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"Mister Stark will hold a press conference this afternoon on the steps of City Hall with all the details."

New York City Hall is the oldest city hall in the United States of America housing its original governmental functions, such as the office of the Mayor of New York City and the chambers of the New York City Council.


Kidnapping of Howard Stark

Press Conference

Jack Thompson began a press conference at the New York City Hall to lure and capture Johann Fennhoff, where he announced that Howard Stark was innocent of the theft and sale of weapons to foreign enemies, and all charges had been dropped. Thompson continued to say that they owed Stark a debt of gratitude, as his assistance in their investigation had been invaluable. Stark told Thompson to call him a hero, so he publicly said that Stark was a hero for all Americans.

Peggy Carter, who was at the press conference to protect Stark, contacted Agent Comden to check if the rooftops were being covered, but as he informed her that all clear, she told him that she knew their targets surely were somewhere nearby.

Thompson continued announcing that Stark would work with the Strategic Scientific Reserve to bring those responsible for the crime to justice, and Stark told Thompson to add that they were humbled by Stark's genius, then changing the word to brilliance. Tired of Stark's interruptions, Thompson let him speak to the press, and the reporters began to ask if all his weapons had been recovered, though one of them even asked if he had been hiding at Barbara Stanwyck's residence.

Ducking gunfire

Stark began to defend himself from the charges he had been accused of, but he was suddenly interrupted by a gunshot coming from one of the nearby windows. Thompson ordered Edwin Jarvis to take Stark to the back alley where a police car was waiting for them. Carter managed to watch the shots coming from the hotel in front of the City Hall, and hurried to apprehend the shooter.

Jarvis and Stark hurried to the back alley, with Stark acknowledging his idea had been successful. Jarvis placed Stark inside the car and told the officer to take them to the Strategic Scientific Reserve facility. However, before Jarvis could enter the car, the officer left with Stark, and Jarvis suddenly saw two police officers dead in the alley, realizing Stark had been kidnapped in front of his eyes. Stark asked Officer Pike, who was driving the car, to stop, but Pike, having been hypnotized, told him that Doctor Fennhoff would like to see him.

Jarvis hurried and informed Daniel Sousa that Stark had been taken. Meanwhile, Thompson and Carter stormed into the hotel, finding a rifle rigged to fire itself, but nobody inside the room. Carter examined the rifle and realized it was aimed above the podium, so it was just a diversion. Sousa then informed them through the radio that Stark had been kidnapped and was in a police car heading west.

Stark tried to convince Pike to release him, offering him money, cars and even Rosalind Russell's private number, but he continued to silently drive and take him to Fennhoff's presence.[1]

Wilson Fisk's Press Conference

Wilson Fisk organized a public press conference outside of the City Hall, assisted by James Wesley, Leland Owlsley and Vanessa Marianna, to announce his intentions of building a better future, a "better tomorrow", for New York City and its citizens.

Fisk announced that he felt a need to speak up for the city so that nobody should live in fear, especially blaming the so-called Devil of Hell's Kitchen for inflicting pain and suffering to its citizens, calling him a masked terrorist and psychopath together with others of his kind.

Wilson Fisk holds a press conference

Fisk wanted for the citizens to stand up against those kind men and not bowing down to their coercion and intimidations, just like Owlsley recently did when he was assaulted. Fisk explained the assault was a message to him, a warning to stop in building his better future for the city.

He had begun to build it quietly and without attention, allegedly to protect the people close to him from being targeted by his enemies, who wanted a city drowned in poverty and crime, but he had realized the foolishness of that decision and wanted to rebuild the city without being afraid of the light.

Fisk prompted the people to join together and resist the ones who wanted them to live in fear, publicly announcing his name and identity, while claiming that, together, they could make the city a better place.[2]


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