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"We run towards gunfire. We drink when we're sad. We screw when we're mad. And people hate us until they need us."
Misty Knight to Priscilla Ridley[src]

The New York City Police Department, often abbreviated as NYPD, is the largest municipal police force in the United States of America and is primarily responsible for law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs of New York City.


1930s New York[]

Prohibition in the United States[]

In the 1930s, alcohol had been made illegal in the United States of America; however, many police officers were easily bribed to look the other way when alcohol was served. In 1931, Ernest Koenig bribed William Dole and other NYPD officers, so he could serve a party for New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt at The Krazy Kanoe. Dole and two officers arranged a meeting with Jimmy Bottles at Cut Rate Drugs where Bottles gave the officers a crate of O'Harren's Scotch Whisky. The officers then went to the party and protected Roosevelt the next night without worrying about the alcohol, as Dole had been bribed.[1]

Johann Fennhoff's Revenge Plot[]

Massacre at the Cinema Theater[]

"What the hell happened here, Detective?"
"Hell if I know. I got 47 dead, heads bashed in, eyes gouged out. Not a single survivor."
Jack Thompson and Prendergast[src]

NYPD investigating the Cinema's Massacre

The NYPD tasked Prendergast with investigating the massacre inside the cinema theater. Upon seeing all the brutal carnage, Prendergast had then contacted Strategic Scientific Reserve to request assistance. Upon the arrival of Agents Peggy Carter, Jack Thompson, and Daniel Sousa he had explained to them that none of the forty-seven customers survived, and then showed them all the bodies. Prendergast had then asked Sousa if the agents were accustomed to this, which Sousa denied. While searching, Sousa found a Midnight Oil canister and accidentally inhaled the gas. Under its influence, Sousa attacked Thompson, before being knocked out by one of the NYPD officers there.[2]

Kidnapping of Officer Pike[]

"All cars, be on the lookout for a vehicle last seen in the vicinity of sixty fifth and Park. Black Dynaflow, license three-Yankee-Six-Zulu. Vehicle is reported stolen by an armed female blonde, five eight". All patrolmen must proceed with caution."
―Police Dispatcher[src]

Officer Pike approaches Dottie Underwood

While he patrolled the streets, Officer Pike had noticed a driver going through a stop sign and decided to stop the car. Before he had then approached the car, he left the police radio within his car on loud enough to be heard. Pike explained Dottie Underwood, who had been driving the car why he had stopped her and told her that she was lucky that she did not cause any accidents, greeting Johann Fennhoff as well. However, although Pike had decided to let them go and walked back to his vehicle, Pike heard that a car fitting the description of the one which he just stopped was stolen near the massacre at the movie theater. He then decided to return to Underwood, only to find her pointing a gun at him.[2]

Howard Stark's Press Conference[]

"Get him out of here, police car in the back alley."
Jack Thompson to Edwin Jarvis[src]

NYPD secure the SSR's press conference

The NYPD had been contacted by Strategic Scientific Reserve who had then requested to secure the press conference organized by Jack Thompson and Howard Stark. Before Stark could make a statement, he was attacked by an unknown shooter, so NYPD and SSR spread out to find them. Meanwhile, Edwin Jarvis had escorted Stark to the vehicle, which was parked around the side of the building, and asked Officer Pike to drive them back to the New York Bell Company Office. However, Pike had been enthralled by Johann Fennhoff who ordered him to kill his colleagues and bring Stark back to meet with to him.[2]

Murder Investigations[]

Assassination of Jack Murdock[]

"Hang on there, son. What's the hurry?"
"I think that's my dad!"
Ray Peters and Matt Murdock[src]
Ray Peters

Ray Peters attempts to stop Matt Murdock

The NYPD were called to an alleyway in Hell's Kitchen, following the reports of a man being shot and killed. Officer Ray Peters and his partner, were called to check and cordon off the place where the body of Jack Murdock had been found dead due to a shot wound. The son of the victim, Matt Murdock had arrived at the place, and while Peters attempted to prevent him from entering, his colleague realized that Murdock was blind, and let them enter upon hearing Murdock that the man that had just been killed may be his father, as they allowed Murdock to grieve beside his father's body.[3]

Murder of Cassandra Knight[]

"It took the cops two weeks to find her body. Disfigured, beaten. The boy, Mike Jones, ran a train on her with his crew."
Misty Knight to Gabe Krasner[src]

In the summer of 1995, the NYPD had been called to the case of Cassandra Knight, who had gone missing after speaking with Mike Jones, while out with Misty Knight in a part of Harlem which her mother had warned them about. It was claimed by Misty, that she left Cassandra and Jones talking, before she went missing. Following a two-week search, the NYPD finally located Cassandra's body, which had been brutally beaten and disfigured, after she had been horrifically raped and murdered, before her body had then been dumped into the streets.

Despite Misty claiming that Jones was responsible for her cousin's death, as she had been last seen with him, the NYPD failed to arrest Jones, which Misty claimed was due to their lack of care for people like her. This event caused Misty to eventually join the NYPD, hoping to change the organization for the better.[4] Knight would get placed in the 29th Precinct Police Station, where she was partnered with Detective Rafael Scarfe.[5] During this time, Knight would go on a date with a man known as the Love Bandit, who she did a background check on and had discovered was wanted for robberies in three separate states, as she proceeded to arrest him.[4]

Massacre at Central Park[]

"I greenlit the operation, civilian traffic and all."
"And it oh-so-predictably all went to shit."
"Blacksmith didn't show before we had a chance to move in, the gangs got rattled and opened fire on each other. Our undercover was killed and Castle's family... God damn it."
Samantha Reyes and Foggy Nelson[src]

Samantha Reyes and the District Attorney's office organized a task force operation to take down an elusive drug lord, known as the Blacksmith who were selling heroin smuggled from the Middle East in New York City. Desperate to arrest the Blacksmith, Reyes authorized a sting operation at the Central Park after an undercover NYPD officer informed her that the Blacksmith will be holding a major drug deal with various criminal gangs, including the Kitchen Irish, the Dogs of Hell, and the Mexican Cartel. However, Reyes did not clear the park out of civilians, so when the Blacksmith did not show up, the gangs opened fire on each other, which resulted in the deaths of Maria Castle, Lisa Castle, and Frank Castle, Jr., as well as the undercover officer, while Frank Castle managed to survive the attack, so Reyes had to cover up the entire incident.[6]

Avengers' Conflicts[]

Battle at Stark Expo[]


Justin Hammer being arrested by the NYPD

"I need NYPD, please."
"No, no, no!"
"Command Central."
"No, no, honey. Don't call the authorities!"
Pepper Potts and Justin Hammer[src]

In 2010, during the chaos at Stark Expo, Pepper Potts contacted the NYPD and they sent several officers to evacuate civilians out of danger. While all of the Hammer Drones went to battle against Iron Man, the NYPD officers then arrested Justin Hammer for his complicity with Ivan Vanko, with Hammer warning that he would return to punish Potts for having him arrested, as he was taken into custody.


NYPD officers speaking with Pepper Potts

With Hammer in their custody, NYPD officers then went to evacuate remained civilians while Potts decided to stay there to ensure that everyone was safe. As they exited the building, the NYPD Officers explained to Potts that they had shut down the trains heading into New York City, ensuring more people would be kept away from the danger, with Potts suggesting that the NYPD arrange for city buses to come in to get more people out of the Expo and to safety.[7]

Duel of Harlem[]


NYPD and SOCC track down Bruce Banner

"We can't take him inside, sniper shot as he leaves. But if we can't hit him unawares before he makes the streets, then plain clothes will try to follow and we stand down. Under no circumstances is Banner to be engaged directly."
Kathleen Sparr to Emil Blonsky[src]

Organizing a raid of the Grayburn College, NYPD collaborated with Strategic Operations Command Center and sent the SWAT team to assist them in capturing Bruce Banner. While the NYPD ensured that the civilians were safe and secured the area, the military teams, led by General Thaddeus Ross stormed college where they successfully captured Banner and handed him over to the military's custody.


NYPD Officers shooting at the Abomination

However, as General Ross there left with Banner, Emil Blonsky had returned to the college and forced Samuel Sterns to infuse him with Banner's blood and then exposed him to all their Gamma Radiation, resulting in him transforming into the Abomination. The NYPD were then attacked by the Abomination, as he rampaged throughout the streets, causing multiple NYPD cars to be destroyed, while they and the military tried to fight back and learn what happened.

Hulk and Betty after battle

NYPD and SOCC surrounding the Hulk

Throughout the ongoing chaos, the NYPD sent had multiple units in to neutralize Abomination who caused chaos in Harlem, destroying several cars and killing officers, whose gunshots did nothing to slow him down. However, General Ross agreed to send Banner down to transform into the Hulk, who finally defeated Abomination following a prolonged battle. The NYPD and military had then surrounded Hulk, but General Ross instead allowed him to escape, while Abomination was taken away and placed in the military's custody.[8]

Battle of New York[]


NYPD Officers run from Loki's destruction

"I need men in these buildings. There are people inside that can run into the line of fire. You take them through the basement or through the subway, you keep them off the streets I need a perimeter as far back as thirty ninth."
"Why the hell should I take orders from you?"
Captain America and Silva[src]

In 2012, when a portal opened above New York City that allowed the army of Chitauri to enter Earth, the NYPD quickly reacted by sending their officers in order to help,[9] including Rafael Scarfe.[10] The officers opened fire at Chitauri troops as they flew overhead on Chitauri Chariots, to no effect. While NYPD Officers were attempting to move civilians to safety, Loki and his army of Chitauri opened fire on them, destroying multiple cars around them in a massive explosion, as the NYPD struggled to understand what was happening.


