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The New York Bell Company Office is a covert facility and one of the main offices of the Strategic Scientific Reserve in New York City.



Chase of Howard Stark


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Peggy Carter arrived at the New York Bell Company Office, the covert Strategic Scientific Reserve facility where she worked in New York City following World War II. Upon arriving, she greeted Rose Roberts, one of the phone operators that maintained the cover of the office, who opened a hidden elevator to let her enter inside the office and complimented the hat Carter was wearing. Roger Dooley called all agents for a briefing but ordered Carter to stay out and cover the phones. However, Carter called Roberts and asked her to redirect all incoming calls to the briefing room, so she could attend the briefing with the rest of the male agents.

Dooley exhibited a movie regarding Howard Stark's senate hearings, as Stark had been accused of selling weapons to the black market and even to enemies of the United States of America. However, Stark had disappeared before the final day of hearings concluded, and he was not found in his houses or his offices. For that reason, Stark had been labeled as a fugitive.

Dooley appointed Jack Thompson as the leading agent of the operation, who proposed to freeze Stark's assets, including his planes. However, Carter objected to the accusations against Stark, something that Dooley had already foreseen. Carter explained Stark's role during World War II, and how he helped the country, refusing to believe he was a traitor.

Dooley disregarded Carter's opinions, sarcastically calling her to be just Captain America's "liaison", but now that the war had ended, professionals like them would decide over important things, and ended the briefing. Ray Krzeminski made a chauvinist comment about Carter, prompting Daniel Sousa to apologize to Carter. Krzeminski rudely treated Sousa, saying that he was not even talking to him, and taunted him due to his physical disability.

Carter approached Sousa, but instead of thanking him as he expected, Carter told him not to stand for her. Sousa disliked how the rest of agents treated Carter, just as a secretary instead of as a fellow agent, but Carter assured she was capable of handling them, despite she was grateful for what he did, and shared his dislike for the treatment.

Thompson approached Carter to try to make her file some surveillance reports, saying that she was better with that. Carter asked Thompson what was he referring to, as if it was the alphabet, the only thing needed to file the reports, she would gladly teach him starting with "A".

Carter took the reports, and Thompson left, jokingly saying goodbye in three different languages with words starting with "A". Sousa felt sorry for Thompson, having heard that he lost his personality in Iwo Jima.[1]

Nitramene Compound

Black Market Dealings

The following day, Peggy Carter returned to the office, and witnessed how Daniel Sousa was examining some pictures of Howard Stark in the same boat he used to escape from the city. Carter, having agreed to help Stark clear his name, casually approached Sousa in order to learn about his investigation. Sousa was focusing in quickly finding Stark, given than most fugitive cases are solved in the first 72 hours, and investigated the possibility that Stark would try to leave the country in a boat.

Carter misled Sousa explaining that the only reason Stark would board a boat would be that he liked the girl that appeared in the photographs, as Stark could not even swim. Carter even told him a fake anecdote as to how Stark tried to kiss her during the Victory in Europe Day, and as she threw him into the River Thames, they needed to call frogmen to catch him and get him out of the water.

Jack Thompson organized a private meeting with Roger Dooley, Ray Krzeminski and Yauch, in order to brief them about the discovery of a fence trying to sell one of Stark's inventions, Spider Raymond, the owner of a night club named La Martinique.

ACEp1 4.png

Thompson explained what the requirements for their mission were, such as the dress code for the three agents that were going to infiltrate the club, and the support agents that needed to be stationed outside. Dooley offered to get back up from the police department, but Thompson refused, given that Raymond would discover them.

Carter entered the briefing with the excuse of bringing coffee to the agents, overhearing that Raymond had a taste for blonde women and money, and that Thompson only needed two men with sidearms to grab Raymond, his buyer and Stark's technology. Dooley asked Thompson if he did such missions while he was in Okinawa, replying that only sometimes, as other times they actually brought a tank.

Dooley agreed with Thompson's plan, and then asked Carter why did she enter the briefing room, as it was only for field agents. Thompson asked Dooley to let Carter stay, as she may learn something from them, though Carter replied that she already learnt what she needed.

Carter requested a sick day, telling Dooley she was not feeling good due to "ladies' things", causing discomfort in all the male agents present. Dooley granted her the day, telling her to go shopping or doing whatever made her feel better. Carter thanked him for his understanding before leaving the room, wishing them to enjoy the coffee.[1]

Memories of the War

A day later, Peggy Carter went to the storage room in order to take Abraham Erskine's Vita-Ray Detector from the Project Rebirth files kept in the archive. However, Carter could not help check Steve Rogers' file inside the box, remembering her last conversation with him as she looked at his photograph.


Daniel Sousa entered the room, and as he saw Carter almost crying, he tried to leave the room unnoticed, but he unintentionally hit one of the shelves with his crutch. Sousa apologized for the intrusion, as he still had to fully learn how to control the crutch.

Carter assured she did not allow herself to get nostalgic often, so Sousa shared his experience during World War II, and how he was offered by the chaplain from the field hospital to send his effects to someone in case of the worst happened. However, Sousa did not want to send his few belongings to his father, as he preferred to let him remember his life, and as it turned out, he did not die, even joking about his disability.

Carter tried to cheer Sousa up and bond with him, explaining that he was one of the lucky ones, as there were many soldiers that did not manage to return. Sousa silently nodded as he left the room.

Now alone again, Carter took the Vita-Ray Detector and prepared herself to raid the Roxxon Refinery.[1]

Destruction of the Roxxon Refinery

That night, Roger Dooley and Daniel Sousa discussed one of the leads in the investigation about Howard Stark, that would situate him in London. Jack Thompson interrupted them to announce that one of the bouncers from La Martinique caught a blonde woman with the body of Spider Raymond, making her the primary suspect for the Strategic Scientific Reserve

Dooley ordered Sousa to answer the phone, so he could speak to Thompson about their next move. Thompson reminded him about deserving a promotion, as he had obtained the camera from the club's photographer, and Dooley ordered him to take the camera to the laboratory. Sousa announced that the Roxxon Refinery had been destroyed, and casualties had not been evaluated yet because Port Authority could not even find the building. Wanting to see it by himself, Dooley ordered Thompson and Sousa to accompany him.[1]

Roxxon Refinery Debris

Roger Dooley oversaw the transport of the remains from the Roxxon Refinery back to the New York Bell Company Office with Jack Thompson and Ray Krzeminski. Dooley assured that the technology capable of doing that was extremely dangerous, and they needed to find it fast. Krzeminski randomly asked if a magnet could have done that, but Thompson answered that the wood, stone, and concrete that were fused with the steel and iron did not carry a magnetic charge.

Dooley was sure that Howard Stark was responsible of the destruction, and ordered Thompson to accompany him to the Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters in order to learn Stark's potential reasons to destroy the refinery. However, as Krzeminski was about to accompany them, Dooley ordered him to stay and dismantle the remains of the refinery in order to find any evidence.


In the main office, Peggy Carter obtained Sheldon McFee's address, and was about to leave in order to investigate it when she saw Daniel Sousa reading the Racing Journal in the newspaper. Carter advised him to bet for Whitby's Prospect instead of Uncle Bob, the horse Sousa had marked. Intrigued, Sousa asked Carter how could she be so sure, but she replied she was not, that was the reason it was called "gambling".

Carter asked Sousa to cover for her while she went to investigate McFee's address, claiming she was leaving for personal matters, and Sousa gallantly agreed, but reminding Carter she would owe him one for that favor. A laboratory technician handed Sousa the photographs were taken in La Martinique, Spider Raymond's club, who hoped to find an image of the blonde woman suspect of killing Raymond, without knowing that Carter was that woman and she was not Sasha Demidov.

Carter, hoping to examine the images to make sure her face did not appear, offered Sousa to help him, but before he could have any chance to examine them, Krzeminski appear to make Sousa help him with the debris from the Roxxon Refinery, while also ordering Carter to finish the transport reports and file them.

Sousa headed to the basement and locked the photographs inside his desk, and Carter seized the opportunity to enter Dooley's office and made an untraceable call to Edwin Jarvis, to make him dispose of the car they used to travel to the Roxxon Refinery, as the car sustained damage and would surely have been contaminated with Vita Radiation.

Jarvis tried to postpone the errand until finishing the laundry, but Carter seriously ordered to do it at the very moment. Jarvis then asked about the outcome of her visit to the Daisy Clover Milk Factory, so she explained that despite she did not locate the dairy truck, she learned the identity of its driver, who used to commute from Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

Jarvis offered to drive her to Cedar Grove, but she refused, as she first had to make sure the photographs that Sousa had to examine did not incriminate her.[2]

Retrieving the Photographs

Peggy Carter waited until some personnel abandoned the main office to try to open Daniel Sousa's desk and obtain a series of photographs that could incriminate her.


Carter used a Brooch Key to try to open the drawer while being hidden under Sousa's desk, but got distracted when the phone in her own desk started to ring. As nobody went to answer, Carter tried to continue, but then Sousa's desk started to ring. Sousa quickly arrived and answered the phone, finding Roger Dooley on the other side of the line. Dooley asked about Carter, who was hiding under another desk trying to return to her own, and despite Sousa was unable to find her, as soon as he looked again, he found Carter acting as if nothing had happened.

