil Blonsky turned to the Abomination and attacked them, killing several soldiers and police officers. Police sent multiple units to neutralize Abomination who caused chaos in Harlem. Abomination managed to kill multiple officers before he was defeated by Hulk. Police and military then surrounded him but Hulk escaped.[4]

Battle of New York

Cap cops

Captain America took command of Saunders and Silva

"I need men in these buildings. There are people inside that can run into the line of fire. You take them through the basement or through the subway, you keep them off the streets I need a perimeter as far back as 39th."
"Why the hell should I take orders from you?"
Captain America and Silva[src]

When above New York City a portal opened that allowed the Chitauri to enter Earth the NYPD quickly reacted by sending their officers in order to help. The officered opened fire at Chitauri troops as they flew overhead on chariots, to no effect. Captain America took command of the NYPD officers, ordering them to set up a perimeter down to 39th Street and evacuate buildings with civilians in them. They were later assisted by the National Guard of the United States during the battle and with the evacuation of civilians in the area. Many officers died during the battle against the Chitauri.[5]

Cockroach Hamilton

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Murder of Daniel Fisher

"How do you know they're not charging her?"
"Besides the fact that you were required to do so four hours ago if you were gonna do it at all?"
"That's an excellent question. Along with how the security cameras on Miss Page's detention area went on the fritz right before the assault."
Christian Blake, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]
NYPD officers stormed Karen Page's apartment where they found Page with a blooded knife in front of Daniel Fisher's corpse. Police quickly arrested Page and brought her to the 15th Precinct Police Station. Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman were put in charge of a murder case. Brett Mahoney called Foggy Nelson and informed him about Fisher's murder. Matt Murdock and Nelson arrived at the precinct and assigned themselves as her lawyers.
New lawyers

Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman presents Nelson and Murdock to Karen Page

Before Page's trial, she was placed at the precinct. James Wesley threaten Clyde Farnum and ordered him to assassinate Page. However, he failed and at next day Nelson and Murdock went to the precinct. They noted that police still did not charge her for Fisher's murder and security cameras on Page's detention area went offline right before the assault. Matt Murdock left Blake and Hoffman with no choice but to allow Nelson and Murdock to take her from the custody.[6]

Murder of Prohaszka

"Got him in sight. He's right over there."
―Police Officer[src]
Police arrived to the Whitestone Lanes where they arrested John Healy after he murdered well-known mobster Prohaszka. They brought Healy to the 15th Precinct Police Station and Nelson and Murdock were hired by Confederated Global Investments to represent Healy.[7]

Russian Mafia

"She'll want to know what our next move is."
"Letting the police do their jobs. That's what I pay them for, isn't it?"
James Wesley and Wilson Fisk[src]
NYPD was called upon the fight between members of Russian Mafia and man in the mask. Police apprehended several mobsters, including Piotr and taken them to the precinct. Piotr then was questioned by Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman, who claimed that Piotr couldn't possibly have any useful information were not high enough priorities for them.

Desperate for a deal to get his freedom, Piotr offered the detectives the name of the man in charge. They seemed to accept this but the moment Piotr said the name Wilson Fisk, they executed him, made it seems like self-defense in order to prevent him to reveal their secret employer's name.


Corbin orders the Masked Man to surrender

In the wake of Bombing of Hell's Kitchen, NYPD officers bribed by Wilson Fisk arrived to the Russian Hideout where they found the Masked Man and Vladimir Ranskahov and ordered them to surrender.[8] Corbin handcuffed the Masked Man and prepared to execute Ranskahov. Masked Man then made himself free and fought officers before escaping with wounded Ranskahov. Later, Corbin woke up and killed Sergei before informing command that Masked Man and Ranskahov are current fugitives.


Blake and Hoffman examines the Russian Hideout

The NYPD was in a state of alert when explosions rocked Hell's Kitchen. Corrupted officers led by Blake and Hoffman went to the hideout where they found Ivan who barely survived the blast but became badly burnt and crushed under rubble with a steel rod embedded in his leg and side. Blake walked over to Ivan but instead of helping, he began torturing him, demanding to know where Ranskahov was. Screaming in pain, Ivan begged for mercy and told Blake he did not know. In response, Blake shot Ivan in the head.


Sullivan arrives to the Abandoned Building

Sullivan heard screams as he walked near an Abandoned Building where he found an unconscious Ranskahov on the floor, however, he was assaulted by the Masked Man. He asked Sullivan for whom he worked, testing to see if he was corrupt. Sullivan replied he was a police officer, the man knew he was truthful. However, instead of saying that he had a false alarm, Sullivan informed dispatcher about fugitives and called for assistance.