Saunders and Silva meet Captain America

During the battle, Officer Saunders rushed to Silva and explained that it would be an hour before the National Guard had arrived, with Silva questioning if the Army understood what was happening, although Saunders then noted that they did not understand either. However, Saunders and Silva were interrupted by Captain America, who took command of the NYPD officers, ordering them to set up a perimeter down to thirty ninth street and evacuate all buildings with civilians in them, although Silva questioned why they should take his orders.


Silva gives out his instructions to the NYPD

Captain America proceeded to defeat two of the Chitauri, impressing Silva enough that he followed all his orders.[9] Captain America then threw a Chitauri Gun to Saunders, who used it to battle against the Chitauri, noting to his fellow NYPD Officers that the guns had been effective. However, as Saunders spotted Beth in the battlefield, he had attempted to convince her to come to him, only for Saunders to be killed by the Chitauri.[11] Eventually, the military then arrived there and assisted the NYPD with their battle against Loki's forces.


NYPD Officers assist Beth to get to safety

The NYPD and Fire Department of New York City had then assisted with evacuating more civilians from the heart of the battle, as Captain America had prevented the Chitauri from using their Chitauri Bomb to kill dozens of people. NYPD Officers helped Beth and the others get to safety, as Captain America rejoined the Avengers. Eventually, their battle ended once Iron Man flew a nuclear bomb up into the Chitauri Command Center, while Loki was captured and returned to Asgard.[9] The NYPD then assisted Damage Control with the clean up.[12]

Corruption in the NYPD[]

Framing Cockroach Hamilton[]


Detective Rafael Scarfe finds false evidence

"Story of my life. Running from the police. Slapped up by the police. Beat up by the police. Framed by the dirty police. Thrown in jail by Rafael Scarfe for some shit I didn't even do."
Cockroach Hamilton to Benjamin Donovan[src]

NYPD Officers arrived at the home of Cockroach Hamilton, as they believed he was responsible for a recent shooting and searched for the firearm. While Hamilton had complained that he was wrongfully accused, Rafael Scarfe simply mocked him, although Misty Knight quietly told Scarfe that she had so far failed to find the gun. However, once Scarfe then went to check Hamilton's room himself, leaving Knight to be mocked by Hamilton, he quietly placed the gun inside and returned, pretending to find inside the room.


Cockroach Hamilton is arrested by NYPD

Upon being presented with the weapon, Hamilton had insisted that the gun was not his, while Knight questioned where Scarfe had found it, to which he had claimed that it was stashed behind a headboard. Scarfe then requested the two NYPD Officers escort Hamilton to the 29th Precinct Police Station, while he continued to insist that the gun was not his, and that he had been set up. Once they were alone in the apartment, Knight noted that Scarfe had been right, as he noted that he knew they would find the gun, not telling Knight that he had falsified the evidence and framed Hamilton for the crime.[13]

Murder of Daniel Fisher[]


Karen Page getting arrested by the NYPD

"Homicide, female suspect found at the scene, definitely qualifies as interesting."
"She hasn't been charged yet?"
"Assistant D.A. hasn't made the call yet."
Brett Mahoney and Foggy Nelson[src]

NYPD Officers burst into the apartment and found Daniel Fisher's corpse, with Karen Page kneeling beside it while holding a bloody knife. NYPD Officers immediately arrested Page, who insisted that she had not killed Fisher, before she was taken back into the 15th Precinct Police Station. Upon hearing of Page's arrest, Brett Mahoney called to Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock, who arrived at the station to represent Page, with Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman reluctantly granting them access to Page, as they then interviewed her about what had really happened with Fisher's demise.


Blake and Hoffman allow Karen Page to go

With Page held within the NYPD's custody, James Wesley had then approached Clyde Farnum during his break, aware of Farnum's debts to the newly retired Don Rigoletto, with these debts now going to Wilson Fisk. As he had made a threat against Farnum's daughter, Wesley convinced Farnum to assassinate Page in her cell. However, Farnum's attempted murder of Page failed, since Page was able to defend herself and call for some help, which resulted in Nelson and Murdock meeting with Blake and Hoffman, and demanding that Page be released from their custody, as she had not been charged.


Clyde Farnum is killed inside of his house

However, while Page was released from the NYPD's custody, she was once again attacked by Rance, only to be saved by a Masked Man, who had defeated Rance and then handed him and all of the evidence that Page had acquired about Union Allied Construction's corruptions over to the New York Bulletin. With the story out, Union Allied was put under heavy investigation, while DNA evidence linked Rance to Fisher's murder. Wesley and Fisk then arranged for Farnum to be released on bail, before they had him and Rance murdered, with both their deaths being made to appear as suicides.[14]

Murder of Prohaszka[]


NYPD Officers surrounding John Healy

"Got him in sight. He's right over there. Don't move, stay there. Keep your hands up!"
"I want a lawyer."
―Police Officer and John Healy[src]

NYPD Officers were called to the Whitestone Lanes, where they had then been alerted to a murder currently underway. Upon arriving, the NYPD found John Healy standing by the corpse of Prohaszka, having beaten him to death with a bowling ball. Following the NYPD's instructions, Healy placed his hands on his head and got on his knees, he demanded a lawyer, as the NYPD handcuffed him and took him into their custody.

Rabbit 11

NYPD Officers standing guard in the court

Healy was then taken to the 15th Precinct Police Station, and Nelson and Murdock were hired by Confederated Global Investments to go represent him. Healy was first interview by Foggy Nelson, before an Officer allowed Matt Murdock into their interrogation room to speak with Healy as well, accepting him as their client. During Healy's trial at the New York State Supreme Court Building, NYPD Officers stood guard around the room, ensuring that Healy did not attempt further violence. Following Nelson and Murdock's statements and defense for him, Healy had eventually been found not guilty of the murder of Prohaszka, since this had been deemed to be self-defense.[15]

Assassination of Piotr[]


Piotr being arrested by the NYPD Officers

"We have you at the scene with a dead Chinese illegal, Piotr, and a backpack full of drugs."
"That'll buy you a one way ticket to thirty years in asshole land."
"It'll give you some time to touch up on those tattoos. You boys do that to yourselves?"
Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman[src]

NYPD Officers were called to the scene of gunfire breaking out, and arrived in time to witness members of the Russian Mafia having their meeting with the Chinese Mob interrupted by a Masked Man. While the Masked Man was able to quickly escape by climbing up the drainpipe, the NYPD Officers surrounded and arrested Piotr, who had just been beaten down to the floor by the Masked Man. Piotr was then taken away to the 15th Precinct Police Station, where he would be interrogated by the Detectives.


Brett Mahoney speaking with Matt Murdock

While Piotr was being held inside an interrogation room inside of the 15th Precinct, Brett Mahoney had worked on the front desk, and was greeted by Matt Murdock, who explained that Nelson and Murdock were working on a case for Elena Cardenas, a friend of Mahoney's mother. Mahoney and Murdock discussed Armand Tully, as he had been trying to evict Cardenas, with Mahoney noting that Tully was not breaking laws, so the NYPD was not involved, while Murdock requested copies of complaints made against Tully, and meeting with the officers who took them, which Mahoney had agreed to.

File 03-DDRedthread -Detective Blake -Detective Hoffman -The Russians

Detective Blake and Hoffman question Piotr

Meanwhile, Detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman had been conducting Piotr's interrogation, with them also noting that they had evidence that tied him to a dead Chinese immigrant, and a backpack filled with heroin, meaning he would likely get thirty years in prison. Although Piotr tried to intimidate Blake and Hoffman by questioning if they knew who he worked for, they dismissed Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov as being small time crooks, and went to leave. However, Piotr had then offered to provide them with another name, promising that this name would become a massive lead for the NYPD.

15th Precinct Police Station

NYPD Officers running towards the gunshot

While Blake and Hoffman had initially been doubtful of what Piotr would say, he told them Wilson Fisk's name, to which Blake and Hoffman sighed, as they were both under Fisk's payroll. Blake then proceeded to remove Piotr's handcuffs, while Piotr promised to tell the NYPD everything that he knew about Fisk in exchange for a deal. Blake and Hoffman then staged Piotr's escape attempt, with Blake punching Hoffman in the face, before drawing his gun and shooting Piotr, making it appear that he attacked them, as the NYPD Officers inside the 15th Precinct had all run by Murdock to investigate.[16]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen[]


Corbin orders the Masked Man to surrender

"We gotta do this right, this is a hostage job. Nobody goes in, and nobody comes out. Let's go, move!"
"You think he's in there?"
"Sullivan told central it was a masked prep. Russian was with the dickhead last we heard. I'm thinking he's the wounded civvie."
Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman[src]

Following reports of numerous explosions going off all across Hell's Kitchen, the NYPD Officers arrived at the Russian Hideout, where one of the explosions had gone off. Once they arrived, they found the Masked Man standing by Vladimir Ranskahov, whom he had beaten down to the ground. Keeping his gun raised, Corbin ordered the Masked Man to put his hands in the air.[16] As the Masked Man got on his knees and placed his hands behind his head, Corbin had then ordered another officer to handcuff him.