Carter then answered the phone, and was asked by Dooley to locate something that could help them detect Vita Radiation. Carter informed Dooley that there was probably an item in the Project Rebirth files, and ended to conversation to retrieve it from the storage room and take it to the Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters, telling Sousa that it was just another of the errands she was usually tasked.[2]

Interrogation of Miles Van Ert


Miles Van Ert was taken to the New York Bell Company Office of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, where Roger Dooley explained the charges that had been brought against him while leaving a carrot and a stick over the table. Dooley explained that there was physical evidence that linked Van Ert to an act of industrial sabotage that would probably lead to a charge of treason, which could result in being condemned to the electric chair. Dooley offered the possibility of avoiding that fate if he gave him something in return.

Dooley compared fighting crime with fishing, as whoever obtained the biggest fish would win. As Van Ert was a "big fish", but there were bigger ones, Dooley offered him to reduce his sentence in exchange for the name of his employer. However, due to the pressure for solving the whole case, Dooley's offer would expire if he left the room, so he only asked for the name once.

Van Ert remained silent, so Dooley regretted that he did not choose the "easy way", and left the room with the carrot, but leaving the stick. Jack Thompson, who had been present during the whole conversation, grabbed the stick and advised Van Ert to bite it, before repeatedly punching him in the face.


Dooley went to the observation room behind a one-way mirror, where Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter were waiting. Sousa commented that he would hate what would have happened with the carrot, and Dooley gave permission to Carter to leave the office for the night, as he thought a lady should not see what Thompson was doing to Van Ert.[2]

Following Leads

Jack Thompson finished his interrogation of Miles Van Ert, having obtained details such as Leet Brannis' name or the use of a Daisy Clover truck to transport the Nitramene. Roger Dooley consulted the Immigration Services to check Brannis' name, and was informed that there was no record of him having ever entered the country. Thompson assured that if it was an alias, Van Ert did not know his true name, as he had confessed everything he knew.

Daniel Sousa contacted Daisy Clover to obtain the identity and address of the truck driver, despite asserting that surely he was not the mastermind of the operation. Dooley was convinced that Brannis was the key to solve their case, as despite Thompson had pressed Van Ert, he did not know anything about Howard Stark. Sousa obtained the name and address of Sheldon McFee, so Dooley enlisted Sousa, Thompson and Ray Krzeminski to investigate it.[2]

Deflecting Suspicion

Roger Dooley, Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa were discussing the photographs taken at La Martinique the night Spider Raymond was killed inside his own club. As Peggy Carter arrived at the office, Dooley asked her to approach.

At first, Carter feared she had been recognized as the blonde woman who was the main suspect of being Raymond's killer, but it turned that Dooley only wanted her to settle the bet the three agents have done, to see if one of the men appearing in photographs was Joe DiMaggio. Carter, relieved, casually answered that did not follow boxing, even though DiMaggio was a baseball player, prompting the Dooley to laugh.

Dooley entered his own office, still convinced that the man was DiMaggio, despite Thompson, who had been at the club that night, was sure that he was not, and paid Sousa for losing their bet. Carter was surprised that Sousa bet against her, but he said that was not sure of the outcome when he bet, as that was the reason it was called "gambling", paraphrasing something that Carter told him before. Carter went to ask about the images, to check if he managed to obtain a clear image of the blonde woman. However, every image showed her back, and Sousa was unable to find any clear shot of her face, though he promised he would find her.

Meanwhile, at the basement, Ray Krzeminski dismantled the debris from the Roxxon Refinery, and managed to find the bumper and license plate of the car that Carter and Edwin Jarvis used to travel to the facility.[2]

Russian Connections

Roger Dooley checked with Jack Thompson and Ray Krzeminski the leads they have obtained regarding their case about Howard Stark.


Thompson managed to identify Leet Brannis' corpse, tracking him as a Russian citizen due to the amalgam in his teeth. The coroner who revealed that fact also explained Thompson that Brannis' scar in the throat was due to his voice box having been cut out, probably during World War II, as he served in the Soviet 478th Rifle Division.

Thompson explained the most unusual they managed to learn from Brannis. According to Thompson's contact in the United States Embassy in Moscow, Brannis died two years before, in 1944, during the battle of Finow. His entire division was exterminated during that battle, and Brannis was classified as deceased despite having survived.

Krzeminski obtained an image of Sasha Demidov through the fingerprints in the passports he found at the Hotel Cosmopolitan, and Dooley explained Thompson that according to the laboratory, the typewriter found at the hotel was a long-range transmitter, though its specific range had not been determined.

Thompson gave Dooley an idea, so he ordered Thompson to investigate the Man in the Green Suit through his contact at the embassy in Moscow. Krzeminski complained, as he wanted to investigate the man, but Dooley noted that he did not have friends in Moscow, to which Thompson joked he did not have friends anywhere.

Daniel Sousa informed Dooley that the license plate located within the debris from the Roxxon Refinery belonged to Howard Stark, and Krzeminski proudly remarked that he was the one who found the license plate. Sousa doubted that Stark himself used the car to destroy the Roxxon Refinery, but Dooley noted that somebody was surely driving the car, and he wanted to know his identity.[3]

Interrogation of Edwin Jarvis

Ray Krzeminski tried to convince Butch Wallace and Yauch to cover his night shift, given that Krzeminski had told his girlfriend that he would take her to a show that night, even despite he was married. Yauch told him to ask Peggy Carter, who was entering the office at that moment, though Krzeminski refused, given that Roger Dooley would not want a lady to make a night shift, and Krzeminski even believed her to be unable to make her own shift. Krzeminski scolded Carter for being late, though she taunted Krzeminski asking if he would take his wife or his girlfriend to the show.

Jack Thompson took Edwin Jarvis to the interrogation room, and started thanking him for coming to the office to talk. Jarvis explained that probably everything they wanted him to say was probably already in the missing-car report that he filed for the Police Department.

To question Jarvis without being able to charge him for a crime, Thompson explained that the report was not available yet, as the Police Department was very inefficient in record-keeping, even more than the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

On the other side of the room, Peggy Carter joined Roger Dooley and Daniel Sousa during the interrogation, and told them that he recognized Jarvis as Howard Stark's butler from the file. Carter asked Dooley if he really believed that he had been involved in the destruction of the Roxxon Refinery, and though Dooley thought he was not directly responsible, he guessed that Jarvis could have driven a getaway car.

Thompson joked that many things have been stolen from Stark, first the bombs, now a car, and probably even a death ray; Jarvis then explained that the death ray had not been stolen, still being in Nevada as far as he knew.

T and T 8.jpg

Thompson then showed Jarvis the images of Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov, explaining that both of them had been in possession of Stark's technology, but now they were dead. Jarvis guessed that meant the SSR had already found the thieves, but Thompson presented the hypothesis that they could have been working for Stark.

Sousa was surprised to see that Thompson had not punched the suspect in the first five minutes of the interrogation, but Dooley was well aware that Jarvis, being a butler, could know very powerful people, and many lawyers could get involved to stop their effort to obtain information from Jarvis.

Carter asked about the stolen-car report that Jarvis mentioned, and Dooley explained that he was retaining it with the excuse that it had been lost in the system. Sousa pointed that if the car was actually stolen, they would not have anything to use against Jarvis, though Dooley said they had something to threaten Jarvis.

Thompson continued with his interrogation, acknowledging that denouncing the theft of a car was an usual move if the car had been used for committing a crime and lost its bumper during the process, and though Jarvis defended Stark from the accusation, Thompson told Jarvis that he was directly accusing him, given that Stark was a fugitive, despite Jarvis claimed he was innocent from all the crimes he had been accused of.

Thompson acknowledged some of Jarvis' qualities that surely made Stark hire him, such as his smartness and loyalty, something unusual for a man that had been charged with treason. Jarvis' face changed when he realized the SSR knew about that part of his past, and Carter was also surprised to hear that about the man that was collaborating with her in clearing Stark's name.

Jack Thompson

Thompson, hitting the button to make Jarvis confess, guessed that the treason charges were dropped thanks to Stark, but his dishonorable discharge from the British Armed Forces was still on record. Thompson continued to threaten Jarvis to even get him deported and guessed how would he inform his wife about it.

Jarvis was visibly angry that Thompson wanted to involve his wife, and warned him to leave my wife out of the accusation, though Thompson acknowledged that it was Jarvis who dragged her when he broke the law for Stark. Dooley commented that Jarvis was about to give in and admit everything he knew, so Carter retired to quickly devise a plan and let Jarvis leave without risking her involvement.

At the main office, Krzeminski asked Carter to take his night shift, offering it as if it was him who offered her a favor, but Carter simply ignored him and took a series of documents to make Dooley sign them. Carter seized the opportunity to take the stolen-car report from the table along with the now-signed documents.

Thompson left the room and went to speak to Dooley, who congratulated him for the interrogation and prompted to continue pressing Jarvis using his wife. Thompson entered the room introducing Dooley, but at that moment, Carter arrived in a seemingly casual and unintentional way, explaining that she mistakenly took the stolen-car report.

Jarvis, knowing that with the report the Strategic Scientific Reserve was unable to retain him without charges, left the interrogation room, prompting them to contact one of Stark's lawyers for further questioning, and silently looked at Carter as a gesture of gratitude.

