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"We're a newspaper, Ellison, not a girly mag."
Ben Urich to Mitchell Ellison[src]

The New York Bulletin is a tabloid newspaper from New York City.


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Publication History



Name Position Status
Mitchell Ellison Editor Active
Karen Page Reporter Fired
Haverson Metropolitan Section Editor (formerly) Retired
Ben Urich Reporter (formerly) Fired/Deceased
Caldwell Secretary, Wilson Fisk's mole (formerly) In Custody
G. Doherty Reporter Active
Henricks Reporter Active
Taylor Reporter Active
Jennifer Many Reporter Active
C. Kelly Reporter
Stan Cati
M. Murhpy
E. Ellis
D. Krause
K. Haas
Michael Jortner Reporter
Steven Morahan Reporter
Carly Whitaker Reporter
Tyanna Lazauskas Reporter
Keira Morrisette Reporter


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