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"Look around, Red. This city, it stinks. It's a sewer. It stinks and it smells like shit and I can't get the stink out of my nose. I think that this world, it needs men who are willing to make the hard call. I think you and me are the same!"
"That's bullshit, Frank, and you know it!"
"Only I do the one thing you can't. You hit 'em and they get back up. I hit 'em and they stay down!"
Punisher and Daredevil

New York's Finest is the third episode of the second season of the Netflix exclusive television series Daredevil.


Trapped face-to-face with the Punisher, Daredevil wrestles with the morality of vigilante justice. Meanwhile, Foggy and Karen work to save the firm.


Matt Murdock awakened from a dream in which he's a young boy being tended to by a nun. When he awakens, Murdock realized that he has been chained on a rooftop. The Punisher greeted him sarcastically as he sips coffee.

At the location which served as a trap for the Punisher, Samantha Reyes oversaw cleanup of the site. Karen Page angrily accused her of using Grotto as bait. As Foggy Nelson watches silently, both Reyes and Blake Tower implied that if news of the botched sting operation were to be released to the public, they would ensure that Nelson and Murdock were blamed for it. Reyes and Tower leave, while Nelson said he will call Murdock to tell him what happened, and Page returned to the office to see if she can make sense of what happened.

On the rooftop, Murdock asked the Punisher why he didn't remove his mask. The Punisher answered that he doesn't care who Daredevil really is. Murdock can sense a large amount of military hardware and asked The Punisher what he's going to do with it. The Punisher simply answered that he'll do what is required.

Nelson arrived at the Metro-General Hospital emergency room looking for Claire Temple. The E.R. is crammed with patients, many of them criminals. He spotted Temple and reminds her of who he is. Temple was not thrilled to see him.

At the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Page received a phone call from Grotto. She tried to convince him to turn himself in but he tells her that he is leaving the city and hangs up.

On the rooftop, Murdock tried to get The Punisher to talk about himself, correctly guessing that he was a soldier, a New Yorker, and a Catholic. The Punisher told Murdock to stop digging. The Punisher accused Daredevil of being a coward because he doesn't kill his enemies. Murdock, with his enhanced hearing, hears someone approaching and tells the Punisher. The Punisher warned Murdock that if he makes any noise at all, he will kill whoever is coming.

At the hospital, Nelson asked Temple if she has seen their mutual friend, but Temple responded that she hasn't seen him since she patched him up after he was nearly killed months ago. She told him that she's been on E.R. duty all moth, with no breaks. Temple said this is because she helped someone else, someone stronger than Murdock, and went against hospital policy to do it. Just then one of the patients grabbed a scalpel and threatened a member of a rival gang.

On the rooftop, a veteran named Jerry asked the Punisher who he is and why he's on the roof. The Punisher introduced himself as Frank and says he came to the roof for a bit of peace and quiet and a cigarette. The two bond over having served as Marines. Murdock strained against his chains, and Jerry heard it. With the open door between them, the Punisher cocked a gun so that Murdock will hear it and stop making noise.

After Jerry returns to his apartment, Murdock asked the Punisher if Frank is his real name, and accused him of threatening the veteran. The Punisher responded that he only did it for Daredevil's benefit to keep him quiet. The two argued about their differing methods of vigilante justice, with Murdock arguing for the possibility of redemption while The Punisher argues that criminals need to be put down permanently. After Murdock tells The Punisher that he is insane, the Punisher knocks him out.

Page visited Tower in his office and revealed that she has done research into Reyes' career, and points out how many Assistant District Attorneys have lost their jobs because of Reyes' poor decisions. Tower angrily told her to leave, but not before slipping her copies of the Punisher files.

At the hospital, Nelson angrily addressed one of the thugs who are about to fight, commenting that he knows he's been to prison. He told him that he is a lawyer and that the thug is being so stupid that he a no decent lawyer, not even Nelson's kind-hearted partner, would ever represent him. He appealed to both the criminals' sense of self-interest and tells them to drop their weapons and stop fighting. They do, to Temple's relief.

On the rooftop, Murdock regained consciousness and is shocked to find a gun duct-taped to his hand. The Punisher casually told him that there is only one round in the chamber and that he is wearing body armor, so the only way to stop him would be to shoot him in the head. He dragged Grotto in front of him and tells Murdock that he's going to kill him.

Over Murdock's protests, The Punisher gets Grotto to admit doing hits for the Kitchen Irish, and to murder an old woman who witnessed one of the hits. Still, Murdock refused to shoot him and refused to shoot The Punisher to stop him from killing Grotto. As The Punisher prepared to shoot Grotto, Murdock used the one round in the gun to shoot through his chains and free himself. He launched himself at The Punisher but is unable to stop him from killing Grotto.

At the hospital, Temple searched hospital records for Murdock's name and tells Nelson that he hasn't been checked in to the hospital, nor was there any record of his body in the morgue. She compliments Nelson on how he handled the fight between the criminals. Nelson thanks Temple and tells her that Murdock made a mistake letting her go. Smiling and returning to work, Temple asked him what made him think he did.

The Punisher shot at the motorcycles lined up outside the Dogs of Hell headquarters, setting off an explosion which alerts the bikers inside to his presence. Murdock attacked The Punisher and is able to subdue him. He took him into the building and brings him into a freight elevator just as the bikers arrive. When Jerry emerged from his apartment to find out what's going on, Murdock left The Punisher in the elevator to come to his aid. He grabbed a biker and hold the gun to his head, warning the other bikers to drop their weapons. Once Jerry is safe inside his apartment again, Daredevil laughed as he pulls the trigger on the gun he knew was unloaded.

A long and brutal fight ensues, in which Murdock was able to defeat and incapacitate the bikers. When Murdock returns to the freight elevator, he found the Punisher to be gone.


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  • This episode was nominated for a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series.


  • This episode's plot is almost exactly the same as a Punisher issue from the mini-series "Welcome Back, Frank", including dialogue.
  • The episode includes the first use of the expletive 'fuck' in the MCU films and TV series, spoken by Castle after Daredevil asks him, "What about hope?"


Song title Artist Location(s)
Ace of Spades Motörhead
  • Plays in the Dogs of Hell's clubhouse when they head outside after hearing the Punisher blow up their motorcyles.


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