Dooley took Carter to his office and angrily scolded her for her mistake, that heavily hindered their investigation, and wondered why he had been ordered to accept her as an agent. Dooley praised Thompson's work, but it had been ruined by Carter. Carter apologized for her apparent mistake. Thompson said that an apology would not even begin to cover the harm done, and Dooley ordered Carter to get out of his sight.[3]

Arsenal Retrieval

Night Shift


Jack Thompson abandoned the office, leaving Daniel Sousa and Ray Krzeminski for the night shift. Thompson handed Krzeminski what he managed to discover about Sasha Demidov and some facts about his life that might sound familiar. Sousa correctly guessed that, like Leet Brannis, Demidov was a Soviet soldier that died in 1940s#1944 during the battle of Finow in Germany.

Thompson congratulated Sousa, given that he would be the clever agent during that night shift, and wished them a good night. Krzeminski was proud for having found Demidov's passports and told Thompson that the least he could do in exchange was to cover his shift, but Thompson left the office.

Sousa asked Krzeminski if he had asked Peggy Carter; Krzeminski explained that he indeed asked her, but she was not amused by the offer. Sousa sarcastically told him that surely he asked in the polite and respectful way he always talked to Carter. Krzeminski gave Sousa advice to give up on whatever he was feeling for Carter, as no woman would be with a man like him after having met a man like Captain America.[3]

Anonymous Tip

Edwin Jarvis called the Office to inform the Strategic Scientific Reserve about the discovery of the technology stolen from Howard Stark.

Faking an awkward American accent, Jarvis told Daniel Sousa that the technology was located in The Heartbreak, a ship near the south side pier. Sousa demanded to know how Jarvis obtained the number, but, getting nervous, Jarvis politely bid his farewell and hung up the phone. Sousa explained to Ray Krzeminski that they received an anonymous tip, and they should go immediately to investigate it.[3]

Mourning Ray Krzeminski


The whole personnel at the Office mourned the death of Ray Krzeminski, leaving flowers in his desk. Peggy Carter, unaware of what happened, arrived at the office as usual, and saw how the phone operators were crying. Carter asked Rose Roberts what had happened, and she explained what happened the night before. Carter entered the main office, where all agents were sad for the loss of their colleague, and watched the flowers in Krzeminski's station. Daniel Sousa, being a veteran of World War II, wondered if she too felt that same feeling during the war, that anyone could die any day.

Carter asked how it happened, and Jack Thompson explained that a professional killed Krzeminski and their witness, Jerome Zandow, probably having been watching them in the docks. Sousa felt guilty for answering the anonymous tip, as he knew that something was wrong, given that "concerned citizens" usually called the police, as the office's phone number was unavailable. Sousa promised to find the one responsible.

Roger Dooley addressed all the agents in the office, visibly saddened for the loss of one of his agents, and reminded the agents that Howard Stark was responsible for the death of Krzeminski, as despite he may have not pulled the trigger himself, it was because of him they were dragged into the investigation that ended with Krzeminski's life. Dooley informed the agents he wanted action plans in one hour, but also asked them to stay vigilant, as he did not want to lose any other agent. Dooley went on to call Krzeminski's wife, while Thompson offered himself to call Krzeminski's girlfriend.[3]

Roger Dooley's Absence

Departure to Germany


Jack Thompson arrived at the New York Bell Company Office very early in the morning to find that Roger Dooley had been working all night on the case regarding Howard Stark and the two Russian suspects. Dooley explained he obtained the official report about the battle of Finow, where Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov had been reported as deceased despite not having died. Dooley showed the report to Thompson, who pointed many words had been removed from it, and Dooley explained that the officer who redacted it, General John McGinnis, had died a month before.

Thompson asked about the Remote Typewriter, and Dooley answered that, according to their technicians, it was sending and receiving signals, but they had not figured its destination yet, so Thompson proposed to send a message to their enemies. Dooley revealed that he managed to obtain the identity of the German officer that, according to intelligence reports, ambushed the Russian division in Finow, Ernst Mueller, but he was going to be executed in two days accused of multiple war crimes. For that reason, Dooley was going to travel to Germany and talk to him before his execution.


Thompson was surprised that Dooley would travel so far to talk to a Nazi, and Dooley pointed out the connection between Brannis and Demidov, who supposedly died in Finow, and Stark's technology. Besides, not even the government was willing to reveal the truth about the battle of Finow, so Mueller was one of the only remaining sources he had available. Dooley appointed Thompson as acting chief of the station until his return, and Thompson wished good luck to Dooley, addressing each other as "Chief".[4]

Acting Chief


Jack Thompson, assuming his position as acting Chief, gathered every agent inside the New York Bell Company Office to give what he thought was a motivational speech. He asked if anyone knew recently killed Ray Krzeminski's middle name, and only Daniel Sousa knew it was "Walter". He then asked what was the most important part of his name, and though Yauch answered with insecurity if it was Walter, Thompson said that the most important part of the name was "Agent".

Thompson explained that Roger Dooley was gone to investigate a lead, and he was in charge during his absence, so he would not let any agent rest or return home until they managed to obtain any result. Thompson ordered every agent to form a single file to give them individual assignments.

Sousa asked Peggy Carter if she was not eager to see the assignment that Thompson would give to her, but she was sure he would task her with the lunch orders. Carter realized Sousa was leaving the office, and he explained he was going to investigate the anonymous call that informed them about the whole cargo of Howard Stark's technology, so he would try to obtain a fingerprint from the phone. Carter tried to dissuade him, knowing that Edwin Jarvis was the one who called them, and told him that given it was a public phone, he would find a bacterial infection sooner than a valid fingerprint.

Thompson came out of the office and asked him where he was going. Sousa answered that he was going to real police work instead of what Thompson was expecting him to do, and Thompson reminded him that he should assume Krzeminski's role, just before ordering Carter to take the lunch orders.[4]

Laboratory Developments


Peggy Carter entered the laboratory to check how many of Howard Stark's inventions had been confiscated by the Strategic Scientific Reserve, and distracted Alex Doobin, one of the scientists working at the laboratory, posing as if she was simply taking the lunch orders. Carter casually asked about their research and witnessed how one of the scientists' arm was burning with a green flame. Doobin pointed out the research has been challenging, and Carter took the Camera Pen that Stark gave her to begin taking photographs of the different inventions.

While Carter continued to take photographs, Doobin told her how one the inventions, gave him a shock every time he pushed its switch, and how the shock ran through his arm into his skull, melting his glasses the first time he pushed it. Doobin wondered if that was its intended purpose, and acknowledged that Stark was either an ignoramus or a genius. Carter, who knew Stark very well, told Doobin that he was most likely both things.

Doobin's arm burst in flames again, this time with a blue flame, and Carter seized the opportunity to take the last photographs before leaving.[4]

Interrogating a Tramp

Daniel Sousa returned to New York Bell Company Office with Frank, a tramp that lived near the piers, intending to interrogate him about what happened the night that Sousa and Ray Krzeminski found Howard Stark's missing technology. Upon entering, Jack Thompson and other agents mocked Sousa, sarcastically remarking that he found Stark, and the reason the rest of them could not find him was his rough appearance.

Thompson then asked Sousa what was he doing bringing a tramp to the office, and Sousa explained that Frank may have seen something in the docks before the agents even arrived. Looking at Frank, Thompson assured the only thing he probably saw that night was a bottle of alcohol.

Sousa tried to bond with Frank over their status as World War II veterans, explaining how people clapped at him once in a diner when he had recently returned from the war. He thought people were clapping for because he served and came back alive, but when another veteran entered the diner and prepared to clap, Sousa realized they clapped for his injury, not for his service, the rest of patrons-only clapped to relieve their guilt.

Sousa explained that he and Frank were not different, and Frank told him how nobody clapped for him when he returned from the war, and he lost both his wife and his job to other men while he was serving. Despite having similar "sad stories", Frank continued to refuse to talk to him.

Sousa entered the observation room behind the one-way mirror, where Thompson had been watching the whole conversation. Thompson told Sousa he would clap him, but he did not want to hurt his feelings, and order Sousa to release the tramp and join the search for Stark like the rest of agents.


Sousa claimed that Frank was a witness, he saw something at the docks, because he would say so if he did not see anything. Thompson compared Roger Dooley's efforts, traveling to Nuremberg to interview Ernst Mueller moments before his execution, to his lead about a tramp.

Sousa continues trying to make Frank speak to him, but Thompson interrupted them, entering the room with a hamburger and a bottle of Roger Dooley's Scotch whiskey. Thompson's interruption infuriated Sousa, who tried to make him leave. Frank was distracted with Thompson's food and drink, and Thompson even taunted him with their smell and taste.

Thompson ignored Sousa and offered Frank the bottle and the hamburger in exchange for telling them what he saw at the docks. Frank immediately answered he saw a well-dressed man and a dark-haired woman, that entered the ship and left before the agents arrived, but he could not see their faces because he was far and hid once the agents arrived.

Frank ignored the hamburger and took the bottle, drinking as much as he could. Before leaving the room, Thompson told Sousa that not everybody returned from the war wanting a hug.[4]

Night Infiltration

Daniel Sousa was angry that his witness Frank, one of the tramps that lived in the docks where Howard Stark's technology was found, was only a waste of time. Jack Thompson acknowledged Sousa managed to find a witness that the rest of the agents overlooked. However, Frank's information about a man and a woman were too general to be of any value, as Stark was known to be almost always with women around him.

Thompson explained something he learned during the war, that not every won battle was an achievement. Sousa claimed that hearing the way Thompson fought, he was surprised there was any achievement left for him to obtain. Thompson said he just did what was needed to be done, but Sousa said that was all of them did. Sousa grabbed his coat to leave the room, and Thompson asked where did he gain his prosthesis, guessing it could have been in Russia or in Italy, but Sousa simply said he gained it in his femur.

