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"If we take Karen Page into custody, she'll be dead before she reaches HQ."
Ray Nadeem to Brett Mahoney[src]

New York City FBI Office is the headquarters of the FBI New York Crime Division located in New York City.


Performance Review

Upon his arrival at the headquarters, Ray Nadeem headed to the SAC's office to speak with Tammy Hattley. At her office, Nadeem requested to move up his performance review in order to get the promotion he needed. Despite Hattley' objections about moving of review, Nadeem noted that his reviews were deferred twice, personally by Hattley, not by the FBI. Nadeem wanted to know the reason why Hattley doing this with him and even thought about file a complaint and Hattley said that she tried to protect him.

Tammy Hattley orders Ray Nadeem to question Wilson Fisk

Nadeem did not understand and Hattley explained that his FICO score is 557 and according to FBI policy, that makes Nadeem a recruitment target. Also, the FBI can not promote agents with a high level of vulnerability although Nadeem stated that his circumstances were exceptional, reminding her about his sister-in-law's cancer. Hattley sympathized and said that he is a fine agent but she could not help him until he fixes his finances. Also, while Nadeem was at her office, Hattley tasked him to arrive at Ryker's Island and talk with Wilson Fisk. Nadeem noted that FBI was talking with him every month and he gave them nothing, while Hattley said that this is a nice drive, by the way.[1]

Wilson Fisk's Case

Wilson Fisk gave Ray Nadeem important information about Mother Teresa, high-ranking member of the Albanian Syndicate. Together with the team of FBI agents, Nadeem stormed his mansion and arrested all Albanians inside. Also, the FBI confiscated a lot of supplies owned by the Albanians, including their computers. Back at the headquarters, Nadeem and his colleagues were greeted by fellow agents and Wellers congratulated Nadeem for successful operation. Nadeem then informed Wellers that FBI managed to apprehend several officials corrupted by the Albanians and handed their computers to Burgos who was able to track their money trails. Wellers noted that they could not do this without Fisk's information and Nadeem said that he needs to keep him talking.

Arinori and Ramsey at the SAC's office

Later, Nadeem worked on the Albanians' case when he was joined by Wellers who brought him a sandwich. Wellers then informed him that he saw Ramsey and Arinori in the SAC's office, thinking that they wanted to take Fisk's case. Nadeem then came to the office where he asked Tammy Hattley for a private talk. Ramsey and Arinori left the office and Hattley congratulated Nadeem for operation but guessed that he wants to take Fisk's case. Hattley informed him that he can not take it but Nadeem tried to convince her that he managed to extract some information from Fisk, what multiple agents before him failed.

Hattley admitted his success and promised that she will do anything to make sure FBI command in Washington, D.C. knows about it. She then asked Nadeem to close the door before telling him that if she puts Nadeem on Fisk detail his file will is required reading and command will learn everything about his financial problems. Annoyed, Nadeem claimed that none of this could have happened without the unexpected connection between him and Fisk. Anyway, that was probably Nadeem's last chance to stabilize his family's financial situation. Hattley then finally handed Fisk's case to him with condition that he will keep Fisk talking.

FBI meets with Blake Tower and Chris DiMolina

Learning that Fisk was attacked in prison by another inmate, FBI realized that they needed to keep their source alive. Hattley and Nadeem arranged a meeting at the headquarters with Commissioner Chris DiMolina and DA Blake Tower. Hattley tried to convince them to release Fisk from the prison and place him in private location under FBI protection what DiMolina denied, pointing that Fisk is a criminal who was responsible for deaths of several NYPD officers. Nadeem reminded him about the danger posed by Albanians which was taken down thanking Fisk's leads. He then explained that Fisk's knowledge about criminal organizations can save a lot of innocent lives if the FBI and DA will keep him alive. Thinking about Nadeem's arguments, Tower allowed FBI to relocate Fisk.[2]


Myman speaking with Benjamin Poindexter

At his psychic evaluation, Benjamin Poindexter had a talk with Myman at his office about the ambush that happened while guarding Fisk. Poindexter talked to him about Wilson Fisk and when he was questioned about using lethal force against the attackers, lashing out in anger, claiming that if he wore a mask the press would call him a hero instead of talking about how he should protect himself.

