"This place costs $40,000 a year, just for tuition. I'm sure they all come out as well-rounded, decent human beings."
"Yeah, maybe we'll see if we can get you a spot, huh? Sign you up for the glee club."
Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

New York Academy of Medicine is a municipal medical academy located in New York City.


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Living in New York City, Nikolai Poloznev was able to pay for his daughter's education in the New York Academy of Medicine. One day, Poloznev visited an academy for dinner with Natalia, unaware that he was watched by Frank Castle and Amy Bendix. Bendix disguised herself as a waiter and served Poloznev, showing him pictures of David Schultz that he paid for. Anxious Poloznev then ordered his bodyguards to follow Bendix who left the academy a few moments later.

However, she quickly changed her clothes, pretending to be one of the academy's students what helped her to avoid bodyguards. Meanwhile, Poloznev left the academy, saying Natalia to stay and returned to his car. However, his driver was knocked down and replaced by Castle who kidnapped Poloznev.[1]



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