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"There used to be a time when the people in this building wrote the hell out of the news."
Ben Urich[src]

The New York Bulletin Building is the headquarters of the New York Bulletin.


Front Sign

Union Allied Corruption Scandal

The man in the mask left Rance, one of the men working for Wilson Fisk and who had recently attacked Karen Page at the doorstep of the building, along with a package containing all the information regarding the corruption that Page.

Ben Urich started to write an article that went on the front page of the newspaper the following morning, entitled Union Allied Corruption Scandal.[1]

Newspaper Stories

Ben Urich called the health insurance company from his office at the New York Bulletin Building, wanting to request an extension for the amounts of days his wife, Doris could stay in hospital care. While he was speaking, Mitchell Ellison, Urich's editor, entered the office, but he waited until Urich hung up the phone, being dismissed bu the company as having to fill yet another new form.

Ellison empathized with Urich, mentioning how he had trouble with the insurance with his sons' dental care. Then, Ellison wanted to talk Urich about the news spread for the next week. Urich tried to convince Ellison about writing another spread about organized crime, this time involving operations in all of Hell's Kitchen from a single individual.

Urich tried to explain that he had been the first to realize what was happening, as this was tying not only recent crimes committed by Russian mobster, but the Union Allied Construction scandal. Ellison tried to convince to let the story go, as it was not profitable for the newspaper, and the only result they could obtain was to imprison some men n a white-collar prison.

Urich insisted, saying that not even the New York City Police Department was working on the case, but Ellison then ordered him to drop it, and instead write a story about Hell's Kitchen upcoming subway line. Urich said that they wrote something similar every year, but it was successful each time, so Ellison insisted again.

He even proposed Urich to take a poll in the streets, but then Urich confronted him by saying that there was a time where the New York Bulletin 's reporters wrote news. However, Ellison tried to make him understand that their situation was not good, and every reporter had to work twice as they did, working from home or writing for blogs to hang on.

Urich seemingly agreed to write the spread, so Ellison advised him to make a visual article, offering him to call the Graphics section to make them add a chart. Before leaving, he also offered Urich to call the insurance company and help him with his wife.[2]

Resuming the Story

Ben Urich called Shirley Benson to personally thank her for all she had done to obtain an extension for the insurance care for his wife, Doris, telling Benson that he owed her one. Urich was so happy about the news, and began to reflect on his latest article, but he was interrupted by Karen Page, who knocked at his door asking for him.

Page told Urich that she had read his article, and when he asked if she was talking about the one about the subway line, she clarified that she wanted to speak about Union Allied Construction, revealing that there were many things more about that story in case he was interested.[2]

Analyzing Patterns

Ben Urich contemplated a board on his office where he began to establish connections between many events that happened during the last few weeks in Hell's Kitchen, such as brothers Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov, crimes of kidnapping and extortion, the shootout at Veles Taxi Garage, the Yakuza, the boy kidnapped in front of his father and subsequently rescued, the Chinese and the rise in heroin addicts, the Assassination of Mister Prohaszka, Clyde Farnum and Union Allied Construction. All of them were connected to a man sitting at the top, symbolized by the King of Diamonds.

Urich was interrupted by Mitchell Ellison's announcement that multiple explosions had struck all across Hell's Kitchen. Ellison began to distribute tasks, ordering Henricks to get a statement from the New York City Police Department and Taylor to call one of his contacts at the Public Works to see if gas or methane were the cause of the explosions.

Urich then asked the locations of the explosions, but Ellison was not pleased by the interruption. Urich simply told him it would help to know where should they go to cover the story. Ellison asked M. Caldwell for the list of locations, and began to read it. As he did, Urich realized the connection between all of them, and took his jacket to get to them as fast as he could, while saying that it was not gas.

Ellison asked him how could he be sure that it was not, and Urich revealed that all places that were hit were controlled by the Russians. Ellison tried to stop Urich from leaving, but he was unable to do it.[3]

Recruiting Foggy Nelson

Karen Page took Foggy Nelson to the New York Bulletin Building to speak with Ben Urich at his office. Urich was annoyed that Page revealed their investigation to somebody else despite he explicitly told her not to do it, but Page explained that Nelson was an attorney, and they would need one sooner or later.

Page told Urich that he could trust Nelson, and they showed Nelson their board with the possible connections between all the event that had been happening lately at Hell's Kitchen, all connected to a man at the top, represented as the king of diamonds.

Page told Nelson they had no idea who that man was, but Page believed he was also behind Union Allied Construction. Urich told them that there was someone else involved, the man in black, but Page firmly believed that he was not working for the king, as he helped her expose Union Allied.

Urich theorized that the king and the masked man were working against each other, so he wondered who would trump the other.[4]

Fruitless Article

Ben Urich began to write an article meant to make Wilson Fisk's presence in New York City known to its inhabitants. He started the article with a saying: "You get what you deserve", that could not always be applied to everyone.

He began to write about how some people believe themselves to be above the rules that everyone else must follow, and how they did it hiding in the shadows, taking everything from anyone else until there is nothing left to take. However, Urich wanted to inspire people, saying that the people who suffered still mattered.

