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"We're a newspaper, Ellison, not a girly mag."
Ben Urich to Mitchell Ellison[src]

The New York Bulletin is a tabloid newspaper from New York City.


Peggy Carter with an edition of the New York Bulletin

In April 1946, the New York Bulletin reported about an innocent man being released from from a state prison.[1] On April 25, 1946, they reported on an apartment fire where twenty six people people and seven cats were rescued.[2]

The New York Bulletin wrote an article in July 1969 titled "Astronauts Walk On Moon Surface", detailing the United States of America' Apollo 11  flight that became the first manned mission to land on the Moon.[3] Years later, the New York Bulletin wrote another article, titled "Harlem's Crown Jewel", about opening of Harlem's Paradise and club's owners, Buggy Stokes and Quincy McIver.[4]

A front page article was written called "Bombing at World Trade Center", about the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, on February 27, 1993.[5] In 1995, Jack Murdock fought Carl Creel and won in a brief but brutal boxing match. When Murdock was murdered and his body was later found by the New York City Police Department, J. Kelpler wrote an article for the newspaper.[6]

"Harold Meachum Gravely Ill"

The New York Bulletin published an article about the Walkers adopting Jessica Jones by 2000.[6] In 2001, the newspaper covered the Rand family's plane accident.[7] The New York Bulletin published an article titled "Harold Meachum Gravely Ill", about Harold Meachum's cancer, in 2003.[8] One year later, a reporter wrote an article for the newspaper about Harold Meachum dying from cancer at 41.[7][7]

On December 21, 2005, the newspaper  published an article about a union rejecting 10.5% a pay hike, leaving 7 million riders stranded.[5] The New York Bulletin also reported about a Cybertek lawsuit.[9] By 2008, the New York Bulletin published an article entitled "Financial Meltdown", about the ongoing financial crisis.[5]

"Harlem Terror" and "Battle of NY"

Working for the New York Bulletin, Ben Urich wrote a number of articles about various events in New York City, such as the Teachers Union scandal, a toxic runoff, and Veteran Affairs kickbacks.[10] In 2010, Urich reported about the Duel of Harlem involving Hulk and Abomination. On May 5, 2012, Urich also reported about the Battle of New York. A photograph of one of the Leviathans was used by the New York Bulletin for the newspaper cover.[11]

"Stark Tower ruined during Battle of NY"

Later, the New York Bulletin reported on the Stark Tower being damaged during the Battle of New York. On October 30, 2012, the New York Bulletin reported about Hurricane Sandy. Some articles published by the newspaper in 2014 included: "Broadway Bimbos Busted", "Trouble in Pair A' Dice", "Ebola Patient Goes Out "Ebowling", pulished on October 24, 2014, "Chaos Under the Streets", "Breaking Ground", and "Breaking Ground".[5]

"Daredevil Collars Fisk"

In 2015, Ben Urich reported on the scandal and corruption surrounding Union Allied Construction.[12] Urich reported other stories that year, including "Readers Vote for Color", about a new subway line at Hell's Kitchen,[11] "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen",[13] about the new vigilante in New York City, and "A Better Tomorrow", about Wilson Fisk.[14] When Urich was murdered, the newspaper reported on it under the headline "Bulletin Editor Passes".[6] Following Fisk's arrest by Daredevil, the New York Bulletin reported on the events.[3]

"Costa Verde Under Siege"

An article of the New York Bulletin reported the conflict in Costa Verde.[15] They then reported about Jeri Hogarth leaving her wife Wendy Ross-Hogarth, and having an affair with Pam.[6] On April 14, 2015, the New York Bulletin wrote about the gang war in Central Park.[5]

The newspaper, with Jennifer Many as its reporter, had a news report that Brett Mahoney was being unable to find leads on a recent rise in synthetic heroin. In fall 2015, following the events that David Lieberman was shot and presumed dead, an article was written for the newspaper.[6] The New York Bulletin had breaking news entitled "Punisher Punished", about the arrest of the Punisher, "Gang Members Gathered for Questioning", about the arrest of the Kitchen Irish, and "New Theories Shed Light on Lost City",  about theories on a lost city.[5]

"Trial of the Century"

In November 2015, a reporter from the New York Bulletin wrote about local gangs pushing hard against the city's law enforcement.[5] It was also announced on the New York Bulletin about the trial of Frank Castle.[16] When Dante Chapman was murdered, the New York Bulletin reported on it under the headline "Game Over".[17] The newspaper also reported about the Destruction of Genghis Connie's.[6]