Peggy Carter entered the office and passed the room where Sousa and Thompson were talking, heading to the laboratory. She managed to find the artifact that Stark asked her to switch for a fake one, and quickly placed the fake device on its place.


Carter wanted to know the actual reason Stark was interested in the device, so she hid inside a storage room to open it. Nervously, Carter pulled the switch on the device, and instead of blacking out the entire city as Stark said, it revealed a vial of blood.

Carter hid inside the interrogation room to avoid being caught inside the office at night, but she did not realize that Thompson was still inside the room. Thompson asked what was she doing there, given that only men had to work at night, and she taunted him saying that she did not want to interrupt Thompson enjoying his promotion, as he was still with the bottle of whiskey in his hand.

Thompson continued to discomfort Carter asking the reason she worked at the office. Carter answered that she worked to uphold democracy, but Thompson said that the rest of agents did more for that than to simply take lunch orders. Thompson was not stopped by Carter's clever answers and told her that she was trying to hide something, but she did not manage to fool anyone but herself.

Carter thought that Thompson had discovered her secret, but what Thompson said was that Carter was trying to bypass the "natural order of the universe", that no man would ever consider her as an equal simply because she was a woman. Carter said she could always come to him to remind her what the truth was, and left the room.[4]

Return from Germany

Peggy Carter delivered the lunch orders to her co-workers while Daniel Sousa looked at the picture of the blonde woman that was related to Howard Stark's case, taking it from the board and painting her hair with a pencil.

Roger Dooley returned from his trip to Germany, and Jack Thompson jokingly asked him if he obtained something. Dooley explained that Colonel Ernst Mueller should had been hanged at that moment, but he revealed that there was not any battle in Finow, only Russian bodies ripped to pieces.

Dooley wondered who killed them, and debunked Thompson's theory that Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov killed them, as two men could not kill hundreds of soldiers, also wondering why they were listed among the dead. Dooley realized that maybe Brannis and Demidov assumed the identities of men who actually died in Finow.

Thompson showed Dooley one of the things he managed to discover, that the log at the Finow airfield showed that, one day after the supposed battle of Finow, a plane allegedly carrying Stark arrived there. Dooley asked Thompson to serve him a glass of whisky, as they had come across a conspiracy.[4]

Receiving a Message

Roger Dooley spent the night at the New York Bell Company Office, trying to tie the loose ends relating every suspect in the case about Howard Stark. While he was alone, Sasha Demidov's Remote Typewriter started to receive a message, shocking Dooley.[4]

Soviet Connections

Code Breaking

Peggy Carter entered the New York Bell Company Office and noticed there was more activity than usual as if something important had happened. Daniel Sousa informed that Sasha Demidov's Remote Typewriter activated itself and an encoded message arrived, and a cryptographer from Arlington Hall was trying to decode the message, but had not been successful.

Inside the briefing room, Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson oversaw the work of the cryptographer, and as Sousa and Carter entered the room, the cryptographer began discarding methods to decrypt the message. Dooley and Thompson had already lost their patience with the cryptographer, who wanted to take the message to Virginia and decode it there.

Carter looked at the message and recognized it from her days at Bletchley Park as a one-time pad system. The cryptographer said that he tried the pad immediately, but Carter made clear that he did not account for the original message being written in Russian.

Dooley asked Carter to read the message and began to decipher the message, that started with a set of map coordinates that Sousa determined to point to Belarus. Carter continued with the message, reading that it confirmed purchase and the date of an exchange for the prototype of a Havoc Reactor purchased by Leviathan.

Sousa said that a leviathan was a sea monster from the old testament, but Dooley revealed it was a supposed covert Russian organization whose existence had never been confirmed and that, according to the rumors, it started to purchase weapons after World War II.

Carter asked for silence to concentrate and finished reading the message, that assured a quantity of $100,000 would be paid to Howard Stark upon delivery of the item.

Thompson celebrated having proof of Stark selling weapons to the Soviet Union, and Dooley ordered Thompson to take a team to the coordinates and bring Stark to the United States. Dooley ordered Mike Li and Rick Ramirez to prepare for the mission, and Carter appointed herself to join them.

Dooley was surprised to hear that, though Carter assured that there was no one more qualified for the mission than her, so she would go to Russia.[5]

Joining the Team

Jack Thompson complained to Roger Dooley for the possibility of letting Peggy Carter accompany him to a field into hostile territory, while Carter prompted him to look at her war record to find evidence of her capabilities. Dooley ordered them to stop and continue the conversation inside his office.

Carter explained that there were many chances that Leviathan would continue to communicate in code during the mission, so the team needed her skills as a code breaker, though she acknowledged they were not sure that Leviathan sent the message through the Remote Typewriter,

Thompson said that uncertainty was one of the reasons to not make his team babysit Carter during the mission. Dooley asked Thompson what he wanted to do with his team, and though she acknowledged the skills Carter displayed while decrypting the message, he stated he needed strong men during the mission.

Carter said that he needed someone who spoke the language, and though Rick Ramirez spoke Russian, she had been battling in Europe from three years, either in the Eastern front, the Western front and everything in between them. To further demonstrate her knowledge, Carter explained how the smell of herring in the air meant that the wind was blowing in from the Baltic, which would cause a snowstorm that would kill anyone of hypothermia if he did not find shelter and build a fire in 30 minutes.

Dooley asked Carter to understand his position, as if she got killed during the mission, he would be the man who sent a woman to be killed in action. Dooley acknowledged her experience in Russia, but he already asked for a tactical team that knew the terrain. Carter said that nobody knew that terrain as she or the 107th regiment did.

Thompson joked saying that the 107th regiment knew Europe better than Europeans and that he would surely request their assistance if he could. Carter asked Dooley if he would let her join the team if she managed to obtain the assistance of the 107th regiment, and Dooley agreed, being convinced that she would not manage to obtain it.

Carter left the office to make a phone call, and Thompson familiarly addressed to Dooley to convince him of not letting join him. Dooley marked very well his position as head of the office, telling him how the Vice President of the United States called directly at his house to ask him when was he going to deliver Howard Stark to justice, while through Ernst Mueller he discovered Stark's involvement in a massacre. For that, he was more interested in running an investigation that in Thompson's seeming crush on Carter.

Thompson focused on the mission, explaining he would on the Polish side of the Russian border to meet their tactical team. Carter entered the office and announced the 107th regiment would meet them in Poland having guessed Thompson's plan for being the most obvious plan.

Dooley, faithful to his word, told Carter to prepare for the mission, as the team would depart in an hour, not letting Thompson to voice anything about his decision.[5]

Locker Room

Peggy Carter waited outside the Men's Locker Room to let Mike Li and Rick Ramirez change their clothes before entering. Jack Thompson jokingly told Carter she should head to Times Square if she wanted a peep show, and told her to change at the ladies' room.

Carter explained that the only ladies' room was downstairs in the lobby of the actual New York Bell Company agency, so she preferred to change inside a men's locker room than in a public restroom. Carter entered the locker room, where Li and Ramirez were already changing their clothes and headed to the other aisle of lockers to change her clothes.

Thompson told Li and Ramirez to congratulate Carter for joining the team, and when Li asked Thompson if that was a good idea, he told them it was under Chief Roger Dooley's orders. Ramirez tried to tell Thompson they could not be responsible for a woman out in the field, but Thompson said that if he preferred to stay home, there were six agents wanting to take his place on the team.

Carter found her new Bulletproof Vest and realized it was lighter than it looked. Thompson explained their technicians had recently designed it using a 10% titanium alloy, though he acknowledged that it had not been designed for a woman. Carter returned the mockery as usual, but Thompson said he wanted her to call him "sir" during the mission given his military rank. Carter further mocked him saying that he was only a Lieutenant Junior Grade, and Thompson acknowledged she used to serve under Captain America. Carter told him that she was simply not used to serving with boys.

Daniel Sousa entered the locker room to give Thompson the full field report, including maps, weather report, charts, and the dossier files on their tactical team, though he recognized that Carter should have all the information they required about them.

Wanting to embarrass Sousa, Thompson asked him to retrieve his compass from a locker in the same aisle where Carter was changing her clothes; Sousa headed to the locker and witnessed Carter. Both of them were stunned when Sousa saw Carter in her undergarment.

Peggy Marks.jpg

Sousa noticed some marks on Carter's shoulder that seemed familiar, and Carter, wanting him to leave, asked if there was anything else to say. Sousa wished her a swell trip and left the locker room to return to the office.[5]

Tying Loose Ends

At night, Roger Dooley got ready to leave the New York Bell Company Office, realizing that Daniel Sousa was still there and he would probably not leave the office. Dooley asked him if he did not have a life, but Sousa explained that as an Agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, his job was his life.

Sousa asked Dooley what was he doing at the office, and Dooley explained he was going to meet a friend for a drink, as if he returned to his house, maybe his wife would not let him leave again. Yauch delivered Sousa a file he requested, Peggy Carter's personnel file, and started to check it, noticing that the file explained the marks he saw on her shoulder that morning were due a gunshot wound and a scapular fracture.

He compared them to the images of the blond woman connected to the death of Spider Raymond at his club, and realized the marks on her shoulder were identical to the ones Carter had.[5]

Return from the Soviet Union

Peggy Carter and Jack Thompson returned to the New York Bell Company Office from their mission in the Soviet Union, having lost both Mike Li and Junior Juniper in action. Thompson explained that Li died honorably in action, and that it was his duty as commanding officer to deliver the condolences of the United States to Li's family.