Urich began to write about unmasking the man in Hell's Kitchen that had been oppressing them covertly, from the shadows, and wanted to make him step forward if it was true that he had nothing to hide.

Urich suddenly noticed a press conference being broadcast live on WHiH World News, with Wilson Fisk, the same man he was trying to make public, stepping out to the light and announcing himself as a philanthropist wanting to improve the city. Due to this, Urich had no choice than deleting his article.[5]

Promotion Proposal

Ben Urich began to look pamphlets about different hospices for his wife Doris, as she could not stay longer at Metro-General Hospital. Mitchell Ellison interrupted Urich, wanting to know the reason why he handed to M. Caldwell the piece Urich was supposed to write about the fundraiser organized by Wilson Fisk. Urich then said that he had something else to do, something personal, without disclosing the situation with his wife.

Ellison then explained that Haverson, the editor of the Metro section, was going to leave at the end of the month because he wanted to spend time with his grandsons, and proposed Urich to accept that job. Urich considered himself a reporter instead of an editor, though Ellison said that he thought the same until he accepted the job.

Ellison also told him that the new job would also mean a raise and better benefits. Urich promised he would think about it, and Ellison asked him to tell him something in the next couple of days.

Once left alone, Urich evaluated the priorities of his life, staring at the board where he connected all organized crime events in Hell's Kitchen.[6]

Late Phonecalls

Ben Urich, who was still at his office in the New York Bulletin Building working late, received a phone from Karen Page. Urich answered sarcastically, saying that he already knew who she was when she identified herself due to the caller ID. Page guessed he was still pissed at him, but he told her that he was just tired.

Urich asked Page if she was okay, until Page revealed that Murdock and Nelson had a fight between them and she felt like everything was falling apart. Urich warned her that those things happened just when a story got interesting. Page asked him for advice of coping with those things day after day, and he said that he simply walked forward like everybody else.

Page acknowledged that Urich was not like everybody else, and he calmed her, saying that they all did what he could, and that sometimes that was enough. Almost crying, Page thanked Urich, and though he clarified he had not said that he was going to write the story, Page thanked him for being there and for caring, and asked him if they would talk the following day. Urich assured him they would, and then said goodbye.

Urich then continued researching old photographs hoping to find any clue about the story, and found an old image from one of the signs that Bill Fisk used during his brief campaign for the city council.[7]

Editor Approval

Ben Urich arrived at the New York Bulletin Building in the morning wanting to see his editor to publish the story regarding Wilson Fisk and his father. Urich asked M. Caldwell if Ellison was in his office upon arriving, but she told Urich that Ellison's son had something at school so he would arrive later than usual.

Urich called Karen Page to brief her about the situation, as Ellison was at his son's school to hear him in a solo cello concert and there was a reception after that. Page asked if he had tried calling to Ellison's cellphone, and Urich told her that Ellison did not pick it up.

Urich asked her to be calm until Ellison got back, but also advised her to keep her eyes open, just in case, and Page returned the advice. Page then received another phone call from Matt Murdock and had to take it, so Urich promised her to call again as soon as he knew something.[8]


Ben Urich tried to give Mitchell Ellison an article detailing how, according to his own mother Marlene Vistain, Wilson Fisk killed his father. However, Ellison refused to publish it and tried to stop Urich from insisting, saying that having heard his son in a solo concert had been one of the greatest moments of his life, and reading Urich's article had been the exact opposite.

In front of their co-workers, Urich tried to make Ellison understand that the story could expose Fisk, but Ellison was more concerned about a possible lawsuit from him, because Ellison saw no follow-ups or corroboration. He even disregarded Vistain's statement, as she was an old lady and probably she believed that Richard Nixon was still the president.

Urich asked him to run the article as it would sell newspapers because it was sexy, making Ellison remark that Urich was sounding like a whore. Urich lost his temper, and said that he learned how to be a whore from Ellison. Despite being able to write important stories like the article about Union Allied Construction once in a while, Urich felt that most of the time working for the New York Bulletin now made him feel like wearing lipstick and a red dress.

Ellison did not return Urich's taunts, and simply told him that he was suspended for the rest of the week. Urich simply asked Ellson to take another look at the article, feeling it was their responsibility to stop Fisk following the trail of bodies he was leaving. In turn, Ellison told him he should write a story about how Fisk was spending millions of dollars trying to save the city.

Urich then accused Ellison of being paid by Fisk, given that following the article about Union Allied, he had been unable to get one of his stories about the truth of the events in the city to print. Ellison told him that the reason for that was because his crime pieces were shit, just like the article about Fisk's father.

Ellison told Urich to forget about the suspension and ordered him to clear his office, as he was done trying to help him and fired him.[8]

Arrest of Wilson Fisk's Associates

All over New York City, FBI agents were deployed to pursue and arrest Wilson Fisk's associates, as their involvement in Fisk's crimes was made public by former Detective Carl Hoffman.

A small group of agents stormed into the New York Bulletin Building, heading into the local section and asking everyone in their path to move. They proceeded to identify and arrest M. Caldwell, while Mitchell Ellison, the editor, looked surprised, and sadly realized that she may have been responsible for Ben Urich's death.[9]

Investigating Castle's Past

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Late Work

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An Open Letter Threat

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