Blake and Hoffman arrives to the crime scene

Police responded to Sullivan's distress call and arrived at the building. Blake ordered his men to surround the warehouse where the man, Ranskahov, and Sullivan were holed up. They were approached by Ben Urich who had arrived to investigate the story; he asked Blake and Hoffman for a statement but they gave him nothing. When Urich asked if it was true that the masked man had taken the young officer hostage, Blake demanded to know where he got his information from; however, Urich did not betray any of his sources.

Blake then called for a SWAT team to stand ready outside the building to execute Sullivan and the Masked Man, only to be questioned by Urich, who noted that there made been no hostage negotiations. While Blake tried to push Urich out of the area, he was shot in the shoulder by a sniper under Fisk's orders. Sniper also shot several officers, including Pinski in order to frame the Masked Man.

The team of corrupted SWAT officers stormed building only to find Sullivan but no sight of the Masked Man or Ranskahov. SWAT officer then executed Sullivan and continued searching fugitives. The Masked Man then managed to escape while SWAT was held by Ranskahov. He bought time for him before SWAT killed Ranskahov.[9]

Yakuza Shipment

"You're laying out major reserves to clear the docks to make sure the police don't come within 10 blocks. More to bribe the comptrollers to guarantee straight greens. Know how much all that costs? I do."
Leland Owlsley to Nobu Yoshioka[src]
Upon arrival of shipment from Tokyo to New York City, Nobu Yoshioka requested Wilson Fisk to clear the local docks in order to make sure that nothing will interfere. With Leland Owlsley's assistance, Fisk laid out major reserves to keep police out of the docks what allowed Yoshioka to obtain his cargo.[10]

Christian Blake


NYPD founds dead Christian Blake

"There's a detail on his floor. Twenty-four-hour presence, in case the man in the mask tries to finish the job."
"Are any of them ours?"
"Two, but not on the door. They try to get in, it'll be noticed."
James Wesley and Wilson Fisk[src]

Following chaos in Hell's Kitchen, Christian Blake was in a coma for several days. NYPD mounted a guard in Metro-General Hospital in order to keep him safe. Blake managed to wake up but could not speak for a while. Carl Hoffman went to the hospital to visit his partner after he checked in with Brett Mahoney.

However, Mahoney heard a strange noise and officers break into Blake's room. Inside, Mahoney found dead Blake, unconscious Hoffman and opened window. Waking up, Hoffman told the police that he was attacked by the man in the mask who then killed Blake.[11]

Murder of Elena Cardenas

Police found a corpse of Elena Cardenas who was stabbed in her apartment. Neighbors stated that they spotted a man, fleeing the scene with her purse. Mahoney informed Nelson and Murdock because his mother said that she had no family.[12]


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Chase of Luke Cage

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Ward Meachum

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War for New York

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Coney Island Incident

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Massacre at Linello's

Upon shooting at Linello's, NYPD arrived at Little Italy to investigate. Inside the basement of the restaurant, they found multiple members of the Gnucci Crime Family, killed by an unknown shooter who managed to escape before NYPD could arrest him.[13]

Murder of Carson Wolf

"This is going to be a jurisdictional cockfight. NYPD and FBI? They're both already trying to jump onboard."
"Screw 'em. He was one of us."
Sam Stein and Dinah Madani[src]
NYPD was informed about murder of the Homeland Security Special Agent in Charge Carson Wolf. Alongside with the FBI, police attempted to handle the case and investigate the murder, however, Homeland did not allow them and decided to investigate the murder of their own SAC.[14]

Homeland Security Tactical Operation

"See, I've been reading e-mails all night. NYPD, ATF, Customs, they've all been warned off."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]
Homeland Security planned a tactical operation to apprehend members of the Greek Mob who transported their arsenal from New Jersey. They contacted with NYPD, ATF and U.S. Customs and Border Protection and informed them to stay away from the Red Hook Pier in order to not interfere.[15]

Local Protest

"This a protest? You have a permit?"
"No, we're not protesting. We are handing out literature which is free, and 100% allowed by law."
―NYPD Officer and Lewis Wilson[src]
A police officer spotted Lewis Wilson and O'Connor who was protesting in front of Bronx County Courthouse where was a trial on a teacher who carried the gun into the classroom. When he asked did they have permission for a protest, Wilson stated that they are not protesting and handing out literature which is free and allowed by law. However, the officer did not believe him and ordered them to walk away. Wilson refused, noting that he did not do anything illegal and the officer arrested him.[16]

Bombings of New York City

"An anonymous tip led police to this house in Queens where Castle was fleeing the scene. Police were unable to apprehend Castle, but this image was caught on a dashboard camera."
―News Anchor[src]
Due to series of terrorist attacks across the New York City, one of the bombs was planted at the 10th Precinct Police Station and an explosion killed multiple police officers. Together with the FBI, NYPD investigated an explosion in order to apprehend the bomber.