Blake and Hoffman find the wounded Ivan

However, as the Masked Man was handcuffed, Corbin then ordered Ranskahov and Sergei be killed, only for the Masked Man to fight back, quickly disabling Corbin and the other two officers, although Ranskahov was shot into the leg during their fight. Once Corbin got back onto his feet, he found that the Masked Man had escaped with Ranskahov and called it in, before then shooting Sergei in the head. Detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman explored the bombed hideout, and soon found Ivan trapped under the rubble, while Blake had tortured him to learn where Ranskahov was. With Ivan unable to answer, Blake killed him, ordering other survivors be shot.


Sullivan arrives in the Abandoned Building

Joining the search, Officer Sullivan heard screams as he approached an Abandoned Building, where he eventually found an unconscious Ranskahov on the floor. However, before Sullivan could call this in, he was assaulted by the Masked Man. He then asked Sullivan who he worked for, testing to see if he was corrupt, only for Sullivan to insist he was an NYPD officer, while the Masked Man listened to his heart rate and accepted this. The Masked Man gave Sullivan a radio, and told him to tell the NYPD that this was a false alarm, only for Sullivan to tell the dispatcher about fugitives and called for some help.

Condemned 2

Blake and Hoffman mocking Ben Urich

NYPD cars and helicopters surrounded the entire building, following Sullivan's update, with Pinski then attempting to take charge of the situation, only for Blake to insist that he and Hoffman were in charge. Blake told the NYPD that this was now a hostage situation, ordering them to ensure that nobody got out. Hoffman then questioned if he believed that the Masked Man was in there with Ranskahov, which Blake confirmed. However, they then spotted Ben Urich arriving on the scene, who commented that he was surprised that Blake and Hoffman were not on desk duties following the death of Piotr at the 15th Precinct Police Station, although Blake had dismissed this.


Christian Blake shot and mortally wounded

Urich began questioning Blake and Hoffman about the situation, with them both being surprised that he already knew about Sullivan being taken hostage, before they had ordered him to stay back. Eventually, WHiH World News and other television reporters arrived at the scene, with Blake and Hoffman mocking Urich and the New York Bulletin. As the situation around the building continued, one corrupt NYPD sniper took up position on the roof of a nearby building, following the orders from Wilson Fisk. Once he got the go ahead from James Wesley, the sniper had then shot Blake in the chest, causing a mass panic.


Sullivan being betrayed and killed by SWAT

In the chaos, Pinski was also shot by the sniper, while Hoffman and Urich attempted to stop all Blake's bleeding. The shooting gave the NYPD clearance to enter the building, as a team of corrupted SWAT officers stormed inside, only to find the tied-up Sullivan, but no sight of the Masked Man or Ranskahov. One of those SWAT officers then executed Sullivan, claiming to have found him dead, before they had then continued searching for those other fugitives. The Masked Man had managed to escape, while SWAT was held back by Ranskahov, who kept them at bay until he was eventually gunned down.[17]

Assassination of Christian Blake[]


Carl Hoffman is checked by Brett Mahoney

"There's a detail on his floor. Twenty-four-hour presence, in case the man in the mask tries to finish the job."
"Are any of them ours?"
"Two, but not on the door. They try to get in, it'll be noticed."
James Wesley and Wilson Fisk[src]

Upon the arrival of a shipment from Tokyo to New York City, Nobu Yoshioka requested Wilson Fisk to clear the local docks in order to make sure that nothing will interfere. With Leland Owlsley's assistance, Fisk laid out reserves to keep police out of the docks what allowed Yoshioka to obtain his cargo.[18] Following chaos in Hell's Kitchen, Detective Christian Blake was in a coma for several days, recovering from his gunshot wound, with the NYPD standing guard.


Carl Hoffman being subdued by Daredevil

NYPD mounted a guard in Metro-General Hospital in order to keep him safe, fearing that he would be assassinated, with Brett Mahoney personally guarding Blake's door. During this time, Blake managed to wake up, but he could not speak for a while. Carl Hoffman eventually went into the hospital to go visit his partner after he checked in with Mahoney. However, Hoffman had actually been sent to assassinate Blake, under the orders of Fisk, as he injected him with poison, only for the Masked Man to break in and knocked out Hoffman by putting him into a headlock, before asking the dying Blake about all Fisk's criminal activities, noting that it was too late to save his life.


Brett Mahoney finding Christian Blake dead

Knowing that Fisk and Hoffman had betrayed him, Blake agreed to tell the Masked Man everything that he knew about Fisk, in the hope that he would be able to stop his criminal activities, before the poison given to him by Hoffman reached his heart and killed Blake. Mahoney heard the strange noises from the room, causing him and the other officers break into Blake's room. Inside, Mahoney found the dead Blake, unconscious Hoffman and opened window, which the Masked Man used to escape. Hoffman told the police he was attacked by the Masked Man, who then proceeded to murder Blake.[19]

Murder of Elena Cardenas[]


Brett Mahoney identifies Elena Cardenas

"Multiple stab wounds. The ambulance got there quick, but... My mom says all the family she knew about's passed on. I knew you were looking into her tenancy cases. I thought you might be able to point us toward the next of kin."
"No, she didn't have anyone. Just us."
Brett Mahoney and Karen Page[src]

Police found a corpse of Elena Cardenas who was stabbed in her apartment. Neighbors stated that they spotted a man, fleeing the scene with her purse. Taking charge of the investigation, due to having a personal connection to Cardenas, Brett Mahoney informed Nelson and Murdock, noting that his mother had told him that Cardenas had no family, as Mahoney hoped that they would be able to find her next of kid, although Karen Page had explained that Cardenas did not have any other family.[20]

Warehouse Fire[]


NYPD and Fire Department arrive at a fire

"You're the guy, the one that killed Blake and shot those cops!"
"I did not kill Detective Blake, or shoot those cops. Blake and Hoffman were dirty, working for Wilson Fisk, along with a lot of others from your precinct."
Brett Mahoney and Masked Man[src]

The NYPD and Fire Department of New York City were called to a fire breaking out at a Warehouse, where they then discovered dozens of Chinese illegal immigrants running from the flames, almost all of whom had seemingly been blinded. While the NYPD and Fire Department helped the people escaping the warehouse, Sergeant Brett Mahoney went around the back and encountered the Masked Man, who he immediately ordered to freeze and show him his hands.


Brett Mahoney encounters the Masked Man

However, as Mahoney recognized the Masked Man as the one who had killed Detective Christian Blake and shot at Officer Pinski, the Masked Man then kicked a board at Mahoney and got him into a headlock. The Masked Man then told Mahoney that he did not kill Blake or Pinski, explaining that Blake and Carl Hoffman had been working for Wilson Fisk, along with several other officers at the 15th Precinct Police Station. As the Masked Man insisted that he was not the bad guy, he then escaped, while the NYPD discovered that the warehouse was filled with heroin which was destroyed in the fire.[21]

Carl Hoffman's Confessions[]

Daredevil ep7

Brett Mahoney talks to Nelson and Murdock

"I've taken money, a lot of money to do things for Fisk. I'm not the only one, there's cops, lawyers, judges, at least one senator I know of."
"Start from the beginning. Names, dates, I want it all."
"My partner and I were first approached by a man working for Wilson Fisk, eighteen months ago."
Carl Hoffman to FBI Agent[src]

While he was working in the 15th Precinct Police Station, Sergeant Brett Mahoney was met by Nelson and Murdock, who came to ask about potential corruption within his Precinct, with Mahoney admitting that his encounter with the Masked Man had caused him to rethink the situation. Nelson and Murdock noted that Ben Urich had been ready to expose the corrupt members of the NYPD, who were being paid by Wilson Fisk, before Urich had been murdered, with Mahoney noting that the NYPD found Urich's Apartment wiped cleaned, removing any potential evidence.


Officer Corbin attempts to kill Carl Hoffman

During this conversation, Officer Corbin had walked by, as he got a call giving him Carl Hoffman's whereabouts, as he took several other corrupt Officers to go assassinate Hoffman. Arriving at the location, Corbin and his fellow corrupt officers immediately opened fire and the men Leland Owlsley had hired to protect Hoffman, as Corbin then aimed his gun at Hoffman's head and prepared to execute him. However, the Masked Man had then arrived at the scene and swiftly subdued Corbin and the others, before convinced Hoffman to go to Mahoney for protection, and to testify against Fisk.

Hoffman confesses

Carl Hoffman testifying against Wilson Fisk

With Nelson and Murdock as his lawyers, Detective Hoffman went to the 15th Precinct to make his statement against Fisk, for the NYPD and FBI, while Mahoney had stood by during his statement. Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock then confirmed with the FBI that Hoffman would be placed in protective custody, and waved considerations for immunity in exchanged for his testimony. Hoffman stated that he and other NYPD Officers, as well as Senator Randolph Cherryh, judges and lawyers had taken the cash from Fisk, while noting that he and Christian Blake had first been approached eighteen months earlier.