Roger Dooley correctly guessed there was no trace of Howard Stark or Leviathan at the facility, but Thompson acknowledged that Carter was able to acquire information about Leviathan from Johann Fennhoff, concerning their possible goal.

Carter emphasized that they managed to retrieve Fennhoff from a Leviathan prison, and he was wishing to cooperate with the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Dooley asked if Fennhoff thought that Stark was connected to Leviathan, and Carter explained that both Fennhoff and herself thought there was no connection. Thompson explained that maybe Fennhoff did not have all the information, as he was working with Stark's blueprints, so then there could be a possibility that Leviathan got them directly from Stark.

Dooley ordered Thompson and Carter to tell Fennhoff to enter his office while they were leaving, and complimented Carter for her good work, surprising a thankful Carter with the compliment. Carter saw Daniel Sousa looking worried at his desk, and asked him why he looked like not having slept for two days when they were the ones who did not sleep during the mission. Sousa told her he was just have been worrying about them, and complimented her for her work during the mission.

Thompson asked Sousa if he wanted to come to a bar with the rest of the boys, as Sousa could invite Thompson for a drink for every Russian he killed. Sousa refused the invitation, as he needed to get some sleep, and surprised Carter inviting her too, as he owed her a bourbon.

Carter asked Sousa again if he did not want a drink, and he explained that maybe some other time, as he was worried suspecting that Carter was the blonde woman that was a suspect in the conspiracy regarding Stark.[5]

Search for the Female Operative

Doctor Ivchenko's Revelations

Agentc106 00255.jpg

Johann Fennhoff explained to Roger Dooley and Jack Thompson and Peggy Carter how he was recruited by force into Leviathan, and how the organization was founded after World War I to fulfill Joseph Stalin's desire, to make the Soviet Union become a leading power in the world.

The way Leviathan tried to make that was to collect weapons more powerful than those of their enemies and their allies, and they had managed to obtain mechanical and biological weapons. Carter asked if Eva who attacked them during their mission in Soviet territory was one of Leviathan's human weapons, but Ivchenko explained her that his knowledge of Leviathan's operations was very limited, only knowing what he was told.

Carter asked Fennhoff about the Red Room Academy where they found him, as it had the features to be a training facility, like shackles on the beds and classrooms. Dooley found hard to believe that Leviathan would train young girls as assassins, and Thompson agreed saying the Russians would want to train grown men to fulfill their goal, but Fennhoff acknowledged that women were often overlooked and could slip easily through a man's defenses.

Carter aggressively interrogated Fennhoff about the amount of girls in the facility and if they could have been deployed to America, but Fennhoff apologized, saying he did not know anything, wishing he could be of more assistance.

Dooley told Carter to leave the office, wanting to speak to her in private. Carter tried to persuade Dooley into letting her continue her interrogation, but he interrupted her asking her to shut up. Dooley congratulated Carter's work during the mission in Soviet territory, but he was still in charge of the operation, and wanted to know what Ivchenko had to say about Leviathan instead of caring about a little girl.

Carter told him that one of those grown up girls could have been Ray Krzeminski's killer, given that the firearm used to kill him was a Russian gun more suitable for a woman's grip due to its size. Dooley said that it was a thin evidence, but Carter explained that it could have also explain how Howard Stark was involved with it, as having been manipulated by a female operative could explain how Stark's vault gave credibility to his story of breaking into his vault.

Dooley told her that their conspiracy was much bigger than Stark, but Carter asked him something in return, if he still thought that Stark was involved with Leviathan. Dooley told Carter to investigate her hunch, shocking her and leaving her without words. Dooley noted how Carter could shut up when she tried, and told her to leave the office and investigate. Carter thanked him for the opportunity and headed to start her own investigation.[6]

Coded Messages

Roger Dooley speaking with Johann Fennhoff

Roger Dooley continued to question Johann Fennhoff regarding the weapon that Leviathan was building, but he could not answer Dooley's question, claiming he only acted as a psychiatrist and he was not an engineer, but claimed that Leviathan probably stole the blueprints.

Dooley proposed a break and served a drink for him and Ivchenko, who noticed that Dooley was probably having troubles at home, given his office was prepared to spend the night there, with a blanket, a pillow and other personal items. Dooley dismissed it saying that it was simply the nature of the job, that might make him to stay at night in the office.

Fennhoff also noticed that, while the of Dooley's children was displayed, another one was facedown, assuming it was a photo of his wife. Fennhoff guessed that Dooley did not spend much time in his own bed, but quickly apologized for talking about personal matters.

Meanwhile, Dottie Underwood assembled a sniper rifle from Seth Honicky's Dentistry Office on the other side of the street, preparing to point at the New York City Bell Company Office.

Dooley told Fennhoff not to worry about what he said, as it was simply that his relationship with his wife was so damaged that he did not even know where to begin. Ivchenko tried to change the subject of the conversation asking about the Empire State Building, and Dooley even told him to open the window to admire the landscape. Underwood pointed at Fennhoff, who was still talking to Dooley about the buildings. Dooley even offered to take him on a tour through the city, and Fennhoff continued to look through the window, this time directly looking at Underwood, who started to communicate with him in Morse code with a flashlight attached to the rifle.

Fennhoff then sent back a message to Underwood, explaining that he needed more time to retrieve the weapon he was looking for, and ordering her to kill Peggy Carter. Underwood abandoned the office and returned to the Griffith Hotel, leaving Seth Honicky's corpse behind.[6]

Thralling Targets

Roger Dooley explained Johann Fennhoff how his wife Loretta cheated on him with a plumber from Hoboken while he was fighting in World War II. Fennhoff diagnosed that Dooley felt it more than as a simple betrayal, as it showed him his "inadequacies" despite being a high-ranking officer during the war. Dooley complained to his observation, saying that he was not inadequate, the only one who was inadequate was the plumber that became Loretta's lover.

In the main office, Yauch delivered Jack Thompson the background check he asked for before, and had to correct him when he misspelled his surname. Yauch noticed that Dooley was spending too much time with Fennhoff, but Thompson said that Fennhoff was their biggest lead in the case against Howard Stark, and Dooley was just making sure to get everything he could from him.

Thompson asked Dooley if he was questioning Dooley's methods, but Yauch simply said that it was different from how Dooley usually handled those kind of thing. Thompson told him not to worry about Dooley, and treating Yauch as a simple errand boy, told him to brew a pot of coffee.

Fennhoff explained how he lost his wife and children to Leviathan as an example that Dooley had not entirely lost his family, despite he considered to be late to save his own family. Fennhoff told Dooley that he could not save his family with his current thoughts, so he should focus on the times when he was in love and happy with his wife.

Fennhoff began to hypnotize Dooley moving his ring using it as a pendulum. Dooley was not sure that thinking about that would help him, but Fennhoff continued to ask him to focus on his wife. However, Ivchenko's attempt was interrupted by Daniel Sousa, who informed Dooley he had something urgent to tell him, leaving Fennhoff alone in the office.[6]

Manhunt of Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter Branded as Fugitive

Roger Dooley orders Peggy Carter be found

Yauch informed Roger Dooley that Peggy Carter had managed to avoid the arresting attempt, who found it hard to believe that a woman managed to defeat an entire team of government agents. Dooley ordered all the men in the office to stand guard at the main bus and train stations of the city, and locate Carter, branding her as a fugitive who needed to be brought to justice. Dooley even threatened to demote the agents to simple grade-school hall monitors in case they failed.

Dooley noticed Johann Fennhoff at the door of his office, and took him to another room, simply saying that it was not the right time to be wandering around the office. Dooley tasked Yauch to accompany Fennhoff and provide him with anything he would need, ordering Yauch to make sure that Fennhoff did not leave the room.

Yauch offered Fennhoff a coffee while he served a cup for himself, not having anything better to do, Fennhoff began analyzing Yauch, asking him if he was new in the Strategic Scientific Reserve, and Yauch said he was not, ironically adding that he was usually tasked with sensitive matters such as protecting the star witnesses.[6]

Thralling an Agent

Johann Fennhoff continued to observe Yauch, who was uneasy with someone watching him like that. To gain his trust, Fennhoff asked if he was a middle child, surprising Yauch for managing to guess it, something that Fennhoff attributed to many years of experience. Fennhoff continued analyzing Yauch, pointing out how he was always eager to please, but he often felt to be ignored. Yauch told him that he could start a show with that ability. Fennhoff said that he would keep his thoughts to himself from then on, saying he only wanted to be of assistance.

Yauch was interested to know what Fennhoff wanted to assist with, and he explained how he had noticed that Roger Dooley was a busy, so it was difficult to get his attention and prove one's worth to him. Fennhoff offered Yauch to help him make Dooley notice his abilities, and Yauch agreed, being tired that Jack Thompson was assigned all the good cases. Fennhoff told Yauch he should be as confident as Thompson was, beginning to hypnotize him saying he should focus on the things he should do to show Dooley how good Yauch was an agent.[6]

Complete Focus

Johann Fennhoff, having fully hypnotized Yauch, asked him to reveal where the weapons created by Howard Stark had been stored. Yauch revealed the weapons were in the laboratory, where their scientists were studying them, but given that Peggy Carter had been found to be a traitor, Roger Dooley ordered to lock down the laboratory and forbid anyone except himself to enter the laboratory.

