"Peg, you work at the phone company; it ain't life and death."
"Darling, you have no idea."
Colleen O'Brien and Peggy Carter[src]

The New York Bell Company is a telephone and telegraph company that served as a cover for agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve New York City office.


Secret Entrance


Peggy Carter walked into the New York Bell Company wearing a red, white, and blue ensemble. As she passed the phone operators, Rose Roberts told her that the phone lines have been busy with calls from Washington, D.C. Before activating the elevator that lead to the New York Bell Company Office, where the Strategic Scientific Reserve operated, Roberts told Carter that she liked her hat. Carter smiled.[1]

Phone Operator

Carter called over to the Company when Chief Roger Dooley told her to man the phones; she relinquished that duty over to Rose Roberts.[1]

Death of a Co-Worker

The women of the New York Bell Company cried openly when they heard of the murder of Ray Krzeminski. Peggy Carter came to work and saw the sobbing operators; Rose Roberts told Carter the bad news.[2]

First Defense


Edwin Jarvis entered the New York Bell Company and walked toward the secret entrance; the phone operators stopped working to see who this stranger was. Rose Roberts asked Jarvis if she could help him. Jarvis told her that he would like to speak with Chief Roger Dooley, assuring her that he knew that that was the secret elevator to the Strategic Scientific Reserve because he had been there before. Roberts feigned ignorance as she reached for her gun hidden under her work station. The other women became tense. Jarvis told Roberts that he had a signed confession from Howard Stark pertaining to his traitorous actions. Roberts called the Chief.[3]


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