Brett Mahoney watches Corbin get arrested

As a direct result of Hoffman's testimony, the corruption within the NYPD was uncovered, resulting in the FBI raiding the 15th Precinct and placing everyone who had been named by Hoffman as working for Fisk under arrest. While Corbin was being moved into the FBI's car, he yelled abuse while Mahoney and all the other honest NYPD Officers watched with satisfaction. With the NYPD's assistance, the FBI also raided the New York Bulletin and arrested M. Caldwell, as well as arresting Turk Barrett, Parish Landman and Senator Cherryh, causing Fisk's entire criminal empire to crumble around him.[22]

Arrest of Wilson Fisk[]


Wilson Fisk is arrested by the NYPD and FBI

"I told you before, Sergeant, I'm not the bad guy."
"Holy shit, it's you."
"This man was a fugitive of the law, and I stopped him. We good?"
"Fifteen Sergeant Central, be advised, Wilson Fisk under K."
Daredevil and Brett Mahoney[src]

As the result from Carl Hoffman's testimony, the NYPD and FBI had enough evidence to raid Wilson Fisk's Penthouse and take him into custody, dragging him away from Vanessa Marianna. As he was taken downstairs in handcuffs, and loaded into the FBI's armored vehicle, to be taken to prison, the NYPD held back all of the reporters, who had questioned Fisk's relationship with Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov, and asked for a statement about all the allegations.


NYPD Officers are shot by Wilson Fisk's men

However, while Fisk was being driven through New York City with the NYPD escort, their armored car had suddenly been ambushed on a bridge. That team of armored mercenaries then began firing at the NYPD and FBI, who were swiftly overwhelmed and gunned down, allowing Fisk to be freed by the corrupt FBI agent who was guarding him inside of the armored van, with Fisk calmly walking past the dead NYPD Officers to his car. In order to stop Fisk's escape from the city, the NYPD then arranged for the bridges to be locked down, as multiple police vehicles searching the streets to intercept Fisk.


Brett Mahoney finds and arrests Wilson Fisk

Upon hearing some more reports of gunfire and a fight breaking out, Sergeant Brett Mahoney arrived to find Daredevil standing over the unconscious Fisk, with Daredevil stating that he was not the bad guy, allowing Mahoney to realize that he was the Masked Man. Daredevil noted that Fisk was a fugitive of the law, who he stopped, resulting in Mahoney lowering his gun and calling into central, alerting them to Fisk's current location. Mahoney had then put his handcuffs on the unconscious Fisk and taken him back into the NYPD's custody, while allowing Daredevil to escape by climbing a fire escape.[22]

Kilgrave's Crimes[]

Assassination of the Shlottmans[]


Oscar Clemons questioning Jessica Jones

"Did you know Hope was going to kill her parents?"
"If I did, I would have stopped her."
"So, you assaumed she was in her right mind?"
"Clearly she wasn't, given the bullets in her parents."
Oscar Clemons and Jessica Jones[src]

The NYPD was called to an Apartment Building, following reports of a double murder. Hope Shlottman was taken into custody, as she had shot and murdered her own mother and father, while they also took Jessica Jones in for questioning, due to her having found Hope for the parents.[23] Jones' questioning was done by Detective Oscar Clemons, who first asked about how Jones was hired by the Shlottmans, and how she had managed to locate their daughter, with Clemons also noting that Jones had been carrying an overnight bag at the same time of the shooting.


Oscar Clemons asks about Hope Shlottman

Clemons questioned if Jones had known that Hope intended to kill her parents, which Jones denied, insisting that she would have stopped her, and claimed that she had believed Hope had been in her right mind before the shooting. Clemons attempted to learn how Hope had gotten the gun, which Jones could not answer, suggesting that someone gave it to her. However, Clemons then showed Jones her photographs of Luke Cage, while questioning if Cage had any connection to Hope being given the gun, which Jones denied, while accusing the NYPD of entering her apartment without a warrant.


Luke Cage is asked about Jessica Jones

Jones insisted that she had a full license and up to date paperwork allowing her to work as a private investigator, claiming that the NYPD had nothing that they could charge her with, other than making a living, as she got up and left the 15th Precinct Police Station, as Clemons had no further evidence that could keep her in custody. As part of their ongoing investigation, two NYPD Officers were sent to Luke's to interview Cage, showing him the photographs that Jones had taken of him being out with Gina, although Cage explained that he had no connection to the Shlottman's and the NYPD left him.[24]

Attack on Trish Walker[]


Will Simpson at Trish Walker's apartment

"You have no idea what's involved here."
"I know there's a guy who controls minds and there's a woman who flew out of the sky to save my life. I may not have your abilities, but I got eight years special ops and an entire police force to back me up."
Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]

Since Kilgrave decided that he wanted Trish Walker to die, following comments she made about him, he managed to put NYPD Officer, Will Simpson, under his control, and ordered Simpson to murder Walker. Arriving at her Apartment, Simpson claimed that he had come to answer a call about an assault that Walker had been involved in, with Walker refusing to open the door, fearing for her life. As Simpson showed his ID and explained that he could return with a warrant and press if she refused to grant him access, Walker had then reluctantly agreed to let him inside.


Will Simpson refuses to kill Jessica Jones

However, Simpson had then used this to his advantage, as he burst inside of Walker's home, as he attempted to strangle her, throwing Walker against the walls. Although Walker did her best to defend herself, Simpson then managed to pin her to the ground and began strangling her, until Jessica Jones arrived and threw Simpson aside. Jones managed to trick Simpson into believing that he successfully murdered Walker, allowing him to leave and return to Kilgrave. Before he left, Jones went to confront Simpson again, as he noted that he did not want to kill Jones, as Kilgrave said it was not her time.


Will Simpson is rescued by Jessica Jones

Simpson returned to Kilgrave's Apartment to update him on Walker's apparent death, before Kilgrave ordered Simpson to jump off the roof to his death, believing he had finished his task. However, Jones had followed Simpson there, and managed to prevent him from jumping, by knocking his head against the wall to knock him unconscious. Having failed to capture Kilgrave, Jones then jumped off the roof with Simpson, ensuring that he survived, while also breaking Simpson free from Kilgrave's commands, as he had completed what he had been ordered to do, much to Simpson's considerable confusion.[25]


Will Simpson and Cooper find Trish Walker

Freeing that he had murdered an innocent woman, Simpson had returned to Walker's Apartment with Officer Cooper, as he attempted to knock down the door and confirm his fears. However, the door was answered by Jones and Walker, much to Simpson's surprise, while Cooper confirmed that she was not in danger, and commented that he had been a fan of It's Patsy when he had been young. With Simpson still unsure about what happened, Walker furiously showed him the bruises on her neck from his attempts to strangle her, before Jones had then taken Simpson outside to explain the situation.


Will Simpson learns about Kilgrave's powers

Once outside, Jones explained to Simpson that she had used a drug to make it appear that Walker had been killed, while Simpson also acknowledged that, while he had done horrible things during his time within the United States Armed Forces and the NYPD, he had never wanted to hurt an innocent woman, Simpson promised that he could help to protect Jones and Walker from Kilgrave, although Jones had refused. However, while Simpson was later on duty, Jones called him questioning if he still wanted to take down Kilgrave, as she requested that he use his NYPD access to give her some CCTV footage.[26]

Controlled by Kilgrave[]


Oscar Clemons writes police paperwork

"What I saw at that station was a group of brave cops who could all be kicked off the force as suicide risks if any of this should get out."
Oscar Clemons to Jessica Jones[src]

While he had been taking a statement from a member of the public, Detective Oscar Clemons attempted to dismiss Jessica Jones as she had come up to his desk, only for Jones to drop the severed head of Ruben onto Clemons' desk, horrifying all the officers, as Jones claimed to have done something terrible. The NYPD had handcuffed Jones and left her in the interrogation room, until Clemons and Jeri Hogarth joined her, although Jones dismissed Hogarth as her lawyer, as Hogarth refused to help her be sent to super max prison.


Oscar Clemons interrogates Jessica Jones

Jones had furiously attempted to convince Clemons that he had an open and shut case, claiming that she had torn off Ruben's head with her bare hands, and demanding to be sent to super max, noting that Clemons had been suspicious of her during the questioning about Hope Shlottman. However, Clemons questioned why she would kill Ruben, noting that she had never killed before, although Jones confessed to killing a woman a year earlier. Clemons remained skeptical of Jones' confessions, even as she demonstrated her strength by tearing the handcuffs apart, and bending the steel chair.


NYPD Officers being controlled by Kilgrave

They were then interrupted when Brett Mahoney told Jones to leave, claiming that the Captain had ordered her release. However, Jones discovered that Kilgrave had put every person in the 15th Precinct Police Station under his control, forcing the NYPD Officers to hold guns up to their heads, or their co-workers, with Mahoney aiming his gun at Clemons.[27] Among these terrified cops was Detective Eddy Costa, who held his gun up to his head.[28] The NYPD Officers stood helpless by, while Kilgrave declared his desires for Jones, smashing Clemons' phone when it began to ring and had interrupted him.


Worth and Oscar Clemons begin laughing

With Jones only agreeing to go with Kilgrave if he let everyone else go free, he refused, claiming that he needed her to come with him through her own desires. Kilgrave then ensured that all the footage of them being there had been deleted, before commanding that they convince themselves that this had been a joke, and allow Jones to leave. As Kilgrave departed with Ruben's head, the NYPD Officers, including Worth and L. Warren then lowered their guns and laughed hysterically.[27] The incident would be blamed on Officer Evans, since the incident could result in the Officers losing their jobs.[29]

Hostage Situation[]


NYPD Officers try to negotiate with Chuck

"Whoa, what are you doing?"
"We can go about our business, move along. Move along."
―NYPD Officer and Kilgrave[src]

NYPD Officers were called to a home, where Chuck had taken his own wife and children as hostages, threatening to shoot them with a shotgun. During the standoff, it was reported by WHiH World News that the state and local police departments were working together to solve the situation, while a hostage negotiator communicated with Chuck via a bullhorn for several hours, while cellphone signals were suspended. However, despite their best efforts, Chuck had refused to free his family.