Later, an anonymous tip led police to Queens and they arrived at the O'Connor Residence. However, an officer spotted a man who left the house and attempted to escape. Police pursued a man before he knocked officers down and took a patrol car. However, dashboard camera on a car caught an image of a fugitive and he was identified as Frank Castle who was presumed dead.[17]

Attack on Stan Ori

To be added

Central Park Incident

NYPD arrived at the Central Park where they found the Punisher, wounded Dinah Madani two saved hostages and heavily injured Billy Russo who was a Homeland Security fugitive. Russo and Castle were apprehended by the police while Madani was taken to the hospital.

Homeland Security and CIA changed the narrative of the recent events and the police made Castle free. NYPD also tasked several officers to guard Russo's room while he was in a coma.[18]

Robert Coleman Case

To be added

Murder of Nick Spanos

To be added

Hunt for Alisa Jones

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Undercover Work

"A couple years back, the police department put together a task force aimed at taking down the Triads. Now, it was slow going until they got a guy on the inside. Donnie Chang. [...]"
"And let me guess. Now he's undercover with one of the Triads."
"Golden Tigers. He got in deep. All the way up to Mr. Ho's right hand."
Misty Knight and Danny Rand[src]
For several years, NYPD was organizing an operation to take down New York City Triads. After several failed attempts, Donnie Chang managed to infiltrate the Golden Tigers and began rising through the ranks, eventually becoming close to their leader, Ho.[19]

During the increasing Triad War, Chang informed the police about negotiation between Ho and leader of the Yangsi Gonshi, Sherry Yang. NYPD set up an operation and stationed several officers outside the Golden Tigers' Hideout who recorded negotiation on camera in order to arrest them. However, an operation was interrupted by the intervention of the third side, as Chang was beaten by Iron Fist.[20]

He was taken to the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with six broken bones where he was visited by Misty Knight. He informed Knight about the failed operation and a man who showed up on the scene. She then guessed about Danny Rand's intervention and went to Chinatown to speak with him.[19]

Request for a Task Force

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Attack on Bayard Community Center

To be added

Arrest of Davos

To be added

Attack on Rostam Kazemi

To be added

Wilson Fisk's Release

To be added

Hunt for Jigsaw

To be added

Attack on Greenwich Village

To be added


Name Position Badge number Status
Chris DiMolina Commissioner Active
Priscilla Ridley Deputy Chief Active
West Inspector Active
Betty Audrey Captain Discharged
Strieber Captain Active
Tom Ridenhour Captain Deceased
William Pike Captain Active
Irving Forbush Captain Active
Perez Lieutenant In Custody
Mario Green Lieutenant Active
Evans Lieutenant Active
Brett Mahoney Detective Sergeant 0843 Active
Thompson Detective Sergeant Active
Prendergast Detective
Christian Blake Detective Deceased
Donnie Chang Detective Active
Tomas Ciancio Detective Active
Oscar Clemons Detective 1608 Deceased
Dorsey Detective Inactive
Carl Hoffman Detective Inactive
Misty Knight Detective 0935 Active
Nick Manolis Detective Active
Rafael Scarfe Detective Deceased
Jake Smith Detective Active
Eddy Costa Detective Active
Ruth Sunday Detective Deceased
Brigid O'Reilly Detective Transferred
Mark Bailey Detective Active
Nandi Tyler Detective In Custody
Imada Detective Active
Defford Detective Active
Will Simpson Sergeant 9292 Deceased
Silva Sergeant 332 Active
Thomas Sergeant 1833 Active
MacLean Sergeant Active
Jackie Albini Officer Deceased
Carl Nussbaumer Officer Deceased
Cooper Officer 6380 Active
Corbin Officer 0787 In Custody
Morth Officer 17057 Active
Ray Peters Officer 8417 Active
Pike Officer Deceased
Pinski Officer Deceased
Dawn Officer Active
Meg Officer Active
Saunders Officer 7492 Deceased
Sullivan Officer 0627 Deceased
Vasquez Officer Active
Warren Officer Active
Herrera Officer 1856 Active
Masterson Officer 1024 Active
Randone Officer Active
Herrera Officer Active
Reed Officer Active
Powell Officer Active
John Polsky Officer Active
Mikey Officer Active
Bowie Officer Active
Callahan Officer Transferred
Minelli Officer Active
O'Rourke Officer 5206 Active
Smith Officer Active
Lawrence Officer Active
Bristow Officer Active
Pickett Officer Active
Clyde Farnum Guard Deceased
Irene Bickell Medical Examiner Active
Gabe Krasner Consultant Retired



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