Fennhoff, seeing that Yauch could not help him to finish his goal, asked him to reveal the exits from the company in the map he had drawn, so Yauch pointed the best exits he could have. Ivchenko thanked him, and ordered him to do one last thing.

Having obtained Yauch's complete focus, Ivchenko ordered him to leave the room and retrieve his belongings as he would normally do for the end of his shift, heading to his favorite bar to order a top-shelf bourbon, enjoying it until he finished it, doing one last thing as he stepped outside the bar. Yauch began to fulfill Fennhoff's orders, taking his belongings and abandoning the New York Bell Company Office.[6]

Peggy Carter Arrested


Peggy Carter was taken back to the New York Bell Company Office by Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa, who took her to Roger Dooley's presence. Carter said that he could explain everything, but Dooley did not even answered her, and Carter was taken to the interrogation room.

Carter told them that the handcuffs were not necessary, but Thompson assured that given she had sent three agents to the hospital, they were very necessary. Sousa confronted Carter with some of the evidence they had against her, such as the photo from the night Spider Raymond died, and the container for the vial of Steve Rogers' blood he had on her pocketbook.

Dooley ordered his men not go easy on her during the interrogation, so Sousa told her to start talking.[6]

Interrogation of Peggy Carter

Wall of Evidences

Daniel Sousa began to interrogate Peggy Carter, confronting her with all the evidence that seemingly proved she was involved in the conspiracy regarding Howard Stark's missing technology. Sousa told her they had photos of her disguised as a blond woman at La Martinique the night he died, Sheldon McFee that told them she took the truck loaded with Nitramene, and another witness that revealed she was at The Heartbreak where they found Stark's inventions.

Sousa even blamed her for the deaths of Spider Raymond, Leet Brannis and Ray Krzeminski, but Carter was hurt for that, asking Sousa if he honestly thought she killed Krzeminski, given that she mourned him with the rest of her colleagues. Sousa called that a performance, and he confronted her, being hurt for having her back during the last six months, while Carter was seemingly waiting to betray him.

Sousa prompted her to talk about the Blitzkrieg Button they found inside her pocketbag when she was arrested, but he remained silent about it. Calmly, Carter congratulated Sousa for assembling all the evidences against her, and she guessed that given he usually did not have the chance to handle an important case, he was trying to make the most of that opportunity. However, Carter warned they were wasting their time with her, given than a trained killer was free, and someone else was pulling her strings.

Fennhoff, who was watching the interrogation with Roger Dooley, praised Carter's lying skills, saying she maybe was even a pathological liar. Jack Thompson entered the room to inform Dooley that Yauch had died, being hit by a truck as he left a bar. Dooley lamented Yauch's dead, while Fennhoff, who had enthralled Yauch to commit suicide, said that he seemed to be a good man, while a little emotional.

Thompson asked what was Fennhoff doing in the room, and he explained that Dooley asked him to stay in case Carter began to speak about Leviathan. Dooley told Fennhoff that he did not need to explain himself, addressing to Thompson to ask if he had any problem with that. Thompson only said that it was unorthodox.

Fennhoff offered to wait in Dooley's office, saying that he did not wish to be a source of agitation, and adding that Carter would probably not say anything relevant. Dooley asked Thompson to take Fennhoff to the office, and then prepare for joining Carter's interrogation.[7]

Cards on the Table

Roger Dooley, Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa continued to interrogate Peggy Carter inside the New York Bell Company Office, with each one of them approaching her in a different way. Thompson was confused given that her actions during a mission at the Soviet Union, where Carter saved his life, did not correspond with her being a double agent. Sousa was hurt, angry for having defended Carter while she was apparently a traitor, while Dooley was impressed by Carter's skills, having managed to fool every one of them, despite being trained agents.

Carter told Thompson that he could now hit her just like she did to him before, but he calmly told her that he did not want to do that, continuing to wonder the reasons she greatly helped them during their mission in Russia, even saving his life. Carter also defended herself from Sousa's attempts for making her feel guilty of Ray Krzeminski's death, saying she was not involved in that assassination or the theft of Howard Stark's inventions. Sousa then told her that Stark had managed to make her believe what he wanted, but she told him that she had never been involved with Stark in any other way than a friendship.

Thompson wanted her to admit that she had an affair with Stark, and it looked like he had now sold her out, and offered her to make a deal and reveal everything she knew about Stark to save herself. Carter told them that Stark was not the man they were looking for, but it looked like the Strategic Scientific Reserve was so blind regarding Stark's guilt that she had been conducting her own investigation.

Dooley told her that it was not entirely true, as they had realized there was a bigger conspiracy, so they had started to investigate other subjects. He asked her to reveal anything about the Blitzkrieg Button, the item she had in her possession when she was arrested, but she remained silent about it. Dooley then asked her about the Battle of Finow, but she did not know anything about it, given she was not involved in that particular battle during World War II. Dooley revealed that most of the people that was involved had died, except a few former Russian soldiers including Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov.

Carter confronted each of the men saying that they only saw in her what they wanted to see, telling Dooley that for him she was stray kitten left on his doorstep to be protected, for Thompson she was a secretary turned damsel in distress, and to Sousa she was a girl on a pedestal now transformed into a whore. She told them that they had been behaving like children, while the real threat was inches away from them while she was being arrested, and they should be looking for Dottie Underwood, despite she would have probably shed her alias.[7]

Deal Refused

Jack Thompson told Peggy Carter that the deal he offered her before was no longer available, but Carter was not worried given she was not going to take it. Thompson warned her that Roger Dooley would soon order him to beat Carter into submission to make her confess, something he did not want to do.

Thompson told her to reconsider her position, given that she had already watched him do that, and she knew what he was capable of. Carter, not afraid by what could happen to her, threatened him telling Thompson that he also knew what she was capable of.[7]

Rescuing Peggy Carter

Bell Company

Rose Roberts and the rest of phone operators at the bottom of the New York Bell Company Office where taking her usual calls as part of the cover of the Strategic Scientific Reserve when Edwin Jarvis entered the building. The phone operators were surprised to see a man they did not know inside the building, and Jarvis asked Roberts to help him.

Jarvis asked to see Roger Dooley, but Roberts told him that she did not know who Dooley was while grabbing a gun concealed under her desk. Jarvis revealed he knew that Dooley was in charge of the Strategic Scientific Reserve inside that building, given that he had been there before for questioning.

Roberts tried to dismiss Jarvis, saying that they were very busy and only authorized personnel was allowed in that room, but Jarvis asked her just to call Dooley and told him that he was there with the signed confession of Howard Stark. The phone operators were surprised to hear that, and Roberts promptly proceeded to call Dooley, asking Jarvis to wait for a moment.[7]

Signed Confession

Peggy Carter was taken to the briefing room, given that Edwin Jarvis had asked to see her before handling the Strategic Scientific Reserve the documents where Howard Stark seemingly confessed his crimes regarding his missing technology. Carter was surprised to see Jarvis, and Daniel Sousa said he had come to save Carter, while Roger Dooley asked Jarvis to talk about their deal.

Jarvis told Carter that the charade is over and Stark had decided to confess his crimes, including the fake theft of his vault, selling explosives and even the destruction of the Roxxon Refinery. Jack Thompson asked Jarvis where Stark was, and he said that by that hour, Stark should be flying over Greenland, while he was scheduled to land in Teterboro at 9:00 P.M. that evening.

Jarvis told Dooley that Stark's attorneys had the page with Stark's signature, that would be sent to Dooley as soon as he had agreed on his terms and had liberated both Carter and Jarvis. Carter was denied a chance to talk, given that she did not want to talk during her interrogation, and Dooley did not agree with the terms of the deal.

Dooley did not fully trust Jarvis' words, asking him to deliver the signature page delivered before releasing anyone, and once Stark landed in the United States again, they would bring him to their facility and they would exchange him for Carter and Jarvis.

Jarvis agreed with Dooley's terms, who told the butler that he considered him to be repulsive, and ordered to take off Carter's handcuffs. Carter disagreed with the deal, saying that she would not have the chance to clear Stark's name if he made such a confession, but Dooley told her she was not going to clear anybody.

Jarvis told Dooley that they had a compromise regarding Carter, and Dooley said that while she would be free from prosecution, she would have to leave the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[7]

Forged Confession

Daniel Sousa custodied Peggy Carter while she retrieved her personal belongings from her desk, telling another agent to watch her while she and Edwin Jarvis were in the briefing room. Jarvis noticed that it did not take long for Carter to clean her desk, asking if her personal belongings were just reduced to two notebooks and a file, while Carter pointed that the file belonged to the agency.

Jarvis explained that he panicked when she did not appeared at their meeting point, and she asked if Stark's confession portrayed her as a patsy that succumbed to Stark's charm. Jarvis acknowledged that was the gist for Carter's involvement, while Stark's motivations were explained by faking a bankruptcy of Stark Industries.

Jarvis asked for Carter's forgiveness, but she told him there was nothing to forgive, as he called for backup just trying to help her. Carter commented that she thought that Stark would not have the nobility to make such a confession, but Jarvis began to speak about the confession. Even before Jarvis explained anything, Carter realized that Jarvis forged the confession, and began t get angry.

Jarvis explained that he tried to call Stark for help but he began to panic when he obtained no response, and forged the confession to buy some time, given they were about to discover the real culprit, so with those few extra hours they would prove both Stark's innocence and Carter's competence.