Kilgrave tells Officer Vasquez to move aside

Eventually, Jessica Jones and Kilgrave arrived at the scene, with Kilgrave reluctantly using his powers to convince Officer Vasquez to allow them to go past, before walking over to Chuck's house, where two more Officers attempted to stop them. As Kilgrave once again used his powers to convince the Officers to allow them to pass, he and Jones then entered Chuck's home, finding him threatening his family. The NYPD would then witness the family leaving the house unharmed, before Chuck had handed himself over, with none of the witnesses confessing their encounter with Kilgrave or Jones.[30]

Escape of Kilgrave[]

Jones Clemmons Convince

Oscar Clemons tries ignoring Jessica Jones

"Kilgrave's not far, you call it in, he gets further away and then we're stuck sitting in questioning."
"She's right, I'll secure the scene, get some guys in who won't muck up the evidence."
Jessica Jones and Oscar Clemons[src]

While he was trying to buy his lunch, Oscar Clemons had been met by Jessica Jones, who asked him to witness something, only for Clemons to walk away. As Jones attempted to remind Clemons of how Kilgrave had attacked the 15th Precinct Police Station, Clemons insisted that this had been Lieutenant Evans' prank. Clemons noted that the NYPD Officers involved could lose their jobs if that incident was ever discovered, before telling Jones that she needed actual evidence if she had wanted to convict Kilgrave, noting that he was only two years from his pension.


Oscar Clemons fails to arrest Jessica Jones

However, once Clemons had finished his work and attempted to go home, he received a video showing Jones beating down Kilgrave inside a Decommissioned CDC Facility, along with the address. Rushing there, Clemons found Jones and Kilgrave, and attempted to arrest Jones for kidnapping and torture, before Trish Walker arrived and forced Clemons to surrender at gunpoint, much to the complete horror of Jeri Hogarth. Clemons was then handcuffed, with Jones telling him to closely watch Kilgrave, as his testimony would take him down, before Albert and Louise Thompson entered Kilgrave's cell.


Oscar Clemons falls under Kilgrave's control

Clemons watched closely as Kilgrave was confronted by his long lost parents, with Jones filming the encounter and waiting for Kilgrave to use his power on them. However, once Kilgrave refused to give his parents commands, Clemons then demanded that he be released, promising that he would overlook the assault charge and only charge her with resisting arrest. However, Clemons then witnessed Louise attempting to murder her son, resulting in Kilgrave ordering her to kill herself, as Jones activated the fail safe, only to find it not working, as Clemons watched in horror as Louise stabbed herself in the chest.


Oscar Clemons speaks of defeating Kilgrave

With Kilgrave managing to break free during the ensuing chaos, he ordered Clemons to follow him, resulting in Clemons then painfully ripping his hand out of the handcuffs. As Jones attempted to stop him, Kilgrave ordered Clemons to attack her, resulting with Jones knocking Clemons unconscious.[29] Once Clemons awoke, he then overlooked the damage, as Walker suggested calling an ambulance for his hand, only for Clemons and Jones to agree that this would only lead to them all being questioned by the NYPD, while Kilgrave would be escaping, with Clemons promising to secure the scene.


Oscar Clemons encountering Will Simpson

Clemons then witnessed Albert awake and attempt suicide, only for Jones and Walker to restrain him. While Jones had noted that she was now immune to Kilgrave, Albert noted that he could use her DNA to create an vaccine against Kilgrave's power. As Walker took Albert away to work on the vaccine, Clemons stayed behind to secure the crime scene. While Clemons was alone, he had overheard someone arriving and attempted to defend himself, only for Will Simpson to reveal himself, noting he worked at the 15th Precinct with Clemons, who admitted to not recognising Simpson out of uniform.


Oscar Clemons is murdered by Will Simpson

Simpson explained that Walker had contacted him, as he then found Louise's corpse, to which Clemons noted that they were attempting to use their evidence to send Kilgrave to prison, only for Simpson to suggest that the only way to stop Kilgrave was by killing him. While Clemons attempted to call in backup, Simpson threatened him with a gun, before then lowering it and confessing to being paranoid about Kilgrave. As Clemons relaxed, he admitted where Walker was, before Simpson shot and killed Clemons before burning it, determined that Kilgrave should be killed not arrested.[31]

Taking Statements[]


Pam gets arrested by the NYPD for murder

"You saw what happened, and I'm immune to him, but those cops aren't. They're going to get themselves hurt."
"Just like we did."
"So, help me get out of here, so I can save them and kill him!"
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

The NYPD had been forced to arrest Pam, following an assault by Wendy Ross-Hogarth against Jeri Hogarth, which resulted in Pam accidentally killing Ross-Hogarth. Pam was then taken back to the 15th Precinct Police Station, where she did not make a statement until Hogarth joined her as her lawyer. Following Pam's private conversation with Hogarth, a Detective came to take her to booking, as Pam denied Hogarth was her lawyer, denying knowing her.[31]


Robyn being questioned following a suicide

Following the death of Hope Shlottman, the NYPD took her body away and interviewed the witnesses, as the Detective first took Robyn aside for a statement. All of the witnesses there, including Malcolm Ducasse and Donald told the NYPD the same story, that they had witnessed Shlottman stab herself in the throat, but denied having any involvement or understanding to her reasons, with Jackson noting that he was aware that Shlottman had previously murdered her mother and father. The NYPD were told by Jessica Jones that she had brought Shlottman in to there to talk.[32]

Duel of Delaney Hall[]


NYPD Officers go to arrest Jessica Jones

"You, hands in the air!"
"You need to get away! Listen to me!"
"We got a distrubance call, check it out."
"No, don't!"
"Hands in the air."
NYPD Officer and Jessica Jones[src]

Following a disturbance call, two NYPD Officers were sent to Delaney Hall to investigate, as they witnessed Jessica Jones running out of the building. As one of the officers ordered Jones to put up her hands, she insisted that they needed to run, only for the other Officer to run inside and investigate, ignoring Jones' pleas. However, the second Officer encountered Luke Cage, who threw him at the first officer with considerable force, knocking them both unconscious, while Jones and Cage fought.


NYPD Officers arriving inside the hospital

Jones would then proceed to tear of the NYPD car door and used it to block Cage's furious strikes, as he attempted to kill her under the orders of Kilgrave. Finally, Cage's rampage was stopped as Jones placed a shotgun under his chin and pulled the trigger, knocking Cage unconscious.[33] The two NYPD Officers had soon recovered from their encounter with Cage, and headed to the Metro-General Hospital, seeking treatment for all their head injuries, unaware that Jones had taken Cage into the same hospital and forcing Jones to recruit Claire Temple to assist her and Cage to escape them.[34]

Skirmish at the Hudson Ferry Terminal[]


NYPD Officers become enslaved by Kilgrave

"Witness testimony won't prove the existence of mind control."
"Tell that to the police officers who opened fire on my client. I can't wait to get them on the stand."
Samantha Reyes and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Knowing that Jessica Jones would attempt to stop him, Kilgrave had then managed to put twelve NYPD Officers under his control, as he arrived at the Hudson Ferry Terminal in order to make his escape. As Kilgrave saw a woman, whom he assumed to be Jones arriving, he called upon the officers to surround her at gunpoint. However, once the fire alarm began ringing and caused Kilgrave's voice to be more difficult to hear, the woman removed her hood and revealed herself to be Trish Walker, much to Kilgrave's great frustration.


Tolbert and Lombardo shoot Jessica Jones

However, Kilgrave then spotted Jones in the balcony, and ordered the officers to shoot at her, while he made his getaway during the chaos. As the shooting continued, three of the officers attempted to use the stairs to get behind Jones, who waited for the officers to reload, and proceeded to leap over their heads, much to Tolbert and Lombardo's amazement and chased down Kilgrave, as she was able to lock the gate behind her. The Officers were freed from Kilgrave's control once Jones was able to get close enough to him, and broke his neck, resulting in Jones then being arrested for his murder.