Calming down and being asked about if he had a support system, Poindexter lied about having a girlfriend named Julie Barnes and talked about their relationship. Having answered to the Myman's satisfaction, Poindexter was allowed to leave, being told that he should always talk about his feelings to his girl, considering that it will do him good.[3]

Shore Leave

Benjamin Poindexter is placed on leave

As he continued to monitor Fisk, Benjamin Poindexter was being targeted for investigation and was called to the headquarters. Tammy Hattley and Winn showed him New York Bulletin article about Poindexter and put him on leave from the FBI. Leaving the office, Poindexter met Ray Nadeem and asked him for a talk. Poindexter informed him that the FBI put him on leave while Nadeem tried to calm him down, saying that everything is going to be okay. However, Poindexter saw uncertainty on Nadeem's face and he reminded Poindexter that he did his best for Poindexter while he was distressed by the loss of his job but was assured that he had nothing to worry.[4]

Unexpected Witness

Working at the headquarters, Ray Nadeem was informed that Foggy Nelson wanted to talk to him. At the conference room, Nelson gave Nadeem sandwich that he ordered at the Nelson's Meats before informed him that he came to present Matt Murdock as his attorney. Nelson stated that Murdock is ready to submit to questioning but only after Nadeem a statement made by a second witness who will convince Nadeem of my Murdock's innocence. Nadeem was skeptical about Nelson's offer before he said that his witness is Jasper Evans.

Nadeem remembered that Evans was a Ryker's Island inmate who stabbed Wilson Fisk and was sent to the hole. He then contacted with Warden Riggle who searched the whole prison but informed him that Evans disappeared. At the SAC's office, Hattley congratulated Nadeem for his work with Fisk's case what trumped his credit issues and allowed EAD to approve his promotion. However, Nadeem informed her about his talk with Nelson and news about Evans. Hattley did not believe it, because Fisk's intel was confirmed, and FBI is watching him 24/7 so they both decided that Nelson was bluffing.

Later, Nelson called Nadeem and informed him that Murdock at the New York Bulletin Building but did not mention about Evans. Nadeem guessed that doing this at the newspaper means they want it as public as possible and Hattley ordered him, as well as Johnson and O'Connor to get Murdock to the headquarters and find out what is going on.[4]

Questioning Karen Page

In the wake of attack on the New York Bulletin Building, FBI brought Karen Page to the headquarters while Foggy Nelson presented her as the attorney. Ray Nadeem showed her footage with the man in Daredevil's Suit killing Jasper Evans before talking to Page. She confirmed that he was talking to her but stated that he was not Daredevil what was also supported by Nelson.

Nadeem did not believe them and Page reminded him about her leads about Felix Manning and Red Lion National Bank which Nadeem should check. However, Nadeem pointed that "Daredevil" dropped her name, used her gun to murder Evans and then she was the only one who he did not hurt. Nelson then stated that he will not realize what is going on until he starts asking the right questions. Nadeem then asked where is Murdock who was not at the Bulletin despite Nelson's promise.

Nelson and Page then noted that killer did a huge favor for the FBI, killing the only witness who could prove that Fisk manipulating them. Nadeem ignored their comments and asked did Page knew that Daredevil was going to attack the Bulletin and Nelson stated that they are done and they left the office. Page then saw the phones owned by her killed colleagues what made her feeling guilty for her survival.[5]

Reasonable Suspicion

Working at his office, Ray Nadeem was called by his wife who worried about him in the wake of recent events. Nadeem lied to her, telling her that he was not at the Bulletin and she had nothing to worry about. When he was done, the agent informed him that Riggle arrived at the headquarters upon Nadeem's request. Nadeem showed Riggle Jasper Evans' picture and noted that he was supposed to be in a hole for stabbing Wilson Fisk but instead he was found on the loose. Riggle then proposed that he was freed by mistake. Nadeem assured him that he was not trying to screw him but he needs answers how Evans made his way out of prison but Riggle asked for a lawyer instead.