Carter told him they then should disappear when Stark did not land in Teterboro as Jarvis said, as they would surely get a trial followed by a severe punishment, asking Jarvis if he had ever been hanged, something that Carter described as "quite unpleasant".[7]

Planning a Family Reunion

Roger Dooley called his wife Loretta upon Johann Fennhoff's insistence, as he was seemingly trying to help him solve his family problems. Dooley apologized on the phone, this time not blaming his wife for all what happened between them, as he acknowledged he had been buried in his job since he started.

Dooley asked his wife for permission to go to his house to see her and his children, and just talk to her during dinner, saying he can sneak out of his office, ending their conversation telling Loretta that he missed her. Fennhoff acknowledged that the conversation sounded fruitful, and Dooley was grateful for his assistance, saying he owe something to him. Fennhoff told Dooley he did not owe him anything, as he was just trying to help you.[7]

Doctor Unmasked

Edwin Jarvis began to plan ways to escape from the New York Bell Company Office, but Carter was surprised to hear Jarvis talking about escaping a facility guarded by a large number of agents. Jarvis then asked if there was anyone who would listen to reason, but Carter answered that she had no friends left at the Strategic Scientific Reserve, in case she even had any before.

Carter then noticed Johann Fennhoff communicating in Morse code through the window with someone in the building across the street, and grabbed one of her notebooks to write down Ivchenko's message. Jarvis read the Morse coded message, an order to prepare for evacuation.

Carter was surprised that Jarvis knew Morse code, something that hurt his feelings, but she went on to realize that Ivchenko had began to transmit a timetable for the next 90 minutes. Jarvis asked what would happen in 90 minutes, and Carter answered repeating Leet Brannis' ominous words, "Leviathan is coming".[7]

Peggy Carter's Confession

Peggy Carter went to Roger Dooley's presence intending to make a full confession to gain her trust and expose Johann Fennhoff as a member of Leviathan. Carter told Dooley that Howard Stark's confession was fake and the signature had been forged, but she was now ready to tell him the full truth.

Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa joined Dooley at the briefing room to hear Carter's confession, where she began to explain how she managed to discover how the contents of Stark's vault were stolen and its location, feeling hurt for not being able to reveal that she managed to discover it, but at least letting Sousa take the credit of finding them. She explained that they left The Heartbreak just moments before they arrived, but she did not know what would happen to Ray Krzeminski, so she would have to live feeling guilty about that for the rest of her life.

Dooley asked the reason for telling them the truth, and she revealed she needed their trust to believe what she had to say about Fennhoff. Dooley and Sousa initially dismissed her claims, but she revealed that both she and Edwin Jarvis had seen him communicating in Morse code with someone in the building across the street, and something would happen in less than 90 minutes before something's going to happen. Dooley said that Ivchenko was a good man that had done nothing but help them, but Carter pointed that he had been there for just 48 hours, so they could not possibly fully know him.

Dooley found hard to believe that Carter had conducted her own investigation without anybody else noticing, and Sousa asked her why she did it instead of asking any of them for help. Carter revealed that the reason she conducted her own investigation was that nobody ever listened to her, and she managed to make it without any of them noticing was they ignored her unless they needed her for an errand.

Dooley told Carter that given the times she had lied to them, he was not believing her, but Carter revealed one more thing to gain their trust. Carter explained them how to open up the Blitzkrieg Button, revealing that the vial inside was actually the last remaining sample of Steve Rogers' blood.

Carter explained how Stark was afraid that scientist would waste the sample attempting to re-create the Super Soldier Serum, something that Jarvis pointed was already done with the rest of samples, so ask them to forgive Stark for trying to protect what he called the greatest scientific feat of the 20th century.

Carter acknowledged that Stark did not trust her with it either, lying about the nature of the device to make her steal it with the excuse to protect the city. Carter did not have an answer to explain why she kept it, maybe she did it because Stark lied to her, maybe because she did not trust him with such an item, but she tearfully added that maybe she just wanted a second chance to protect Rogers.[7]

Trusting Carter

Roger Dooley, Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa evaluated Peggy Carter's confession and Sousa was convinced that she was telling the truth, though Thompson was not convinced yet. Sousa claimed that Carter had no reason to confess, given that she was almost free from prosecution, but Thompson pointed that Howard Stark's confession was not real.

Sousa considered Carter giving them Captain America's blood a reason to trust her, as they all knew how big was that for her. Thompson asked Dooley's opinion, and despite he said he did not trust Carter, he fully trusted Sousa's intuition, so he ordered both Sousa and Thompson to investigate the building across the street, while he would remain at the office and watch Doctor Ivchenko.[7]

Controlling Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley entered his office to watch Johann Fennhoff while his agents checked the building across the street to investigate Peggy Carter's claims that Fennhoff was actually a member of Leviathan. Dooley asked Fennhoff to close the window with the excuse that it was simply getting cold, but Fennhoff watched the agents going into the building as he closed it, so he had to act quickly.

Ivchenko tried to talk to Dooley about his family, with the excuse of simply wanting Dooley's dinner with his wife to be a success. Dooley said he did not want to talk about it, but Ivchenko seized the opportunity to hypnotize Dooley, making him focus on the dinner he would like to have.

Dooley began to experience a vivid hallucination of one of his most fondly remembered family traditions, where his whole family cooked together, with his wife saying that Dooley's roasted chicken was a crowd pleaser. Dooley was able to realize for a moment that Fennhoff was close to the window, but he managed to fully convince Dooley to focus on his experience, praising his family and prompting him to enjoy that time with them, because they would need to do something very important after that.[7]

Item 17

Roger Dooley, now fully enthralled by Johann Fennhoff, went to the briefing room and took Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis to the interrogation room, under the excuse of telling them something but being unable to talk there as somebody could be listening to them. Carter believed they had been compromised or something was found across the street, but Dooley pointed Carter with a gun and prompted her to stop talking, handcuffing both Carter and Jarvis to a table and locking them inside the room.

Dooley and Fennhoff went to the laboratory, where Dooley ordered the scientist inside to leave the room and go to one of the holding rooms, under the excuse of investigating their involvement with Carter's apparent betrayal. Given she managed to obtain the Blitzkrieg Button that was kept inside the laboratory, Dooley said that, in the best case, there had been negligence in dealing with sensitive materials, but in the worst case, they could be accused of espionage and treason.

Alex Doobin tried to explain to Dooley that he fully trusted all the scientists under his command, but Dooley angrily told them to save his reasoning for the interrogation room, and ordered the scientist to leave immediately. Once they were left alone, Fennhoff expressed his admiration towards Dooley's commanding presence, but ordered him to help him locate Item 17, one of Howard Stark's inventions, kept in the laboratory. Fennhoff located a Stark Heat Vest, another item that he had previously heard about, and warned Dooley not to touch it, as it was more delicate than it looked.

Dooley finally found Item 17, and Ivchenko examined it to see that it was actually the item he had been looking for. Ivchenko went to the elevators to leave the office, thanking Dooley for his help, and asked him to hand the briefcase containing Item 17. Dooley hesitated, feeling that he should kept it, but Ivchenko continued to hypnotize him and Dooley left the briefcase on the ground.

Fennhoff gave him the Heat Vest, having previously ordered him to wear it, and prompted Dooley to focus on his family, as his work was not yet done.[7]

Escape from the Strategic Scientific Reserve

Johann Fennhoff waited outside the New York Bell Company Office, where Dottie Underwood arrived in a stolen car to evacuate him from the Strategic Scientific Reserve's custody. Ivchenko told Underwood that she was late, and she said that they had been compromised, something that Ivchenko found irrelevant.

Underwood asked him if they should proceed to the next phase of their plan, but Ivchenko told her that given Item 17 had been in storage for some time, they should test it before their plan. Underwood was concerned their cover had been blown, but Ivchenko was not concerned, as they would have to deal with other things before.[7]

Battering Ram

Edwin Jarvis tried to ask for help while he was handcuffed inside the interrogation with Peggy Carter, who told him not to waste his time as nobody would come to help them, thinking that they could come to his assistance given he was barely known by the employees of the office.

Carter proposed Jarvis to use the table to smash the mirror of the interrogation room, as another room was behind it. As they were about to smash it, Jarvis stopped twice, first to ask what would happen if there was someone behind the mirror, and second to ask what would happen if the people behind the mirror was armed. Carter and Jarvis broke the mirror, only to realize they were still handcuffed to the table. Jack Thompson entered the room to check what happened there, and Carter quickly asked him where Roger Dooley was.[7]

Coming Home

Roger Dooley, still under Johann Fennhoff's thrall, had a vivid hallucination where he returned home for his dinner with his family, finding his son Emmett painting at a table, something his mother would not approve, despite Emmett put newspaper under it.

Dooley's wife, Loretta was surprised to see his husband at home earlier than expected. Roger told her he just wanted to see her, because he did something wrong in his office, letting the man they had in custody go, and he simply watched as he walked out of the building. Dooley told her that he felt like he should be at least angry or scared, but the only thing he wanted was to come home with them, asking for Loretta's permission to come.[7]

Sacrifice of Roger Dooley

Roger Dooley woke up from his hallucination inside his office, as Jack Thompson was knocking on his door and Peggy Carter was crying his name. Dooley came out of the office, and Edwin Jarvis recognized the device he was wearing as a Stark Heat Vest, one of Howard Stark's inventions.