Reyes Smile

Samantha Reyes speaking to Jessica Jones

Jones was then taken inside the 15th Precinct Police Station, where she was represented by Jeri Hogarth, who defended her against the District Attorney Samantha Reyes, who attempted to deny Kilgrave's power, dismissing the people he had controlled as drunks, only for Hogarth to note that the NYPD would have tested them for alcohol. Hogarth had argued that they had witnesses who would verify that Kilgrave forced Jones to break his neck, due to his guilt, noting that Kilgrave also forced Hope Shlottman to kill her mother and father, resulting in Jones being released from the NYPD's custody.[34]

Harlem Conflict[]

Ambush at the Harlem Junkyard[]

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Attack on Pop's Barber Shop[]

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Raid of the Crispus Attucks Complex[]

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Chase of Rafael Scarfe[]

"I'm gonna hand him and the evidence over. The DA can take it from there. Get him round-the-clock protection until he can testify against Cottonmouth."
"I'm dying back here. You're still thinking about Cottonmouth?"
"Yeah, you should be, too. If he's got as many cops working for him as you say, he'll have them in the streets looking for us."
Luke Cage and Rafael Scarfe[src]
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Arrest of Cottonmouth[]

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Chase of Luke Cage[]

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Assassination of Jackie Albini[]

"You killed a cop! I know you did it. Now kids are getting jacked up by the police. What are you doing to my city?!"
"It's not yours. Never was."
Mariah Dillard and Diamondback[src]
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Attack on Harlem's Paradise[]

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Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard[]

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Frank Castle's War[]

Massacre at the Burren Club[]

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Ambush on Punisher[]

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Arresting Punisher[]

"Take the call, take the credit, get a promotion if you can, you've earned it."
"No, people have to know the system works, not his justice, and not mine. Vigilante days are done in this town, police are in charge."
Daredevil and Brett Mahoney[src]
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Assassination of Samantha Reyes[]

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Destruction of the Blacksmith's Ship[]

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Attack on the Hand[]

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Arrest of Ward Meachum[]

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Kidnapping of Charles Hinton[]

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War for New York[]

New York City Earthquake[]

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Questioning Jessica Jones[]

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Protecting the Targets[]

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Arresting the Defenders[]

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Destruction of Midland Circle[]

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Weapons Trafficking[]

Robbery of the Queens Bank[]

Delmar's Deli-Grocery Destroyed (Crime Scene)

NYPD outside of the destroyed bodega

"Nine One One, what's your emergency?"
"Spider-Man is fighting the Avengers. In a bank on twenty first Street."
―911 dispatcher and Delmar[src]

In 2016, NYPD officers were at the scene of the destroyed Delmar's Deli-Grocery and Queens Community Bank alongside Damage Control. The officers blocked off portions of the street and directed traffic flow until the situation was cleared up.[12]

Arrest of the Shocker[]

"Questions remain this morning as authorities piece together the alarming events at this weekend's homecoming dance."
"An unidentified male individual assailant was taken into custody after police found him attached to the side of a bus with Spider-Man webs."
Betty Brant and Jason Ionello[src]

Later, NYPD officers arrived at Midtown School of Science and Technology and went to the school bus yard where they arrested Herman Schultz who had been webbed up by Spider-Man against the side of a bus.[12]

Arrest of the Vulture[]

Following the crash of the Stark Cargo Plane on Coney Island, Happy Hogan called the NYPD and officers accompanied him there where they found a captured Adrian Toomes with a note from Spider-Man on him. NYPD officers then took him into custody.[12]

Punisher's Return[]

Massacre at Linello's[]

Upon shooting at Linello's, NYPD arrived at Little Italy to investigate. Inside the basement of the restaurant, they found multiple members of the Gnucci Crime Family, killed by an unknown shooter who managed to escape before NYPD could arrest him.[35]

Murder of Carson Wolf[]

"This is going to be a jurisdictional cockfight. NYPD and FBI? They're both already trying to jump onboard."
"Screw 'em. He was one of us."
Sam Stein and Dinah Madani[src]

NYPD was informed about murder of the Homeland Security Special Agent in Charge Carson Wolf. Alongside with the FBI, police attempted to handle the case and investigate the murder, however, Homeland did not allow them and decided to investigate the murder of their own SAC.[36]

Homeland Security Tactical Operation[]

"See, I've been reading e-mails all night. NYPD, ATF, Customs, they've all been warned off."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]

Homeland Security planned a tactical operation to apprehend members of the Greek Mob who transported their arsenal from New Jersey. They contacted with NYPD, ATF and U.S. Customs and Border Protection and informed them to stay away from the Red Hook Pier in order to not interfere.[37]

Lewis Wilson's Protests[]

Lewis wilson

Lewis Wilson and O'Connor being confronted

"This a protest? You have a permit?"
"No, we're not protesting. We are handing out literature which is free, and one hundred percent allowed by law."
Fahey and Lewis Wilson[src]

Officer Fahey spotted Lewis Wilson and O'Connor who were protesting in front of Bronx County Courthouse where was a trial on a teacher who carried the gun into the classroom. When he asked did they have permission for a protest, Wilson stated that they are not protesting and handing out literature which is free and allowed by law. However, the officer did not believe him and ordered them to walk away. Wilson refused, noting that he did not do anything illegal, and the officer arrested him.[38]

Bombings of New York City[]

"An anonymous tip led police to this house in Queens where Castle was fleeing the scene. Police were unable to apprehend Castle, but this image was caught on a dashboard camera."
―News Anchor[src]

Due to series of terrorist attacks across the New York City, one of the bombs was planted at the 10th Precinct Police Station and an explosion killed multiple police officers. Together with the FBI, NYPD investigated an explosion in order to apprehend the bomber.

Later, an anonymous tip led police to Queens and they arrived at the O'Connor Residence. However, an officer spotted a man who left the house and attempted to escape. Police pursued a man before he knocked officers down and took a patrol car. However, dashboard camera on a car caught an image of a fugitive and he was identified as Frank Castle who was presumed dead.[39]

Attack on Stan Ori[]

"Wouldn't be the first time an outfit like yours got paid for a job it wasn't qualified to handle."
"'Cause you guys, NYPD, you're blameless, right? I mean, you guys never get shit wrong. You ever serve, Sergeant?"
"I wear a shield, every day"
Brett Mahoney and Billy Russo[src]
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Duel at the Central Park Carousel[]

NYPD arrived at the Central Park where they found the Punisher, wounded Dinah Madani two saved hostages and heavily injured Billy Russo who was a Homeland Security fugitive. Russo and Castle were apprehended by the police while Madani was taken to the hospital.

Homeland Security and CIA changed the narrative of the recent events and the police made Castle free. NYPD also tasked several officers to guard Russo's room while he was in a coma.[40]

Powered Killer[]

Robert Coleman Case[]

"I'm Detective Sunday. This is Detective Costa. We're here about the accident that occurred last night."
"I was there. It was pretty bad."
"You didn't stick around for a statement."
Ruth Sunday and Jessica Jones[src]
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Assassination of Nick Spanos[]

"Jessica Jones, you're under arrest for the murder of Nicholas Spanos."
"I don't even know who that is!"
"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you."
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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Arrest of Alisa Jones[]

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Protecting Trish Walker[]

"We're gonna need backup at Riverbank."
"I'm telling you, if she sees the cops, she will flatten anybody in her way!"
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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Chase of Alisa Jones[]

"It's over. Just get out of the way, let us do our job."
"If they find her, they'll shoot to kill, won't they?"
"You're damn right they will. She took out one of our own."
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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War for Harlem[]

Return of Misty Knight[]

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Arrest of Arturo Rey III[]

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Triple Homicide[]

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Assassination of Tom Ridenhour[]

"At the same time your brownstone was being burned down, Thomas Ridenhour was shot and killed. He was meeting with a confidential informant."
Misty Knight to Mariah Dillard[src]
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Rescue of Mariah Dillard[]

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Massacre at Gwen's[]

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Shades' Confessions[]

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Infiltration into Harlem's Paradise[]

"Mariah Stokes Dillard, you are under arrest for the murder of Candace Miller, Cornell Stokes, and the massacre at Gwen's."
"I didn't pull the trigger."
"You have the right to remain silent."
Misty Knight and Mariah Dillard[src]
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Massacre of the Stokes[]

"Victims six and seven tonight. These two were identified by Shades as part of the Rum Punch Massacre, and the others were going to be named in an indictment that was going out tonight. Mariah is cleaning house."
Misty Knight to Priscilla Ridley[src]
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Triad War[]

Undercover Work[]

Golden Tigers

Donnie Chang undercover within the Triads

"A couple years back, the police department put together a task force aimed at taking down the Triads. Now, it was slow going until they got a guy on the inside. Donnie Chang."
"And let me guess. Now he's undercover with one of the Triads."
Misty Knight and Danny Rand[src]

For several years, NYPD was organizing an operation to take down New York City Triads. After several failed attempts, Donnie Chang managed to infiltrate the Golden Tigers and began rising through the ranks, eventually becoming close to their leader, Ho.[41]

During the increasing Triad War, Chang informed the police about negotiation between Ho and leader of the Yangsi Gonshi, Sherry Yang. NYPD set up an operation and stationed several officers outside the Golden Tigers' Hideout who recorded negotiation on camera in order to arrest them. However, an operation was interrupted by the intervention of the third side, as Chang was beaten by Iron Fist.[42]

He was taken to the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with six broken bones where he was visited by Misty Knight. He informed Knight about the failed operation and a man who showed up on the scene. She then guessed about Danny Rand's intervention and went to Chinatown to speak with him.[41]

Attack on Golden Tigers[]

"Do we have a cause of death on these?"
"These two are pretty straightforward. Two Asian males, knife wounds, severed carotids. This guy, though, he's a mess. Blunt force trauma to the chest like nothing I've ever seen. Whatever hit him, threw him across the room into the wall so hard, it shattered his spine and caved the back of his head in."
Misty Knight and Sammy[src]
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Request for a Task Force[]

"I got the Commissioner and the community board breathing down my neck."
"Well, give me a couple detectives and a few unis, I can bring him in."
"Thanks. I got it handled."
William Pike and Misty Knight[src]
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Attack on Bayard Community Center[]

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Arrest of Davos[]

"I'm gonna take Davos in, book him at the nine-four. So, if you want to say anything, now's the time."
Misty Knight to Danny Rand[src]
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Kingpin's Conspiracy[]

Attack on Rostam Kazemi[]

"The men who did this are in police custody for another crime. You head down to the 15th Precinct right now, you can identify them."
Daredevil to Neda Kazemi[src]
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Supporting Foggy Nelson[]

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Search for Daredevil[]

"Karen Page, you are under arrest. Cuff her."
"What the hell are you doing? She's ours, Detective."
"Like hell."
"She's a federal suspect."
"She's a suspected accomplice to murder. That's state law."
Brett Mahoney and Benjamin Poindexter[src]
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Battle at the Presidential Hotel[]

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Jigsaw's Campaign[]

Escape from Sacred Saints Hospital[]

The Punisher Promo S2 6

Miller and another officer guard Billy Russo

"The jurisdictions are clear. Russo is NYPD territory. Your agency agreed to that. Right around the time when they handed us their paperwork on a crime scene they trampled all over like they were doing us a favor, throwing us a bone."
Brett Mahoney to Dinah Madani[src]

During Billy Russo's recovery in Sacred Saints Hospital, he was kept under the armed guard by NYPD Officers, who would remain outside of his hospital room during Russo's treatments with Krista Dumont. During one of Russo's sessions with Dumont, Miller and one other Officer overheard Russo losing control of his temper, and rushed in to assist Dumont, who asked them to stand back. However, Russo had then proceeded to assault Miller and the other Officer, brutally knocking them both unconscious, before he made his escape from the hospital, resulting in a manhunt, being led by the NYPD.