By December 2015, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Frank Castle became front page news with at least three headline stories: "Luke Cage'd", about Cage's recent arrest, "Where Is the Devil of Hell's Kitchen?", about Daredevil's recent inactivity, and "House Fire Burns Castle", about Castle burning his home to the ground.[6]

The Meachum in their interview

In January 2016, the New York Bulletin interviewed Ward Meachum and Joy Meachum, CEO and Chief Counsel of Rand Enterprises, respectively.[6] Once Danny Rand returned to New York City after being missing for years, he was often being featured on the New York Bulletin stories. By February 2016, Jennifer Many wrote an article on Rand's choice to have the leishmaniasis cure drug sold at cost.[18] A story about Danny Rand's recent actions to improve Rand Enterprises was also published.[6]

Karen Page did a story for the New York Bulletin on Rand's choice to close the Staten Island plant.[19] The New York Bulletin also covered  about Joy and Ward Meachum losing Rand Enterprises.[6] Rand had a front page article due to him becoming a fugitive following his framing for drug trafficking.[19]

"Quake: Hero or Rogue?"

The New York Bulletin reported about the construction at Midland Circle.[6] Later, the news outlet printed a newspaper about the earthquake in New York City with its epicentre at Midland Circle.[20] They also published an edition about Matt Murdock helping Aaron James to win his court case, and another one about the Ambush at the Royal Dragon[6] In September 2016, the New York Bulletin reported about the runaway vigilante Daisy Johnson.[21]

Lewis Wilson with an article

On November 30, 2016, the New York Bulletin reported about the covert operation set up by Dinah Madani which went wrong when men from Anvil ended up killing Sam Stein.[6] By December 2016, the newspaper publisher reported about Frank Castle being caught on police dashcam footage, revealing him to be alive.[6] They also reported about Lewis Wilson and Castle, both of whom grew up in New York City, being labelled as terrorists and considered to be working together.[22]

Tyrone Johnson and Solomon reading about Luke Cage

In 2017, Karen Page wrote a front-page article titled "Luke Cage In The Harlem Rumble". Copies of this article were sold in New Orleans.[23] By May 2018, Jennifer Many wrote an article entitled "EXCLUSIVE: First-Ever Photo of the MASKED VIGILANTE!" about a new female masked vigilante working with Jessica Jones.[24] The newspaper published articles with "Women's Wellness Gym to Expand Rental Bikes in Red Hook" and "Pie Palooza Closing after Forty-Five Years" as the headlines.[25]

Jennifer Many wrote a front-page article about the murder of Carl Nussbaumer. Later, the newspaper published an article about a construction company building a new building. An article about a building owned by Montero being burned down, killing a seven-year-old boy, was also published.[25]

Jessica Jones: Bona Fide Hero

The New York Bulletin wrote a front-page article titled "Jessica Jones Asks Public for Help", in which Jessica Jones revealed that the new masked vigilante in New York City was Trish Walker and asked for help stopping her. Later, the New York Bulletin published an article entitled "Bona Fide Hero", about Jones defeating Walker.[26]

Publication History



Name Position Status
Mitchell Ellison Editor Active
Karen Page Reporter Fired
Haverson Metropolitan Section Editor (formerly) Retired
Ben Urich Reporter (formerly) Fired/Deceased
M. Caldwell Secretary, Wilson Fisk's mole (formerly) In Custody
G. Doherty Reporter Active
Henricks Reporter Active
Taylor Reporter Active
Jennifer Many Reporter Active
C. Kelly Reporter
J. Kelpler Reporter
Stan Cati
M. Murhpy
E. Ellis
D. Krause
K. Haas
Michael Jortner Reporter
Steven Morahan Reporter
Carly Whitaker Reporter
Tyanna Lazauskas Reporter
Keira Morrisette Reporter


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  • The New York Bulletin was created exclusively for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following its introduction in the franchise, the New York Bulletin was released by Marvel Comics as a metafictional newspaper in order to promote the Secret Wars event, and later introduced in the main Marvel comics continuity.
  • The image of the "Daredevil Collars Fisk" article is based on the cover of Daredevil Vol 2 #60.
  • A LEGO set for Avengers: Infinity War includes a New York Bulletin newspaper titled "Crime Floods The Streets" with Daredevil appearing on the front page.
  • Avengers Campus, a Disneyland themed area inspired by the MCU, features a New York Bulletin newspaper with Iron Man appearing on the front page.


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