Jarvis asked everyone not to touch Dooley, while he asked if Johann Fennhoff had managed to escape. Jarvis explained that the vest was a prototype for a armor that could double as a heat source in the winter months of the European front, and locking it ignited a self-sustaining battery with an experimental energy source that overheated to the point of explosion. Worried, Carter ordered to get the scientists to examine the armor.

While Dooley was suffering the effects of the vest, he explained how Ivchenko managed to hypnotize him and made him steal something from the laboratory, and also warned them not to let Ivchenko talk to them, as he would be able to control them if he started talking.

Alex Doobin examined the clasps of the vest but Jarvis warned him that they were locked, as it was the thing that activated the whole system, and trying to manipulate them would only speed up the reaction, and the vest itself was made of an alloy that Stark had created.

Carter proposed to pack Dooley with ice, as it maybe would cool the core, but Jarvis explained that would be futile, as the vest was designed to be impervious to outside elements including artillery or temperature. Doobin realized the heat was searing Dooley's skin, and Jarvis recognized that as a signal that the circuitry was in its final stages.

Doobin did not know what to do save Dooley, but Dooley said he knew what to do, and asked Thompson to help him stand up. Dooley took Thompson's gun and warned everyone not to approach him. Dooley asked Thompson to tell his wife Loretta to forgive him for missing dinner, and made Carter promise him she would catch the one responsible for it.

Dooley ran to one of the windows, shooting at it, and jumped through it to explode in the air and save all the agents from dying with him.[7]

Missing Item

Daniel Sousa returned to the New York Bell Company Office to find out what happened, having witnessed an explosion from the building across the street, and Jack Thompson informed him that Roger Dooley had died.

Peggy Carter felt responsible for Dooley's death, as Johann Fennhoff lured her to Russia knowing she would bring him to the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but Edwin Jarvis comforted her that it was not her fault, but Howard Stark's inventions'. Carter realized that Leviathan tasked Leet Brannis to steal a particular invention, and was worried that Fennhoff had taken Captain America's blood.

Carter, Thompson, Sousa and Jarvis went to the laboratory, finding that the vial was still inside its container, but they needed to find the item that Fennhoff took. Alex Doobin found that Item 17 was gone, and Jarvis was worried, given that he had no idea what the item actually did.[7]

Howard Stark's Return

Intended Target

Jack Thompson held a meeting at the New York Bell Company Office to explain the effects of the item stolen by Doctor Ivchenko, saying that their scientist had determined its a chemical compound able to induce psychosis upon exposure, something he personally witnessed when Daniel Sousa attacked him.

Thompson greeted Sousa as he entered the room with Peggy Carter, who voiced her surprise to Howard Stark had manufactured such a dangerous item. Sousa explained that he was hit by a small amount of gas, but according to their laboratory, Fennhoff had at least ten canisters of this gas, so he could potentially send half of New York City into a homicidal rage.

Carter wondered what was Fennhoff's motivations to make such a complicated plan that involved making them travel to the Soviet Union and bring him to the United States of America, so there should be something specific that Fennhoff was targeting.

Howard Stark entered the room at that same moment with Edwin Jarvis, saying that Ivchenko was targeting him. All the agents quickly grabbed their guns pointing at Stark while Thompson ordered him to get his hands up. Jarvis quickly complied, telling Stark that he had already warned him about that, but Stark simply asked what kind of welcome was that.

Sousa asked Stark how he had managed to infiltrate the office, and Stark asked him in return if he knew who designed the Strategic Scientific Reserve's security system. Sousa explained that it was the same system that protected the White House, and Stark added that they were both bad systems, and they should have hired him to design them.

Stark then looked at Carter, and told her that he knew she had missed him.[8]


Howard Stark was taken by Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa to the briefing room, still considering Stark responsible for the whole investigated by the Strategic Scientific Reserve and formally placing him under arrest as Peggy Carter entered the room. Stark was not worried about that, and he even offered to help Sousa with his injury.

Thompson, angered by Stark's behavior, blamed him for the deaths of Roger Dooley and Ray Krzeminski, while Sousa told him innocent people inside a theater had also died due to him. Stark revealed he returned upon hearing about the Massacre at the Cinema Theater, and offered a box filled with documents about the Battle of Finow.

Thomspon did not care about it, but he then revealed how both the massacre and the battle were tied due to the use of the same substance, a gas called Midnight Oil. Carter asked Stark if he designed a poison gas, but he revealed that he did not intend to do that, as the United States Armed Forces tasked him with developing something that would keep soldiers awake for days.

Stark revealed how the gas failed and instead caused symptoms similar to sleep deprivation. such as anger, hallucinations or psychosis, to the point of aggressively attack other people. Sousa asked why it was used in Finow, and he revealed that General John McGinnis ordered to raid Stark's laboratory, taking the samples of the gas and all his research.

Stark explained how McGinnis ordered to use the gas on the Russians the following day to help them take Finow, but instead they slaughtered each other, so Stark flew there to see it with his own eyes. Sousa explained how they witnessed its effects inside the theater, and he experienced them himself.

Stark was surprised to see that Sousa survived direct exposure, as the gas also could cause asphyxiation, and Carter realized that was the reason Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov had been performed laryngotomy procedures. Carter guessed that Doctor Ivchenko was the man who saved them, finding a file about his involvement in the Battle of Finow that revealed his real name, Johann Fennhoff, and his background as a psychiatrist with a specialty in hypnosis.

Thompson realized that Fennhoff hypnotized Dooley to do his bidding, and everyone was at risk. However, Stark offered himself to take the risk, acting as a bait to capture Fennhoff, with the SSR setting the trap for him. Thompson agreed with Stark's plan, realizing they needed to make something public and real showy to make Fennhoff fall.[8]

Final Preparations

Howard Stark prepared himself for his press conference, cutting his facial hair with Edwin Jarvis' assistance. who described his moustache as a "nest of spiders with very short legs". Stark also asked Peggy Carter for powder to reduce the shine on his face.

Carter voiced her worry about Stark's plan, considering it to be too dangerous, but Jarvis asked her not to waste her breath, as he had already warned Stark to no avail. Carter brought Stark a Bulletproof Vest for protection, but he quickly examined it and described it as junk, asking her to check his inventions.

Carter took Stark to the laboratory, where he got mad at watching his most dangerous inventions being inadequately treated. Stark began to change the place for some of them that should be kept in special conditions, such as darkness or cold. Carter then asked him what he hoped to accomplish with his press conference, as there should be other ways to capture Johann Fennhoff.

Stark asked her name three other ways, and he managed to find his own Bulletproof Vest, able to stops a 50 caliber round from 100 feet. Carter told him it would not be enough to protect him unless he planned to wear it on his head, but Stark told Carter he trusted her to protect him.

Carter realized Stark was only trying to punish himself for what he did, but Stark told her he was just trying to redeem himself. Carter told him she already had enough blood on her hands, so she did not need to have Stark's well. Stark told her she was one of the few people whose opinion he genuinely cared for, and what she told him the last time they saw each other made him think about what was he doing.

Carter told him that she was angry then, but that did not mean she wanted him to die, something he also agreed, but they both knew all what happened was his fault. Carter told him that John McGinnis was the one who stole and used Midnight Oil, but Stark needed to fix the whole situation to be able to live with himself.

Carter told Stark he was mad, and he told him he was as mad as a hatter, before seizing the opportunity to steal the Blitzkrieg Button containing Steve Rogers' blood as Carter turned her back.[8]

Return to the Strategic Scientific Reserve

Peggy Carter returned to the New York Bell Company Office, where all agents started to applaud and congratulate her for her good work in solving the case regarding Howard Stark's weapons.

Daniel Sousa and Jack Thompson, who had temporarily assumed Roger Dooley's duties, greeted Carter and clapped with the rest of the agents. Thompson assumed she would stay at the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but she told him that she had not decided yet, as she only came to pick up her paycheck. Sousa told her they would keep the desk for her, just in case she wanted to return, and Thompson told him he was sure that Carter would be back.


Walt Cooper entered the office asking for Thompson, and congratulated him for saving thousands of lives of a potential attack over Times Square, believing him to be responsible for stopping Johann Fennhoff's plan.

Thompson looked at Carter while Senator Cooper continued to congratulate him, saying that both the city and the country owed him a great debt, and publicly announcing they needed more men like Thompson fighting for freedom and security. Thompson said that he just did what needed to be done, and Cooper said that he could get a congressional honor for the whole situation, and Harry S. Truman wanted to thank him himself.

Sousa was angered to see that Thompson took the credit for what happened when it was Carter who solved the whole thing and prevented the attack, and told her that he was going to tell Senator Cooper and even President Truman what really happened. Carter told him that it did not bother her, but Sousa claimed that having saved Thompson's life to see him do that bothered him. Carter claimed she did not need a congressional honor, Thompson's approval or even the president's approval, as she knew her own value, and everybody else's opinion did not really matter.

Having calmed down, Sousa invited Carter for a drink, but she was surprised to hear that at 9:00 in the morning, but Sousa nervously told her to join him after he finished his shift. Carter told him that she may join him another time, as she needed to meet a friend. Sousa turned her back, disappointed for the rejection, and he missed that Carter was smiling at him.[8]


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  • The main office space inside the building is referred to as The Bullpen, a reference to the Marvel offices, usually called the Marvel Bullpen despite not being an actual office, as many of the creators worked from home, but Marvel liked to maintain the illusion that the all creators worked together, so maps were included in fan publications from time to time.


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