Brett Mahoney entering Billy Russo's ward

Following Russo's escape, the NYPD began their investigation and search for him, as Brett Mahoney arrived at the hospital to interview Dumont about what she had witnessed, only to find Dumont already speaking with Dinah Madani. Mahoney complained that Homeland Security in not have jurisdiction over Russo, as they had handed to investigation over to the NYPD, commenting on how they had also given them the paperwork following the Russo's arrest at Central Park.[43] Mahoney would later go to Madani again, questioning if she took Russo's journal from the hospital, which Madani denied.


Brett Mahoney speaking with Dinah Madani

As the NYPD continued their search for Russo, Mahoney would go to the Residence of Arthur Walsh, believing this is where Russo would go. However, upon arriving, Mahoney found that Madani had already arrived and had found Walsh dead, before Madani spun around and then shot Mahoney in his Bulletproof Vest, as he took her off guard. Recovering from those shots, Mahoney warned that he could take Madani's badge for this, or arrest her. However, Madani insisted that Homeland Security carried more weight than the NYPD, and walked away from Mahoney without giving information about Russo.[44]

Chase of Jigsaw's Crew[]


Jigsaw furiously shooting at the police cars

"New York doesn't need your shit again."
"If I leave this alley, you gonna follow me?"
"You better believe it."
Brett Mahoney and Punisher[src]

The NYPD were called to an assault charge, and had soon tracked down Jimbo via his plates, after Jimbo had fallen asleep on his way to Texas, although Curtis Hoyle bailed him out. At the same time, Brett Mahoney visited Krista Dumont's Apartment to collect her files on Billy Russo in order to assist in their investigation.[45] However, a few days later, police came to the scene of a gunfight breaking out in the streets, between Jigsaw's crew and the Punisher, as Jigsaw had immediately begun shooting at the police cars.


Frank Castle stands off with Brett Mahoney

Although Jigsaw was able to escape, as Bobby and Todd arrived and took him away in their car, Mahoney saw the Punisher attempting to escape and then gave chase. Although Mahoney was able to corner the Punisher, as he attempted to take him into custody, Hoyle then appeared and forced Mahoney to put down his weapon at gunpoint. As the Punisher prepared to leave with Hoyle, Mahoney warned that New York City did not need his chaos again, and vowed to continue following him if he attempted to run, forcing the Punisher to knock Mahoney unconscious with a blow to the head, before escaping.


NYPD find Bobby and Anton Reed's corpses

Following the shoot out with Jigsaw's crew, Mahoney took a team to Jigsaw's hideout, where they found the bodies of Bobby and Anton Reed, who they discovered was the hostage who had been taken from ReadyQuick Check Cashing. Mahoney ordered forensics come to the location to find fingerprints, and for his officers to learn how long Reed had been working at ReadyQuick. Mahoney would then return to Dinah Madani's Apartment, to question if she had been aware that the Punisher was in New York City, although he had no evidence to actually charge her for obstruction.[46]

Ambush at the Valhalla[]


SWAT ordering the Punisher to surrender

"Castle came in via an underground tunnel. We found a ton of evidence and some dead bodies. Castle took out several men wearing masks just like this one."
"Well, we both know someone else who wore a mask like that. Castle came here after Russo."
Brett Mahoney and Dinah Madani[src]

Having been alerted towards a gunfight ensuing at Valhalla, a team of SWAT Officers arrived, and discovered numerous corpses around the facility. Once they got upstairs, they discovered the Punisher standing alone, surrounded by the corpses of several women, who had had seemingly gunned down in the crossfire, as those SWAT agents ordered Punisher to surrender.[47] Punisher would then be taken to Sacred Saints Hospital to recover, while Brett Mahoney ensured that he was still kept in handcuffs.


Brett Mahoney and Dinah Madani in the base

The NYPD took charge of the crime scene, as they found the masks of the crew, as well as evidence thatd rubber bullets had been used against the Punisher. Mahoney personally welcomed Dinah Madani to the crime scene, as Madani noted that Billy Russo had also worn similar masks, deducing that Russo had been attempting to punish the Punisher for disfiguring him. With Mahoney believing that the Punisher had shot the women to kill Russo, Madani asked to speak to Castle, promising that Homeland Security would hand Russo over to the NYPD if they were able to track down and capture him.[48]

Frank Castle's Escape[]


Lawrence guarding Frank Castle's ward

"This is Mahoney, heading into the 15th Precinct with Frank Castle."
"You said you were in an ambulance?"
"Yeah, I'm in an ambulance, but that wasn't the important part, I got Frank Castle."
Brett Mahoney and NYDP Officer[src]

Having captured Frank Castle, the NYPD stood guard outside of his room, as he recovered from his injuries at Sacred Saints Hospital. As Officer Smith stayed by the door, he was forced to allow Karen Page to enter, as she explained that she came from Nelson, Murdock & Page. telling Officer Lawrence to let her go through. Smith then encountered a young nurse, who requested to go past, which Smith allowed, before Dinah Madani also came to speak to Castle.


O'Rourke arrives to murder Frank Castle

Once the young nurse left Castle's room, Lawrence asked how he was doing, to which she claimed that he was a sick man. Eventually, Officer O'Rourke had arrived to take over Lawrence's shift guarding Castle's door; however, in reality, O'Rourke had been sent in to the hospital by the Kitchen Irish, in order to assassinate Castle, who had previously murdered his cousin. Despite Castle seemingly welcoming his death, he was saved by the return of Amy Bendix, Madani and Page, who subdued O'Rourke. Castle would then be freed from his handcuffs, and donned O'Rourke's uniform to escape unnoticed.

Frank is caputed by Brett

Brett Mahoney capturing Frank Castle

In order for Castle to escape without being spotted by the NYPD, Page pulled the fire alarm, causing Brett Mahoney to question what was happen, with Smith reassuring him that Castle was handcuffed to his bed, unaware that the unconscious O'Rourke had been put in his place. Eventually, Mahoney found O'Rourke in Castle's bed and attempted to lock down the hospital, as he passed Page on his way outside, noting that Page was missing her shoes. Mahoney managed to make it outside, and found Madani helping Castle out, with Castle wearing O'Rourke's uniform, as Mahoney told him to drop his gun.


Mahoney driving Frank Castle to the station

Mahoney had then handcuffed Castle to the inside of an ambulance, and attempted to drive to the 15th Precinct Police Station.[48] As they drove towards the Precinct, Mahoney called the NYPD to explain the situation, before he and Castle commented on the situation, with Mahoney complaining that this was not the sort of police officer he wanted to be, while ignoring calls from Madani, who wanted him to stop. However, the drive was interrupted as John Pilgrim arrived and began shooting at the ambulance, in an attempt to assassinate Castle, causing Mahoney to drive off the end of a bridge.


Brett Mahoney updating Dinah Madani

While Madani caused Pilgrim to flea, Mahoney was rescued from the crashed ambulance by Castle, who pulled him to safety moments before it exploded. Although the wounded Mahoney threatened to shoot him if he attempted to escape, Castle walked away, and Mahoney was unable to shoot the man who had just saved his life. NYPD then arrived at the scene and secured the area, as Mahoney was given medical treatment for his injuries. As NYPD took charge, Mahoney spoke to Madani, as Madani noted that Castle would have never left Mahoney to burn inside of the crashed ambulance.[49]

Assassination of Billy Russo[]


Brett Mahoney discovers Dinah Madani alive

"We got here and you were lying on the floor in a pool of blood. None of it your own. There's blood in the hallway, down the stairwell. Russo didn't kill you, but I think maybe you killed him and he just doesn't know it yet."
Brett Mahoney to Dinah Madani[src]

Having heard of gunshots at Krista Dumont's Apartment, the NYPD arrived to find Dumont lying paralysed on the street, having been thrown out of her window, and Dinah Madani lying unconscious in a pool of Billy Russo's blood. Arriving at the scene, Brett Mahoney witnessed Madani awake in horror, as he reassured her that she was safe,noting that it seemed that Madani may have mortally wounded Russo, having shot him multiple times in the stomach.