At the SAC's office, Nadeem informed Tammy Hattley that Riggle more concerned with covering himself. While Nadeem thought that Evans possible could lie about his release but Hattley decided to contact with Assistant Director in Charge and inform him about Fisk before Nadeem stopped her. Nadeem stated that if Fisk actually manipulating the FBI, every criminal arrested by his intel will be released and everything agents have done will be for nothing. Nadeem requested Hattley to give him two days to get the facts about the situation with Fisk before informing the command.[5]

Attorney for Poindexter

While still at his leave, Benjamin Poindexter was called by Ray Nadeem to met at the headquarters. When Poindexter arrived, Nadeem presented him his friend Andrea Morales who was hired as his lawyer. Nadeem told Poindexter that Morales reviewed the details of his case and can sue the FBI for wrongful suspension on his behalf. Grateful for his consideration, Poindexter thanked Nadeem for the help on getting his job back, replied back with a remark on not having to be thanked since saved so many people in his line of work, staying at the office to discuss details with Morales.

Benjamin Poindexter presented to Andrea Morales

Morales told Poindexter that if he won the case with a speedy trial, he would get his job with no regards, becoming amazed by this revelation and later asked when will it take to back to work as an agent. Morales explained that since this was a lengthy process, it would take about six months to get back to work but he will get back pay. Disappointed, Poindexter was disappointed that he will have to wait but was calmed down by Morales that he'll have a bright future at the FBI and that its only time that he doesn't need to worry about.

When Morales left him to answer the phone call, Poindexter tried to talk to Julie Barnes by texting her on his phone, leaving a message about talking to each other in person, only to get a message by her that resulted in rejection, telling him that she doesn't ever want to see him again, texting her back that made him plead with worrying, only to get a subsequent block from her. Panicking, Poindexter started to mentally spiral down even further, calling Barnes to see if she'll explain but it went straight to a voicemail telling him that he's calling a blocked phone number, leaving him devastated.[6]

Kingpin's Orders

Arriving at the headquarters, Ray Nadeem was forced by Benjamin Poindexter to contact with Daredevil. Nadeem informed him that Wilson Fisk had planned something, setting a trap for him against Nadeem's will. Not long after, Tammy Hattley officially reinstated Poindexter in his post. Poindexter then thanked every agent at the headquarters, especially Nadeem, saying that someday he will pay him back for everything he did.

Tammy Hattley informs agents about Kingpin's orders

Hattley then led Nadeem to the conference room where she presented him to other agents corrupted by Fisk. Among the agents were Arinori, Ramsey, Wellers, O'Connor, Johnson and Markham, and Nadeem cannot believe that Fisk had something on everybody at the room. Arinori and Poindexter then informed Nadeem that they are not calling Fisk by his name and only refer to him by his code name "Kingpin". Hattley then handed Poindexter information about Fisk's next order: apprehend John Hammer, Everett Ross, Latimer Zyl, Sophia Carter, and Rosalie Carbone, and bring them to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant.[7]

Covering the Truth

FBI press conference about the deaths of Winn and Ray Nadeem

"Posted to my campaign web page and the tens of thousands of police officers that know that I'm here. With you. Helping."
Foggy Nelson to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

In order to cover the murder of Ray Nadeem executed by Benjamin Poindexter, Kingpin ordered Tammy Hattley to organize a press conference at the headquarters. Hattley changed the narrative of recent events, and according to her story, Nadeem killed Winn and resisted arrest what forced his colleagues to kill him.

Later, FBI called Foggy Nelson and said him to come to the headquarters. Upon his arrival, Nelson was greeted by Poindexter who won his bet while other agents betting that Nelson would not show there. Nelson said that he is always available to help the FBI before taking a selfie with Poindexter. Nelson then posted it to his campaign web page, informing the New York City Police Department where he is. Poindexter however assured that he is safe here and even can be useful as the District Attorney and then lead Nelson to the conference room. There, Nelson found Hattley talking with Seema Nadeem who wanted to assist the FBI with the investigation about her husband and asked them to call Nelson.

Hattley and Poindexter then left the room, allowing Nelson and Seema to speak privately. While Seema and Nadeem were talking about her cooperation, she wrote on the paper that the FBI is listening to them. Nelson responded to her and keep talking about her son whole Seema informed him about Nadeem's plan. She then handed Nelson his phone with Nadeem's recorded dying declaration.

Meanwhile, Poindexter was called by Felix Manning however when he responded, he realized that he was talking with Daredevil. Poindexter then learned that Daredevil knows about him and Eileen Mercer before he informed him that Fisk had Julie Barnes killed and gave him the location of her corpse.[8]


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