Brett Mahoney locates Billy Russo's corpse

Eventually, Russo's corpse was discovered in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, as Mahoney arrived with Madani and Curtis Hoyle to examine the body. Seeing that Russo had been shot a further two times, compared to Madani's claims, Mahoney questioned if Madani had finished him off, although Madani refused to confirm this either way. With Mahoney complaining about the morally grey area he had found himself in, he questioned what had happened to Frank Castle, and if he killed Russo, only for Madani and Hoyle to deny knowing Castle, much to Mahoney's frustration.[50]

Hunting a Killer[]

Ambush at Alias Investigations Office[]

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Arrest of Andrew Brandt[]

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Finding a Killer's Victims[]

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Investigating Gregory Sallinger[]

"We work our entire careers hoping for a clear-cut piece of shit like Sallinger, so when we look at the ledger, we know we got at least one right."
"It's not gonna stick."
"Those bodies are clean. No DNA, no prints."
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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Gregory Sallinger's Games[]

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Assassination of Dorothy Walker[]

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Evidence Lost[]

"Bodies were piling up, a serial killer kept slipping through the cracks. The department needed a fall guy."
"So the one guy that's actually doing something, they take off the case."
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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Arrest of Gregory Sallinger[]

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Assassination of Gregory Sallinger[]

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Arrest of Trish Walker[]

"Please acknowledge that you understand the list of charges against you, for the record. Two counts of murder in the first degree. One count of murder in the second degree. Multiple counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping, breaking and entering, trespassing. And one count of attempted murder."
Eddy Costa to Trish Walker[src]
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Infinity War[]

Attack on Greenwich Village[]

"Evac anyone south of forty first street, notify first responders."
"Will do."
Tony Stark to F.R.I.D.A.Y.[src]

In May 2018, an alien spaceship descended upon New York City, creating panic in the streets and several car accidents. Tony Stark instructed F.R.I.D.A.Y. to give the NYPD instructions on what to do, as this was an extraterrestrial threat.[51]


Later that day, half of the NYPD disintegrated into dust, but five years later, were restored to life.[51][52]

Robbery at MM Motorcycle Showroom[]

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Flag Smashers' Political Ultimatum[]

Attack on the GRC[]

Sergeant Barnes (TFATWS)

An NYPD officer greeting Bucky Barnes

In April 2024, a NYPD car drove past Izzy when Bucky Barnes had gone out to have a date with Leah.[53] Later, the Flag Smashers, a radical extremist group, orchestrated a lockdown of the Global Repatriation Council meeting inside the GRC New York Headquarters and forced GRC members into the armored trucks and a helicopter. The NYPD arrived at the scene and closed the surrounding streets, telling New York residents to stay away from the area.

Falcon as Captain America

NYPD pilots are saved by Captain America

When Bucky Barnes arrived to investigate the situation, a NYPD officer recognized and greeted him as Sergeant Barnes, revealing how the world at large now respected Barnes as a hero. Two officers flew a NYPD helicopter to try and stop the helicopter that had taken GRC hostages inside of it, but it then got hit by the other helicopter. Sam Wilson, as the new Captain America, flew in and grabbed one officer, while using Redwing to save the other.

Dovich is arrested

NYPD arrest the remaining Flag Smashers

Outside the building, Karli Morgenthau kicked out two NYPD officers and stole their NYPD Armored Humvees in order to escape with the GRC hostages. However, Barnes and John Walker then managed to trick the three remaining Flag Smashers, they were arrested by the NYPD, who surrounded them and took them into custody, intending to take them to the Raft for their crimes.

Captain America (New York City 2024)

NYPD listening to Captain America's speech

NYPD officers, alongside the Fire Department of New York City, were present when Captain America returned to the street carrying Morgenthau's body. As her body was taken away, some officers listened as Captain America went over to speak with the GRC officials. They listened as he gave his speech as Captain America had then asked the GRC to stand down on the Patch Act.[54]

Mafia Cold War[]

Attack on the Manfredi Crime Family[]

Spider-Man's Webs

NYPD officers meet with Spider-Man

"You gonna be the next Iron Man now?"
"Well, no, I don't have time. I'm too busy doing your jobs."
"I'm kidding! But seriously, you are gonna have to pick up the slack for a couple of weeks."
Bristow and Spider-Man[src]

In June 2024, three NYPD officers arrived at an Upper Manhattan mob-owned upper-class restaurant and met with Spider-Man, who had arrested the Manfredi Crime Family using his webs. Spider-Man then told them the identities of the sellers, buyers, and informants of the deal. He then jokingly told them that he had done their job, before leaving them to take the criminals into custody.[55]

Spider-Man's Identity Exposed[]

Working with Damage Control[]

After Peter Parker's identity as Spider-Man was exposed, the NYPD offered their precinct to the Department of Damage Control so they could follow through with their investigations.[56]

Crowd Control[]

That fall, when Parker returned to Midtown School of Science and Technology, officers were present at the entrance to escort him inside safely and others were maintaining crowd control of the protestors.[56]

Multiversal Attack[]

In November 2024, NYPD officers rushed onto the scene when Gargantos, an inter-dimensional one-eyed tentacled being from within the Multiverse, appeared in New York City. The being wreaked havoc in the streets, toppling vehicles and causing panic. Once the being was killed by Doctor Strange and Wong, officers began tending to people and helping with the cleanup process.[57]

Investigating the Tracksuit Mafia[]

Questioning Kate Bishop[]

"Kate Bishop?"
"Depends who's asking."
"This is Detective Caudle of the New York Police Department asking."
"Then it depends what you're asking."
Caudle and Kate Bishop[src]

In December 2024, the NYPD began investigating the attack on the black-market auction by the Tracksuit Mafia and the murder of Armand Duquesne III. Detective Caudle called Kate Bishop and asked her questions regarding the fire at her apartment and asked if she could come down to the station for questioning, but she told him she couldn't, as she was at work, so Caudle rescheduled her meeting.[58] However, the two kept in touch again until Bishop reported her mother, Eleanor, for being Duquense's killer four days later.[59][60]

Arrest of Jack Duquesne[]

Later, the NYPD was informed by Eleanor Bishop that Jack Duquesne was running the Sloan Limited, which was a front company used by the Tracksuit Mafia.[61] Caudle and Rivera arrived at the Bishop Residence and arrested Duquesne; however, he turned out to be innocent and got bailed out soon after.[59]

Battle at Rockefeller Center[]

Following the conflict at the Rockefeller Center, Caudle and Rivera arrived and arrested Eleanor for murdering Armand Duquesne III and working for Kingpin, however, Kingpin himself managed to get away. Other NYPD officers arrested the surviving Tracksuit Mafia members and questioned Missy, Grills, and Orville.[59]


Name Position Badge number Status
Chris DiMolina Commissioner Active
Priscilla Ridley Deputy Chief Active
West Inspector Active
Betty Audrey Captain Discharged
Strieber Captain Active
Tom Ridenhour Captain Deceased
William Pike Captain Active
Irving Forbush Captain Active
Perez Lieutenant In Custody
Mario Green Lieutenant Active
Evans Lieutenant Active
Brett Mahoney Detective Sergeant 0843 Active
Thompson Detective Sergeant Active
Will Simpson Sergeant 9292 Deceased
Silva Sergeant 332 Active
Thomas Desk Sergeant Active
MacLean Sergeant Active
Prendergast Detective Unknown
Christian Blake Detective Deceased
Donnie Chang Detective Active
Tomas Ciancio Detective Active
Oscar Clemons Detective 1608 Deceased
Dorsey Detective Suspended
Carl Hoffman Detective Inactive
Misty Knight Detective 0935 Active
Nick Manolis Detective Active
Rafael Scarfe Detective Deceased
Jake Smith Detective Active
Eddy Costa Detective Active
Ruth Sunday Detective Deceased
Brigid O'Reilly Detective Transferred
Mark Bailey Detective Active
Nandi Tyler Detective In Custody
Imada Detective Active
Defford Detective Active
Caudle Detective Active
Rivera Detective Active
Jackie Albini Officer Deceased
Carl Nussbaumer Officer Deceased
Wendy Conrad Officer Active
Cooper Officer 6380 Active
Corbin Officer 0787 In Custody
Worth Officer 17057 Active
Tolbert Officer 0495 Active
Lombardo Officer 0207 Active
Ray Peters Officer 8417 Active
Pike Officer Deceased
Pinski Officer Deceased
Dawn Officer Active
Meg Officer Active
Saunders Officer 7492 Deceased
Schmidt Officer 17480 Active
Sullivan Officer 0627 Deceased
Vasquez Officer Active
L. Warren Officer 3267 Active
Herrera Officer 1856 Active
Masterson Officer 1024 Active
Masterson Officer 8656 Active
Ermon Officer 94736 Active
Randone Officer Active
Herrera Officer 31461 Active
Reed Officer Active
Powell Officer Active
John Polsky Officer 2379 Active
Mikey Officer Active
Bowie Officer Active
Callahan Officer Transferred
Preston Officer 7509 Active
Minelli Officer Active
Miller Officer 0876 Active
O'Rourke Officer 5206 Active
Smith Officer 90212 Active
Lawrence Officer 90262 Active
Sanchez Officer Active
Bristow Officer Active
Clark Officer Active
Pickett Officer Active
Gorman Officer 7510 Active
Clyde Farnum Guard Deceased
Irene Bickell Medical Examiner Active
Gabe Krasner Consultant Retired
Cooper 53015 Active
Miller 03472 Active



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